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What's In The Box - Episode 15

what's up guys it's a from Texas and welcome to another episode of what's in the box as you can see we have more packages packages as you can see we have quite a few boxes but not as much as before and the reason why is because I'm trying to make this video shorter so I'm not trying to unbox a bunch in each episode these can go up to like 10 12 minutes long that's a lot of time for you guys so I'm trying to shorten them maybe six seven minutes at most but anyways I'm not going to waste any more time let's open up some fan mail that I got and then we can move on to Dean boxing's so these are from China it looks like maybe from the same person I'm not sure but this is another pretty cool watch it's funny how the dial is like all messed up on there I'll try and get a zoom shot but pretty much says whatever I'm late anyways and then all the numbers aren't here at the bottom that's pretty cool thank you very much whoever it was that sent this to me so this looks like some sort of earrings I think wow these are really fancy I'm pretty sure this was sent for free and if that's the case thank you so much I'm gonna give this to her and I'm sure she's gonna love them these are pretty Wow these are pretty flashy thank you so much what was that sentence to me maybe I'll put them on those so these are a bunch of mail I'm not gonna read them in front of the camera like last time because it will take forever so if there are any items in here I'll show them but I'm gonna be reading these off the camera instead and put them in my bed when I'm done so this letter is from Matthew by the way happy birthday man you are turning 15 in November 8th that is awesome hopefully this video gets out before then but he also drew a little pretty sweet pic a sweet picture of me and my setup and crayon this is pretty sick dude thank you so much man this next one is from Mohammed this one looks like it's a bit open now we've got a floppy disk and two floppy disks and some RAM sticks which are from 1920s I'm sure I don't even know what is this board so pretty much his old school clothes last year and they were giving away tons of old stuff you couldn't just send me a letter without a little something and I know it may not see much but I hope you like old tech if the RAM sticks break I'm sorry that is awesome I love it thank you so much I don't know what on earth I'm gonna do with these I can't even use these I don't have any floppy drives but thank you for RAM sticks maybe I'll auction these on eBay or something for a million dollars thank you so much by the way you guys don't have to send me anything even if you want to send me a letter that is fine please don't feel obligated to send me anything I honestly will be happy if you just write me a letter so why don't you send me this one it's like a little of his photoshopped or mspaint but a TS logo which is pretty cool thank you so much for that and he sent me a bunch of questions which I will answer and also he wants to be a scientist and send it back hence why he sent me another envelope with a stamp thank you for providing a stamp that's all stuff you don't have to do that so yeah I'll ask your questions definitely and I will email this back to you thank you so much for sending it in so this one is from Liam and he sent me a picture of a GTX 10 atti so this is like before NDA and all that stuff so you pretty much do a picture I'll you know if this is real or not but this is a pretty badass drawing dude Thank You Liam for setting this sentence he's pretty sick and it's even in the shape of an actual gravis car it's pretty awesome this one is also from Toby and he wants me to sign a piece of paper and send it to them I'll go and sign this one if you like and send it back to you thank you so much Toby for sending this letter in I also want to thank eat and Colby for sending these letters if there's any questions in here I will definitely get back to you as soon as possible thank you again guys for sending letters in so we got two more packages these are also fan mail let's open these up and then we can move on to the final three boxes oh look at this a gift for you what does it say on here I had gonna love your channel been following you since March 2016 and cannot stop continue your awesome work sir enjoy your gift from Steven Terry alt sorry if I butchered your name Canada thank you very much Steve I can't wait to see what this is oh yeah we have another technical knife this is getting out of hand guys this is seriously absolutely open Oh oh my god you guys are stepping it up look at that dude holy I just said m/s so what does it say mtech USA black and red knife god damn to really badass knives I'm seriously like starting a collection I still have the other ones that was sent to me like weeks ago this is freaking sick here some is nice and heavy too I can seriously stablish out of someone this is freaking awesome Steve thank you so much I just need to buy a shelf or something and put these on because this is getting out of control oh this one already has a hole in it yeah is this what I think it is what is this a csgo knife I see these everywhere all it says is global tactical supply calm there's a 10% off code I guess if you guys want to check them out the code is all GTS so wow thank you guys so much this thing looks bad ass how do you can use this thing can you box things like this whoa nice and sharp - this is badass look even has a lanyard I'm gonna walk around with this on no joke no joke so these are wireless charger because it says while the charger but what kind I wonder let's check this out it kind of looks like those wireless Wi-Fi adapters for your PC doesn't it you see it works hmm not bad let's hold the phone too bad I phones aren't wireless but this looks pretty sleek pretty clean a while a shorter hope you get a feature this in a cool tech episode probably sleep so get some computer accessories so cuckoo sent me their new actually on office new or not but we have their headset Mouse and looks like a mouse bungee this is in a I might be doing a dedicated video with these so expect this in a few weeks I keep saying a few weeks and always takes a month or something but it's gonna happen guys please be patient so last but not least we have a special package from iBUYPOWER if you guys saw episode 9 or 10 I think they'd send me a PC which I'm still using now until I build myself a custom water-cooled build but this time they're sending me a laptop and gaming laptop and very excited to check it out and see what kind of specs they put in this baby while I was heavy my arms dying so this is their g7 5 - what it is g7 52 gaming laptop from asus rog holy crap this thing is heavy better have 210 eighties and there was something let's check it out that was probably not the way to open it but oh my god look at this thing it's massive Oh check that out looks like a 17 inch screen we have a black and red design although we have some accents that are kind of orange bronze I guess you want to call it it opens up nicely this is a beautiful laptop check this out let's boot it up where is the power button where is all there it is alright guys so I'm at a desktop right now we're gonna take a look at the specs if I can pull this up it looks like we we we have a 6700 HQ processor 16 gigs of ram a gtx 1070 guys the desktop variant inside this beast looks like a 75 Hertz refresh wait panel 1920 by 1080p display i can't wait to test this out do some benchmarks on here obviously do some gaming if you guys want to see something else on here maybe editing or something let me know in the comment section down below now is your time before I get on this video but this thing looks fully loaded guys it is massive it's got a bunch of ports we got full USB 3.0 we have a display port Ethernet may display USB type-c and freakin audio jacks for headphones microphone and even speakers this thing is seriously fully loaded and I really like the designs it's pretty it's pretty sick it's even got LEDs back here that's pretty badass this is actually my first gaming laptop with the new GTX we have this card so I'm very excited to do anything on here but again let me know what you guys want to see on here in the comment section below so that's pretty much it for the video again it was a short video mono hope you guys enjoy shorter videos or longer videos I'm trying to test this out if you guys want longer videos let me know in the comment section down below but if you like this length also let me know in the comment section down below it's getting super hot in here I'm dying I will see you guys in the next video peace Oh leave a like you can join what's in the box please
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