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What's In The Box - Episode 14

sponsored by Taco Bell what's up guys it's dad from tech source and welcome to another episode of what's in the box none of you guys can tell but I'm actually using a new lens it came in today and I want to improve my quality of my videos specifically these what's in the box videos because it's one of my most popular series on the channel so hopefully you guys can tell the difference if not I just wasted nine hundred dollars for no reason and the next thing I want to improve is the audio which I'm currently not happy with this is definitely a new scenario or a new style of video for me so I'm trying to get used to it obviously so hopefully this book box can change that because it's from CAD or CID and there's some pretty cool audio gear in there so yeah if you guys can tell difference in the image or video let me know in the comments section thank you so much let's begin I keep forgetting to black out my address on these boxes one of these days it's gonna get leaked and I'm gonna get like be dust is it D dust or doxxed I don't even know so we got one fan mail in this episode I do have a few letters in the storage room I'm trying to save up until I have enough to make another episode but in this episode I will unbox one of the fan mail that I got I think sometime last week as always I'm very stoked to use this new unboxing knife that I got I still can't get over this thing is badass a whole dude the fact that you spend extra to get this gift wrap is honestly unbelievable thank you so much there's two boxes in here I am so excited I'm gonna hold off my excitement maybe it's another deke trucks bottle it was at this moment that he knew hi enjoy your gift from Joshua Evans do Joshua thank you so much for sending these in let's check these out I don't want to ruin this how can I open this up so in box number one we have looks like a game of Thrones shirt no way this is sick my most favorite TV show and it's a red and black sure this is freaking awesome Joshua thank you so much you get my size right doesn't say the size but it looks like this will definitely fit me I'm definitely gonna be walking these in my videos Joshua I can't thank you enough dude thank you so much let's open up the second one so in the second box we have another game of Thrones this time it's a banner dough and it's House Targaryen which is the house I represent let me check this thing out it's like sick so this is a 30 by 50 inch banner holy crap this thing is huge dang this thing is legit this is seriously legit I don't know I'm gonna hang this in this room for sure maybe behind me I'm gonna rock this behind me on every single one of these episodes you never know dude Joshua thank you so much do this is honestly this is awesome even following me for quite some time there's no there's no other way you would have known that I represent House Targaryen so thank you so much for this these are freaking awesome looks like we got more loot gaming and loot we're so let's go open these up and check out what this month's theme is for those of you that don't know loot we're and also loot gaming are these monthly subscription services that send you these boxes all these bags every single month with goodies so it's open these up and check them out so this month's theme is speed so let's see what this is about short one is something to do with Mario Kart and the Bowser shell I think this is a shell that attacks the first player in the race that could be wrong pretty sexy looking what is it a skirt booty shorts and finally we have a pretty cool look in transformers Autobots t-shirts so yeah looks like there were three t-shirts in this loot we're onto the loot gaming box alright so we got a bunch of stuff in here let's start off with their shirt this is just a woody this looks like a fallout 4 theme the t-shirt this is something my fallout 4 fans would appreciate battlezone shot glasses these are pretty dope you also have a Dead Rising looks like a Swiss Army knife this thing is pretty dope it has a bunch of tools on here there's also a flashlight where you can screw in and then they'll activate that's pretty cool kind of like a handy little - we can put in your pocket it's got a Phillips screwdriver flat head even a little knife over here Gears of War 4 so looks like a model of I'm guessing the main players or main character's gun I haven't played Gears of War so don't drill me guys but it's got a little stand here I guess you can hook this up on your desk or something pretty nice prop for your desk set up I would say Dark Souls legends of the flame looks like there's a pretty cool little comic book in here they usually include comic books once in a while so I'm sure this is something you Dark Souls fans would appreciate reading you have a tiny battlegrounds pin and finally it looks like we have a poster of once again battlegrounds so yeah there you guys have it this month's loot crate and loot where if you guys want to check them out it's a monthly subscription they send you some pretty cool stuff every single month if you guys sign up using the link below you do get a discount let's continue so this is hyper axis new gaming keyboard these are cherry MX mechanical gaming key and I don't know the price but you guys will see it in a video coming up soon oh this is sweet it comes with a detachable USB cable guys which is awesome for cable management and it looks like there is a USB 3 pass-through in the front as well so very very nice it also comes with some removable key caps so very sweet looking keyboard is actually pretty heavy the construction seems pretty solid it doesn't look like it's RGB so instead you guys will get red LED so if that's not your thing then yeah this keyboard won't work out for you this is a really nice black and red reddit reddit threaded cable USB cable so to match the theme obviously so yeah this is pretty cool all right so we got some bumpers lots and lots of bumpers and screen shields for the iPhone and seven and seven plus so I did a video on this actually if like months back but now I'm going to be doing one for the iPhone 7 as well it should be part of the cool tech video of November so stick around guys this thing seriously protects your phone from insane amount of damage I ran over my iPhone 6s plus at a time with this bumper on and the phone stayed intact I also dropped it for like 20 feet and it didn't like get destroyed or anything so these bumpers actually work so this is something I ordered last week for my top five GPUs under $200 this is the Radeon r9 380 which is currently going for I think 180 bucks or 170 depending on if you get a deal on it or not so this will be in the roundup of the top five GPUs coming up very soon guys stick around I know a lot of you guys are excited all right two more boxes and then we can open up the CAD box which I'm very excited about so guys these are all sent by this app called nice shopping I've done a few videos on the channel before and you guys will see a lot more done in the next few months so this is pretty much it's an app where you can try products for free so all the products in here you see here are requested by me and if I featured in the video you guys have the opportunity to try them out for yourselves for free and if you enjoy it you can pay for the product and keep it or if not you can send it back with free shipping label and you have to worry about anything one of things I really like about the app is the variety of the tech products that it does have which is perfect for my cool tech series because I can go on there pick out the products I want to request send it to me so give a YouTube channel especially this is perfect for you guys out there so yeah guys I'm not gonna really show you any of these it's surprise for my upcoming cool tech videos maybe I'll give you a sneak peek on this one's pretty cool it's a self stirring mug so I guess you press the button and the cup stirs your drink so that's free though last but not least we have the CAD audio box I am very excited to see what's in here is a massive box we have quite a few things in here guys well they send me so much so we got two USB you 37 recording microphones it looks like I don't know why they sent me two maybe I'm supposed to do a giveaway so we have quite a few more microphones over here condenser microphones dynamic and looks like we have a budget microphone this one's going in the top five budget mics on there 50 I know why I got this but I have no idea well I got these other ones for it these sessions headphones I think this is for monitoring audio are these the same ones so they kind of look alike but this one is the CR version I have no idea what that means but I can't wait to test these out maybe they'll replace my audio technica m50x s who knows and last but not least we have this this is what I'm gonna be using starting next episode of what's in the box this is a lavalier wireless audio setup that I'm very excited to try it out because instead of having a microphone right there in front of the camera which is kind of far from me I want to basically hook it up to my shirt where the audio will be a lot clearer for you guys so yeah very stoked to give it to ya give this a shot but but that pretty much wraps up this video thank you so much for watching as always if you guys enjoy these videos be sure to leave a like and I will see you in the next video
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