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What's In The Box?! - Episode 10

what's up guys it's ad from tech source and I haven't done one of these in such a long time as you can see because of that I have accumulated some packages so without wasting overtime let s begin actually I'm going to start off this episode with some fan mail that I received and then we can move on to the actual packages so I believe these are actual fan mail and this one as well so let's go and open these up and check them out so the first one is from haha prank calm I don't even know if I should open this but why not a bomb is it party pooper spark up a party with this surprisingly oh my god this is I actually came up with an amazing idea I'm gonna use this I'm breanne holy crap literally this is gonna be such a great prank maybe I'll post it on Twitter I don't know whoever said that to me thank you what's in there did you do that alright next up we have something from Amazon which was sent directly to me oh no way somebody sent me a knife so this is just a gift receipt there's actually no note in the box so I don't know who it's from but whoever sent me this knife you're freaking awesome thank you so much this may even be my new unboxing knife check it out oh no way dude is the exact same knife it's the exact same knife but it's brand new this is awesome this one's getting rusty as you can see we're not rusty but the paint is scraping off and stuff so I'm definitely gonna start using this on the next episode thank you so much if you're watching this for setting this knife and this means a lot to me thank you alright so these next two ones are letters and this first one is labeled to miss tech source source so I think that's pretty hilarious this is from flora USA Inc I'm not sure what they're sending me but it's check it ads so it looks like I have an old purpose plant vitalizer and there's like a small sample in here I'm not sure if this was for promotional reasons but Thank You flora USA Inc for sending this in I have no plans unfortunately alright last one is from Ethan let's check out what Ethan is sending me looks like we got a letter hey my name is Ethan and you've inspired me to make a YouTube channel I've even made tech videos and stuff I've been blocking out my family and eating less to upload more videos that is not healthy man my channel is called glutes or glutes my favorite video is when you talked about the computer I've actually learned a lot your best friend Ethan and it's like a little picture of me or my face I should say Photoshop on there that's definitely not healthy man to block out your family and eating less I think health is more no health is definitely more important learner for me I went through some illness the past few months and I've learned my lesson you need to put your health first before making youtube videos alright so now let's move on to the boxes and start up with the right side and open up this package over here oh and as always guys if you want to send me stuff all unboxing in these episodes make sure you can check out my PA box link below so these are actually bumper cases these arm upper cases from Rhino shield these are for the iPhone 7 and 7 plus so I'm going to be doing a drop test using these can't wait to test these out thank you I know shield for setting these out cannot wait oh yeah these are the RAM sticks the new Ram sticks from g.skill these are the trident disease which are most likely probably the sexiest RAM sticks on this planet so one is in black and yellow one is a black and white these are coming up in a build the black and white is actually going in a water cool build that I'm working on for October so very excited for that one Thank You G skill for setting these in so we have an iPad pro and it looks like a head phone case that I ordered for myself kind of like a black and red hardcover carrying case for my earphones and I ordered the iPad pro because I'm going to be doing a video using this so I needed this alright onto the long box oh so these are basically accessories that HP sent me as a thank you for doing the laptop videos so you got a few things in here this is all from the omen lineup so we have a keyboard I think it's mechanical let me check nope these are not mechanical these are membrane and looks like SteelSeries partnered up with them to create this keyboard so that's pretty cool it is RGB and looks like we have a mousepad for some reason I called a mouse in the last episode a mousepad I'm not even sure why like 10 times in a row looks like we have a mouse as well and of course to complete the peripherals a gaming headset again partnered with Steel series looks like they partnered with Steel series on all of these so let me know if you guys are interested in making a video on this I'm not required to make a video these are just a thank-you gift and maybe you're gonna give away hopefully there's an come up on reddit anyways if you guys want to see videos on these make sure to let me know in the comments alright four more boxes to go where is my knife what's in this entire box there's only a small bluetooth speaker and a rocket book so this thing is pretty cool this company reached out to me and said hey if you want to check out this sweet looking notebook basically you can write in it with the provided utensil and you can delete it by throwing it in the microwave and it just wipes the entire thing clean so this is like the best notebook for school or anything and you don't have to waste any pages because you can clean it up with a microwave so so yeah pretty much this is the notebook it's got like a little grid with a bunch of dots on there and this is the pen that we provide it's pretty cool actually what this what's also really cool about this is when you write something on here you can actually scan the QR and it saves this page so you can share it online which is pretty cool so yeah this is going to be in my cool tech video can't wait to feature it but if you guys want to check it out early I'll drop a link to it down below and this is pretty much just a a SmartMusic lamp it's a lamp that glows and plays music you can change the colors I thought it's pretty cool maybe I'll feature in the video all right so three more boxes guys to go check this out oh it looks like this is actually from a pacer we got a few parts from them looks like got some RAM sticks you have an SSD and I'm not arrested I'm gonna be featuring in a video this one's called the blade he's looking pretty sweet let me open this up real quick they look as dope as the g.skill trader disease but yep can we three season build these are ddr4 32 gigs I think they are eight gigs each a pacer they have some pretty cool products you guys can check them out I'll drop a link to it down below but you will see these parts in a build coming up soon all right so you got two packages from loot ke loot Kate loot crate and loot where I have no idea what loot where is let's open these up and check them out I'm guessing loot where something like loot crate but with clothes alright so this I'm pretty sure it's from World of Warcraft again don't kill me guys I don't know looks like a Night Elf Ranger jeez haven't played since brutal Burning Crusade guys so give me give me some slack right you got a pair of socks looks like it's from The Punisher I don't want to swear am i killing myself here this looks like The Punisher logo but some pretty cool comfy socks actually another pair of socks from Suicide Squad these are pretty quick wheel these look pretty cool also from the Suicide Squad looks like a skirt Harley Quinn's skirt also from Suicide Squad alright so a lot of comic book stuff here and I'm not gonna open this one up but it looks like an archer shirt our shirt t-shirt so it looks like this month's theme is antihero so yeah not pretty cool stuff here as always if you guys want to check out loot crate or loot where you can find a link down below for you alright so it looks like we have a galaxy theme this looks pretty cool so I'll look at that and you had that I can wearing these episodes actually we also got a destiny t-shirt free destiny fans out there few other things in here at Deus Ex a figurine looks like or a bobble head it's a figurine nevermind this looks like a bottle opener there we go Borderlands 2 I should just read the back bottle opener looks like there's some magnets in the back here so you can stick it on your fridge that's pretty cool we got a pretty cool mecha pin some sort of a patch that you can attach on your clothes it looks like so I guess you can press this on your own shirt that's pretty cool and that is it ladies and gentlemen this is the galaxy theme as always if you guys want to check out loot gaming they send you these monthly boxes every single month and I believe there is a discount code down below if you sign up using my link and once again I'll drop it down below in the description section at last we have the final box here guys this is from monkey banana so let's see what monkey bananas sending us oh yeah these are very good-looking Bluetooth bookshelf speakers from monkey banana I may be revamping my setup and there may be a set of video coming up later to see you guys I'm very excited but these look sick like I said before a completely wireless or you can connect them with wire but I cannot wait to test the sound quality on these so as always think you guys so much for watching if you enjoy the video make sure leave a like as always and I will see you in the next video
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