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What's In The Box - Episode 16

see you guys I told you I was gonna wear this shirt in one of my episodes what's up guys it's f from tech source and welcome to another episode of what's in the box now I last episode I said I'm trying to make it short and it ended up being like 10 minutes long so that was pretty fail but this time actually we don't have that many boxes I'm still like I'd always any time and chitchat so let's go ahead and unbox some of these oh let's go to stop with some fan mail as always a lot of you guys were telling me that I was holding this the wrong way so I think this is the correct way of holding it correct me if I'm wrong again but I'm new to this whole 'quran bit knife uneven Heisey Currumbin type anyways let's start with some letters so this one is from froome's ik and he's also Armenian barovik bed looks like you sent me a list of parts and he wants me to comment on it and tell them what the parts are good so I will take a look at this and email you back this one is from iDEN Lyndell and he wants some information and some advice on starting a tech channel I see your email on here I'm gonna get definitely send you an email with some helpful tips I'm actually gonna plan on making a video on that as well because a lot of you guys are requesting that so stick around this one's from my boy Johnny Cruz what up man it's going on oh that's awesome do a little my logo on a piece of paper that looks pretty sick you trace this it looks like it was traced so I wanted to give you an opportunity to go and take a chill out today in front is to Six Flags Magic Mountain tickets what to Magic Mountain tickets are you kidding me I love Six Flags dude one for yourself and one for Brienne you'll be able to go into the park for free I hope this would be sufficient enough to give you a good day dude honestly you do not have to do this these tickets are pricey man Wow johnny-boy bro thank you dude thank you so much this is freaking amazing I can't wait til you reach a million subscribers which you will be soon I don't know when you send this always send us in September I'm sorry for opening it up late anyways I hope you like this minuscule of a gift that I give you and hope you enjoy do it is not minuscule at all this is one of the best gifts ever do thank you so much seriously Oh looks like your birthday's on the 23rd dude happy early birthday I'm gonna get you back man I'm gonna send you a nice gift thank you so much I'm feeling the love already I'm feeling the love already this is so far it's an awesome episode I love it this one is from Max he's congratulating me on 1 million subscribers his favorite PC build of mine is Gala Dex and I guess he wants me to sign this and mail it back so there is a letter or an envelope I should say and here is another drawing this one's of Timex that one's pretty sweet I can zoom this in what is up with these drawings and graphics cards it's awesome do you seriously have talent thank you so much I will definitely sign this and send it back thank you max and finally the last envelope we have here is this a coin 20 Sen I don't know what currency this is please guys don't send me any money even if you guys send me a penny I'm gonna send that back to you so please I don't accept any money so this one is from Ethan he sent me a basically used to congrats and that I inspired him to build his first PC you're very welcome Ethan thank you so much for watching my videos here is a coin from my country for your coin collection if you have oh thank you so much oh he's from Malaysia by the way thank you so much Ethan really appreciate it man I think we have a few more fan mail and then we can proceed to the other boxes I think we have one from here and another one here so let's go and open these up I don't even open this one up let's see have a poster of something of some sort smiling Asian teenage boy should I even dare open this what what it's a smiling teenage boy but he doesn't look like he's smiling to be honest there we go dude you spent $9.97 on this that is a lot Thank You Hasan for sending this and at least this would be something to distract you guys what dude this is a mousepad of my face I don't even know what the hell I was looking at I think this was from one of my ask me videos the stuff you guys sent me honestly it doesn't even stop there we have a legit t-shirt with the same face there's something on there the best tech youtuber ever made in you guys are gonna grill me out even what flag that is deaf friends you're an idiot I don't know who sent this to me there is no name on there but seriously you guys you made my day this is hilarious I wish a mouse pad was a bit bigger but opening a fan mail honestly is one of the best things of doing this episode and I'll jump IPO box if you guys want to send me stuff I'll open it up in these videos oh so this is a mount for my H 5 zoom and with my order this is because I'm going to be doing a vlog where I'm going to be moving around outside is a very special thing I purchased if you on my Twitter account or Instagram you know what's happening I made a very big purchase and I'm excited to bring you guys a vlog I can't tell you anything else about it looks like they send me a pack of Axe body spray this is not sponsored I bought this myself I thought I ordered one but I guess this is a six pack I can't obviously can't read but yeah so this is another loot gaming unboxing as I'm sure you've seen is a bunch on the channel already but the loot gaming is a subscription a monthly subscription service where they send you a box of loot they have a different types of loot crate's this one is specifically for gaming let's pop this open and see what's inside oh these are pretty cool I'm not a huge fan of overwatch but I'm sure this is something you overwatch fans would really appreciate looks like there are video figurines that they're sending and it is a and it is part of AI collectible so you can collect up to six on here this is pretty cool looks like we got a little Reaper years missing an arm I don't know if the actual character is missing an arm but this dude is missing an arm they ask you how you're you say that you're fine you're not really fun well I'll say yeah it looks like we have a titanfall t-shirt this looks pretty sweet you know I'll tell you something though making a video every single day I run out of shirts to wear so I'm glad that they're sending me always a shirt in these boxes so I can definitely change things up a bit looks like they also sent some socks I guess this is from Legend of Zelda I think that's Ganondorf again don't kill me guys got some gloves from Sonic the Hedgehog fingerless gloves I should say oh this is pretty neat pac-man adhesive bandages that's it you only get like eight Super Mario Bros 2 magnets for your refrigerator or whatever is metal I guess a rumble bobby pin I don't know what this is from and last but not least we have a poster like always what is this Oh looks like this is just a theme of loot crate and I guess the theme is Rumble that kind of makes sense now there goes the Asian boy so that is all the items in the loot crate added up as always if you guys want to sign up or when I check these guys out there is a link down below if you do sign up use my code you will get a discount on your first subscription but that is basically it let's move on to the other boxes so we got a pair of so drop two headphones I did do a video on the first pair of these or first version of these on the channel so expect the video on these in a few weeks so very psyched to give this psyched can speak very psyched to do a video on these I really love the first one so I'm assuming the second one's going to be better or at least I hope so mmm ladies and gentlemen we have the ps4 pro in house there's going to be a comparison between this and the ps4 slim so make sure you guys stick around in fact the video should be up before you even watch this so if it is I'll leave a link to it down below very Stokes to give this a shot sach tri open it let's open it actually no it's not and the last box is from MSI just because of the msi tape on here how many of you guys think there's going to be a GPU in this box let me know in the comments section if there is a GPU let me know which GPU you think it is if you guess right I will send you the GPU if you guys guess gtx 1070 or gtx 1080 or even at gtx 1060 you're all wrong it was a trick question there is no GPU in here hye-young don't whine don't wait your time don't need a gun ticket instead what we do have are some gaming gears so we got the gk 701 mechanical gaming keyboard the BS 200 gaming mouse and what on earth is this thunderstorm Platinum gaming mouse pad oh it's a mouse pad now this is a very sexy looking mouse pad looks like it's aluminium do people actually use Lumina mouse pads let me test it out feels really nice so as always that is it for the video thank you guys so much for watching I really appreciate your support dropping your likes dropping your comments and all that stuff it really helps the channel a ton and it helps these series a bunch as well thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next video
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