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What's In The Box - Episode 11

what up guys is that from tech source and welcome to another episode of what it feels like I'm missing something what's up guys is that from tech source and welcome to another episode of what's in the box and you guys know I'd love to start off these episodes by opening up some fan mail because it honestly brings a huge smile to my face I love reading your letters and I love opening up the gifts that you guys send me so that's now we sitting with time and begin I guess we don't have any fan mail this episode hello darkness my old friend I've come to talk with you again but it's all good in the hood I have all of these boxes to fill in the empty void that was once my heart so it's gonna start off with the left side and then we'll move our way on to the right so it's gonna open up this package here from bigger parts I think I ordered something from them a few weeks ago I'm not sure and actually guys I'm using the new knife that was sent to me in last week's episode so thank you again whoever it was that sent me a brand new unboxing knife pretty small package it's a walkie talkie oh there's no - just advertisement oh yes this is so hard to get my hands on guys is this like sold out everywhere so I had to pay a little premium to get this sli bridge there's a booty really awesome project coming up with this and I cannot tell you what it is yet we have a package from Amazon three sets of Crucial Ballistix ram and why is this sent to me I'll have to dig and find out because I did not order this unless it's actual fan mail but I don't get any notes in there and I don't know why anyone would send me six RAM sticks four gigs each by the way but yeah I'll have to check around and find out what it's came from alright on to this long box with a bunch of stickers on there it's here oh my god it's finally here guys I've been waiting for this for so long I've been going back and forth back and forth with the reps I need to calm down my heart's racing a bit we have the Titan X Pascal Pascal whatever you want to call it I have been waiting for this for such a long time and it's gonna go in a very special build in fact there's another one coming soon and yeah very excited thank you so much Nvidia for sending this out to me I have big plans with this baby you know what it's going to boxes for you guys oh my god little brochure here or a packet ladies and gentlemen the mother of all GPUs is right here in my hand see ya guys very stoked to do a video on this let me know what you guys want to see with the Titan X because I do have another one on the way so there's gonna be some SLI action going on which I'm pretty sure you guys already realize with that other SLI bridge was four so yeah guys I think we can end the episode over here thank you guys so much for watching leave a like if you guys enjoy I'm just kidding I'm just kidding of course we got boxes let's go ahead and open these up nice to see you so guys this is a package from glasses and I actually have an announcement to make I haven't told this to anyone but it's come to my attention that recently I need sunglasses I went to an eye exam a few weeks back and turns out my right eye is no longer as good as my left eye so I went from a 20/20 vision to a 2030 vision and I knew it was a matter of time before I needed glasses because I said in front of a monitor every single day and I'm surprised it took this long for me to get glasses so I was in the market looking for glasses guys and I kid you not these guys eyeglasses reached out to me perfect timing by the way and they asked me if I can take a look at their glasses and I said send them in so guys glasses USA calm is pretty much a website where they offer prescription glasses at a super cheap affordable price I think people get them for a 70% off of retail prices so they went and sent me four different models that I chose myself and actually it's really cool how you can see yourself wearing these glasses you can upload a picture of it on the website and you can see how these look like on you before you make the purchase so I got four glasses here and I want you guys to let me know which one of these I should wear in my videos because starting now you guys going to see me wearing glasses and my videos because the time has come you know always thought that I take good care of my eyes and I would never need glasses even though I do work in front of the computer every single day at least ten hours but ocular degeneration is real guys and it's happening to everybody it's actually happening to you guys as you're watching this video if you don't have any glasses so I urge you guys to go check out your eyes doing eye exam at least once a year or once every two years and protect your vision because that is the most important thing but one of the most important things of on your body so and these are actually really cheap guys you can get an entire frame and glasses starting at ajust I think $48 and you also get the prescription lenses which are included with your purchase but definitely check my guys I think your first pair you get a really good discount you guys can visit the glasses I'll drop a link to it down No all right stick out the Hat and give this a go I think I'll put a shroud pulling down below let me know guys be honest which one of these look the best on me so here is whoa that is so much more clear so anyways here is the first one I'll give it a few seconds and then let me switch it over to the next pair of glasses moving on to the third one these are kind of like reading glasses I don't know but I don't know about these I have a pretty big face but and I'm not I'm not feeling nothing that one let's check out the fourth one these are I don't know I hope you guys can see from that distance but so yeah those are the four glasses they sent me let me know which ones you guys want to see me wearing my videos from now on I'll probably choose to them and cycle between them that way am i wearing the same glasses every time it was actually really hard for me to choose which four to try out because they had such a wide selection I think they have over 2,500 different frames and I think they have designer brands as well like rabe and Oakley the Armani just a ton of selection and these are actually really quality lenses basically what we what you would get in retail but you would get it much cheaper from glasses and actually the best part about this guy's is even if you don't like the glasses you can just send it back within 14 days I believe and they will give you a money back 100% but anyways guys if you're interested check them out glasses I'll drop a link to them down below and hopefully you guys are voted wisely because these are the glasses I'll be wearing in my videos alright let's go and finish off the left side here we have more PC parts in threes again we got three core i3 s and I just realized what this is about I don't know why on earth they sent this to me but looks like this is for the candid giveaway so all these parts including the RAM sticks and also there's a few more boxes over there which I'm sure are part of the PC bill but the candidate winners have reached out they've claimed their prize by the way if you why this video congratulations on your $500 build but I'll be saying I guess I'm going to be sending this out personally on my end so I will keep you guys updated but yeah it looks like I got more work to do I'm not sure why I didn't send it directly but I guess there are some issues with Amazon shipping directly to specific countries so that's why they sent this to me so I'm gonna have to deal with it but yeah your parts are here actually all your parts are here so I'll be sending these out within a week so keeping half of that all right so this looks like a deep cool RGB script for my deep cool build which I know a lot of you guys have been asking for and somehow I don't know why I busted an Edgar and I said I said the wrong case I'm not building it inside a deep cool tesseract I'm building it inside a deep cool try stellar case so yeah hopefully that clears up a few things but this is the last piece I needed actually I'm waiting on a few more cable sleeves from a company that is last piece I need to begin the build looks like three more packages in here I'm guessing is part of the PC I'm guessing the hard drive episode this is the one terabyte Seagate hard drive that I ordered for the $500 build i've ordered in other than the case because Brianna broke her original one and she actually cracked her screen last week and I was pretty bummed to see that considering about that tear for her as I think a birthday present or anniversary so yeah the case came in a little too late so she's gonna have to take a sample and get that repaired so but hopefully once it's repaired she can put on the new one I did not even know I was getting this so guys this is hyper exes new gaming headset and this is going to be one of the most popular if not one of the best budget gaming headset you can buy because this thing's going to retail for around 50 bucks so I'm very excited to do a review on this maybe put in my cool tech videos but very stoked to give this a shot because I know a lot of you guys are interested in checking this out last but not least we have one more Amazon package please no more PC parts of course we have three of the same motherboards again for the PC build so this is a this is a motherboard that's going in the $500 budget bill for you guys so yeah I got a lots of shipping to do within this week so I hope you guys are patient and don't go straight to Reddit as always if you guys enjoyed these what's in a box series make sure to leave a like if you don't like them make sure to leave a dislike and as always I'll see you guys in the next video
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