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What's In The Box - Episode 12

what's up guys it's ed from Texas and welcome to another episode of what's in the box I think run episode 12 I'm not really sure but today's a very special episode and that's because I have a very special package which isn't on the desk yet it's actually on the side because it's a little too big for the desk so let's go ahead and get rid of these boxes and then we can go in and unbox the grand finale alright so this first box is from Kingston and these guys ship really really quickly it's only been a few days and they're already sent their package so this is going in the upcoming build actually the build I'm working on on Monday which is in a few days we have a kingston 480 gigabyte predator this is an m2 SSD which is going in the build and not one or two but three SSDs also I think 480 gig up for 80 gig HyperX savage SSDs that are going in raid 0 in the build as well very very excited as you can tell it's gonna be a black and red build of course got to represent my colors even though I'm wearing blue but whatever moving on to this next one we have one two-way SLI bridge from EVGA if I can get this thing out of here and a thousand watt power supply from EVGA as well which tells me this box is also from EVGA because it came from the same warehouse you have a black box that has nothing on there okay okay and another blank box that is weird it says nothing on here just says EVGA oh this is the graphics card why is it packaged like this what's in here this is an interesting packaging I guess it's for I guess this is how review samples are sent not only sure so guys this is the z170 classified motherboard and this is a very special but I keep saying that it's a very special project all projects are special to me in a way but this is going to be I'm not gonna tell you I can't tell you it can't I can't ruin the surprise I'm sorry but yeah this is a very very good-looking motherboard and I cannot wait to do to do a build in this so what graph is car did they send me I wonder what do you guys think is inside this box let me know your predictions down below you probably are wrong but let's open this up and find out I've never seen this packaging before this is seriously the first time whoa whoa if you guys guessed the 1080 superclocked then you received some internet points what you guys just love the smell of fresh GPU so this is going inside the motherboard of course I'm sure you guys have already noticed and the sli bridge actually one sec so here is the second one that was sent with the iBUYPOWER pc I took it up and I popped in the MSI graphics card instead but these two babies are going in the motherboard actually it's going to test it out right now and see if the SLI bridge will fit because sometimes the slot differences or the gap between the slots does not work out so let's try it out whoa this is way too long that's what she said yeah too long so here are the two cards and here is the SLI bridge as you can tell it's too long here the first connector is over here and the second one is all the way down here so yeah I'm gonna have to find a way to get a shorter one because this is on to plan B so guys this is the final piece I need to begin my build remember I was telling you I was waiting for some cables last episode well they are here black and red custom sleeved full cables these are not extensions from any source mods these guys do such an amazing job at these cables that is why I keep coming back to these guys because no other cable company matches the level of quality that these guys are that these guys have so yeah a bunch of black and white cables I cannot wait to start this bill that it's going to be one of the best on the channel two more boxes to go before we jump into the main or grand finale so these are parts I ordered for my 500 dollar budget bill for October and this is the one that's gonna have a build guide as well guys so yeah a lot of you have been asking me to do another version of Ice Cube and this is it this is going to be called black cube or a dark dark hue back sure that's what it's gonna be called so can't wait to do a build on this and show you guys the build process so you can build one for yourselves if you want to it looks like the GPUs have arrived so I'm sure I talked about this on the last episode as well this is going in the candid PC giveaway winners most of the parts arrived last episode and I think these are the final pieces actually I'm still waiting on the cases and then I can ship out these parts so these are the GPUs that are going in there are x4 70 from MSI once again congratulations you lucky bastards and now for the moments that we have been waiting for actually that I've been waiting for let's get straight into it so I wonder if anybody actually guessed what's inside this box I bet you my channel that none of you guys got it correct so let's go and open this up oh my god it's right side up ladies and gentlemen the brand-new NZXT s340 elite case that I've been waiting for for a long time I really want to do a build on this guys but unfortunately I am booked for all of October but expect a very very sexy build sometime in November so this is pretty much like their previous s340 case but this time they have a full tempered glass side panel as you can see there is nothing covering the side which is awesome and then there's also a hook in the front that you can attach it is optional and it's basically a place where you can hook up your VR headset now obviously there are some other cool features that come with the case expect my video on it sometime next month one of the features is an option to expand USB 2.0 ports I think you guys get three internal and two external as well and you do get two different color options you have the old black that you see here and then a black and white and also a black and red but I'll drop a link to the case down below if you guys want to check it out honestly I've been waiting for NZXT to do something like this ever since I saw the iBUYPOWER element case so props to you NZXT for listening to your customers as always that will do it for this video thank you guys so much for watching I honestly appreciate the likes you guys have been dropping on these videos it shows tremendous support and I love every single one of you guys so thank you so much again for watching if you enjoy the video make sure to leave a like and I will see you in the next video
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