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What's In The Box - Episode 13

what's up guys aside from Texas and welcome to another episode of what's in the box I'm very excited for this particular episode because I just came from the post office and I opened up my p.o box and I was like no way are all of these packages mine I didn't get anything for like the past few weeks and all of a sudden I open them up here box and this is what I got a bunch of fan mail so at least I hope they're family but honestly I want to thank each and every one of the guys who sent these packages and I'm very excited to open these up so let's dive right in so I'm going to start out by opening up the letters first and then the package is and then we can move on to the rest of the boxes for the episode so the first one is from miles holy I think that's what it says from Massachusetts let's see what he sent me what's a bad I love your videos I've been a sub to your YouTube since 100k subs that is a long time thank you so much for that I've seen almost every one of your videos you've inspired me to build my first gaming PC I don't have a lot of money I can only build a $300 computer and then he goes about talking about his PC specs and then says I would love to have a setup like yours thanks for making the videos you make and giving me entertainment keep up the good work and I do have a YouTube channel it's called Julio games I'll drop a link to it down below if you want to check it out thank you very much for the letter this next one is from Ethan okay Wow so this is like a two-page letter obviously I'm not going to read the entire thing on camera so I'll read the first few sentences dear Edgar my name is Connor and I'm one of your subscribers on YouTube I am a sophomore in high school and I've been watching videos ever since you build big red that is a very long time Wow since then your channel has grown so much I enjoyed every bit of it I was inspired to write this letter because you are almost out of million subscribers and because of the recent drama that happened on the channel and Twitter I want to let you know that I have even more respect for you as a person now that I have ever did before admittedly you did make some mistakes however the way you took ownership of your actions and apologized shows that you have learned from this and grown as a person thank you very much Connor that means a lot to me by the way I will read all these letters that you guys sent me and I'll actually have a special box for these I'm gonna put in so whenever I'm feeling down or basically not in the mood I'm gonna go in and read these letters to kind of cheer me up a bit so thank you again so much for setting this in Connor all right so this one is from coal and looks like he's asking for some parts and actually had a few these letters today guys and here's my thing about that please don't send me any letters asking for free stuff I get a bunch of those on my email address and I get a bunch of those on YouTube comments Twitter messages and still getting DMS please keep these the only gifts or some encouraging letters you want to send me that's fine I just get away too many that's why I do giveaways to try and give it back but if everybody keeps asking for free stuff that I have to give it to everyone else who asks for free stuff so it's just not fair if I give out free stuff to whoever asks so I apologize Cole but I can add to that I hope this letter gets read by you in one of your boxing videos if it does I might faint with excitement while watching we do that faith thank you for inspiring me ed and keep making videos I especially like the unboxing videos but they are all great if you have any questions hit me up Thank You Bryan so much for this letter that's awesome this one is from Scott and he says you know he's actually one of the giveaway winners of but Ron so he says I'm a wicked big fan of yours I found you randomly on YouTube one day ever since then I watch your videos the second you upload them on to vessel and YouTube oh one of my vessel fans that's awesome unless I'm doing homework of course school is always priority I've entered into every giveaway you've done the day that I want but Ron August 2016 I was the happiest person alive that is awesome I just want to thank you for the amazing content you produce and for hashtag bite Ron from Scott congratulations Scott again well deserved and thank you again please letter so that is it for all the letters think you guys so much for saying them and now let's open up the packages that were sent to me by you guys this one is from China and I am both scared and excited so it looks like a wash of some sort this is a really clean looking watch thank you so much whoever it was that sent this to me there is no note in here but I'm gonna start wearing these in some of my videos in fact I'm gonna put this on right I have such a flimsy wrist but this is an awesome watch thank you so much for sending this in I wish you would have send me a note but thank you if you're watching get tested protect yourself oh is this what I think it is oh my god this is it was a matter of time it was a matter of time before I got something sexual I will gladly accept these thank you so much I'm actually never heard of this brand lifestyle so I trust that they are good glide and then these are lubricant packets whoever sent this to me you are awesome thank you so much but the question is will they fit this immediately became rated R I don't think I can even do this anymore I'm going to upload