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What's In My Tech Bag | Episode 2

so in my last was in my tech bag video I went through all the stuff that was in the bag and then I forgot to mention actual bag itself you know sometimes I wonder if I'm on the right path in life so to make sure I don't make the same mistake as last time I'm gonna talk about the bag first this is called the mag sach from the company nutsack nutsack the max H is compact yet it has plenty of space for the essentials the bag is american-made and they use the best materials like top grain leather and waxed canvas to make their bags not only look good but last a long time it's actually backed with their lifetime warranty as well which is awesome I think the reason why it's called max H is because it features a magnetic closure system which I like it doesn't require extra clips or zippers to open up so how much tech can this thing actually carry well as I said before I only take the essentials basically the tech I need to survive the weekend or the whole week depending on where I'm going by the way everything you've seen this video will be listed down below in the order that they appear but zipping open the main compartment we are greeted by a few pockets and one more zipper pocket near the back which is where I store my custom painted iPad air 2 the dimensions are 11 by 7.5 inches which is perfect for standard tablet sizes basically if you have the iPad air 2 or anything smaller it would fit in the satchel no problem the middle compartment is where I store my Bluetooth keyboard for my tablet in case I need to respond to emails write notes or anything that requires lots of typing it folds up into an actual stand where I can place my iPad on and start typing away I love it it's awesome I personally hate typing using a touchscreen which is why I carry this with me and actually feature this exact same one in my cool tech for December 2015 and since then I've been using it all the time also in the bag there are two compartments on the opposite side where I store my anchor power bank and two charging cables one Lightning and one micro USB cable along with an anchor wall charger in case I run out of juice from my power bank I like using this specific wall charger since it comes with two USB ports that feature IQ technology which means I always get the fastest charging option available for anything I plug in like my phone or tile it or even the Powerbank itself and finally the last zipper pocket near the front is where I keep my Sony mark 4 in case I decide to start vlogging or taking pictures followed by my favorite pair of earbuds which were featured in cool tech of April a few weeks back I absolutely love these and for the price you can't beat them what's actually sad is that these are way better than most of the earphones I've used that cost over a hundred bucks I can't recommend them enough you guys have to watch the cool tech video or check them out on Amazon but that's basically all the tech I take with me when I'm traveling for pleasure if you guys are interested in checking out the satchel or other bags like this then be sure to visit the first link in the description section below I personally love the bag and actually took it with me to my birthday weekend to Santa Barbara on April 8th and I had zero complaints so thank you nutsack for making great bags not SEK that's basically if they guys so much for watching if you enjoy these what's in my tech bag videos make sure to leave a like I'll see you guys in the next video
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