this portion on vessel only so my YouTube audience will not get to see this woo nice and lubed so yeah that was fun thank you again so much for setting that end I'm definitely gonna use them by the way I am NOT throwing them away oh no way I got a blade medic sharpener this is freaking amazing I came out sharp in my unboxing knives because these are getting pretty dull really quickly so this is awesome is there a note in here no there is no note but thank you so much forever sent this to me I'm seriously going to be using this before every single episode you rock man so this is these are safety light sticks interesting I don't know what that is let me see so you just snap it whoa it's like glowing this is cool wow this is awesome these are pretty sweet I'm not gonna lie California is due for another quake so I can definitely use these thank you so much for sending these in alright so we got two more boxes guys and then we can move on to the regular unboxing no way another unboxing a cool another knife I should say I wonder if it's the same one this time oh this looks bad as take a look at that it kind of reminds you the msi dragon this looks sick wha-what-what this is awesome dude - really awesome nice this is freaking badass thank you so much for sending us in wow I'm not quite sure what the hole is for but this thing looks amazing this thing is really sick thank you so much whoever was that sent this to me I will cherish it it was at this moment that he knew Dicky chug sports bottle kind of resembles something I can't really quite figure it out but and it's in blue would have been awesome if it was in red but who want to try something look work oh my god is this fun this is what thank you so much whoever sent this to me I'm actually gonna use it believe it or not I can make my protein shakes in here now and drink it like a mouse so that is it for all the fan mail again thank you guys so much for sending these gifts and honestly they mean the world to me I'll drop my peer box down below in case you guys want to send me anything and I'll unbox them in these videos so with all that said and done guys let's go ahead and move on to the actual unboxings of this video I'm gonna use this knife this thing's sick oh this opens up really nicely that is badass I seriously can't thank you guys enough yes it's here finally oh my god I've been waiting for weeks he's in gentleman my personal iPhone 7 plus is finally here this is the matte black option 32 gigs I'm not really a heavy user wait this is the jet-black false alarm it's just the matte black it's time to upgrade for my success plus I've been waiting for a long time I'm a very patient person looks like we got a care package from be quiet holy moly they send me a lot of fans you have fans for days so these are to be quiet new silent wings three super quiet fans and I'm going to be using and some builds from time to time looks like we got something Oh looks like we have a it's like a budget CPU cooler the pure rock slim and just more fans different sizes we got 140 millimeter we got 120 millimeter so yeah thank you so much be quiet for sending this in I will make good use of these it is here it is here they ask you how you're you say thank you so guys these other parts that are going in the five hundred dollar budget build for late October I talked a lot about this on periscope and on Twitter but this is going to be one of the best budget build on the channel without a doubt and there is going to be a build guide a time-lapse and as well and benchmarks as well so make sure you guys stick around I'm going to be using the black version of the thermal tape core v1 so very Stokes do this build and bring it to you guys so stick around guys we have a package from a suit so you know what that means I already know what's in here but you guys don't know what's in here the asus strix RX 460 once again it's going in that five hundred dollar bill that I talked about very Stokes to put this in the build and show you guys some benchmarks it's going to be fun last but not least we have a very special package from Lenovo I think this is their gaming monitor I'm not exactly sure that's open this up whoa this is very thin that's what she said damn this panel is thin look how thin this thing is guys well if you're looking at the top portion over here but this bottom portion where the ports are obviously is a little thick but this is a very good-looking monitor looks like it's a 27-inch correct me if I'm wrong and I don't really know the specs on here so I will list it somewhere on the screen in case you guys want to check it out but there will be a video on this I don't know exactly what to do maybe just a solid review but let me know if you guys have any ideas that you want to see done with this monitor it is basic compatible it does come with its own stand it's adjustable for tilt and height as well and looks like reports you have an HDMI one display port 2 USB 3.0 oh there's actually 2 more USB 3.0 on the side over here with a headphone jack so very stocks to give this a shot thank you Lenovo for sending this in as always think you guys so much for watching and especially thanks for those who sent me gifts you guys are seriously amazing I'm not gonna throw any of those away especially this little guy here and the letters especially I'm gonna put those in a box and save them so again thing guys so much for watching if you're doing these videos be sure to leave a like and I'll see you in the next video you
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