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What's In The Box - Episode 17

what's up guys it's a from tech source and welcome to another episode of what's in the box the reason why I'm smiling so big is because I have a very special box again with that word special but I have a very special box on the side it's too long to fit on this desk so again I'm saving the best for last but I can't waste any time let's go and drop into some fan mail and it will unbox the rest of these and it will get on to the main event also I'm using a new level ear mic I don't know you guys can tell from that distance but hopefully the audio sounds a lot better than before I have an editor video so I can tell just yet but hopefully it does if there's another unboxing knife in here I swear I'm gonna come up with a new series called name that knife because it's gonna get out of hand another beautifully wrapped package let's check this one out hey ed I hope you enjoy your gift from Mario Perez Maya Perez I love your face let's check it out dude is this a kingdom or it's two shirt it is a kingdom hearts 2 shirt I freaking love this game I'm guessing you've seen my ask me video because in there I've actually answered someone's question that this is my favorite game of all time holy crap dude thank you so much this thing is sick and here come the cops I can't wait to move out of here Mario dude thank you so much I'm definitely gonna wear this for my next episode I promise you this this thing is insane thank you so much for the gift we do have a few letters so let's go and open these up will quick we've got more RAM sticks hi ed my name is Anton and I love your videos keep on doing them you're really inspirational and I like watching you greetings from Sweden by the way here's to RAM sticks that are useless man it's so fun to troll you thank you thank you very much I will cherish these RAM sticks I'm gonna get these laminated maybe put them on my setup or something all seriousness thank you so much for setting decent Ram sticks why not have a dead GPU or dead motherboard Wi-Fi RAM sticks well this was kind of useless this one's some sort of a newsletter nothing important so this one's a pretty long letter from limes Gaming looks like he has a question about his desk setup so I'll go in and answer this question and get back to you on Twitter thank you for sending this in so this is the last fan mail for this episode and I will get to the boxes afterwards guys again if you want to send me stuff the PIO box is linked down below thank you guys again so much it really means a lot to me Game of Thrones coasters I wonder if I have this one already cuz I am rocking a game of Thrones a Targaryen coaster for my current setup so let me see oh these are new I've never seen these before oh wow looks like these are all of the Narus Daenerys is did I say that right but these look pretty sick all four different coasters I'm definitely gonna use these in the living room coffee table thank you so much dude is there a name for this oh it looks like there is a note here Adam thank you so much for sending these and it's actually a little questionnaire question on your $1500 build why do the PCIe drive as why did you put in a pci drive as well as two SSDs in raid 0 that's just the configuration the person wanted it the build was for a subscriber of mine so that is why I built it that way so I do high-end builds for subscribers if they send me an email usually anything over $4,000 I would build on a custom PC custom paint job all the height and stuff but if you guys are interested shooting an email but that is what the configuration he wanted so that is what we went with so that is it for the fan mail thank you guys again if you sent me something honestly these make my day it's one of the reasons why I love doing what's in the box but let's move on to the other stuff so we've got quite a few goodies from anchor dot-com looks like we got some screen shields we got some power banks we got some bumper cases for the new iPhone 7 and 7 plus it looks like they're doing cases now so if you guys want to check them out I'll drop a link to it down below they even have a dashboard mount whoa looks like anchor is venturing off into other things very nice Thank You anchor for setting this and hopefully I'll do a video on these sometime soon so it looks like this is lenovo's a new wireless touch mouse and the yoga mouse which by the way won a CES Innovation Award of 2016 let's check this thing out looks pretty sick whoa is this seriously a mouse check this out guys this is a very oh well I guess you can fold it and then it becomes flat check this out guys and then you can fold it again and it becomes a mouse so it looks like you guys can hook this up via bluetooth or with the receiver that was that came inside the mouse I've hooked it up to my laptop let's check out and see how accurate this really is all right so now that I got this thing charged let's check it out and see how well that actually performs it's actually very accurate surprisingly I'm not even using a mouse pad and I'm using it on a glossy surface so it's it's very responsive there is no lag so far it's very accurate oh that's really cool the middle button which is actually a Windows logo opens up the Start menu so that's pretty cool but the downside is that you don't have a middle mouse button unfortunately so that kind of sucks I'm not gonna lie this is a really cool Mouse it's 60 bucks so it's kind of steep but honestly this will be perfect for travel just fold it up doesn't take up much space pop pop it in your pocket or laptop bag and you're pretty much good to go so yeah this thing is pretty sick if you guys are interested in checking this out I'll drop a link to it down below but I'll probably make a video on this later on - if you guys are interested but in the meantime I will leave a link down below if you want to check it out all right so this next box is from NZXT it looks like they came up with some new products let's check it out and see what they sent me oh man this is such a beautiful sight check this out guys they got the NZXT X 52 and the X 62 CPU coolers we also got some other goodies guys we have a triple pack of their new 120 millimeter coloured ring fans I also have the hundred forty millimeter version of course and two different types of color to trim for their fans I'm very psyched to check this out specifically the cooler is actually because these have some pretty cool effects on here of course they are LED as well RGB LED to be exact but can I wait to put these in build Thank You NZXT so much for sending these in so we got one more box guys before we get on to the main event of this evening this one's from MSI and it kind of looks like I don't even know what it is it's it's too big for to be a GPU and it's too small to be a laptop but I don't know let's let's check it out oh the picture is right on the box so looks like this is their Trident ah looks like it's some sort of a gaming PC if I'm gonna guess here it says gaming desktop I need to read I need to read these things boom this thing looks sick it looks uh it's small enough to be a console kind of minds me of the UH I was gonna say Xbox one but looks nothing like the Xbox one okay looks like this is the vertical stand I'm assuming oh look at that that is the mafia 3 edition this looks sick what kind of a graphics card is that got a 1080 in there how does this thing even work oh just like that well that looks pretty that looks pretty sick much cooler than the ps4 I think I don't know about this whole mafia 3 graphic thing here but the design itself looks pretty sick actually I'll definitely love the the angles here futuristic look got some ports in the front USB 3 USB C HD my oh holy crap there's more ports in the back here if you have another display for it HDMI crap ton of USB so yeah this is a very portable very cool looking console I can't call I said console you're an idiot very cool looking PC I can't wait to check this out do some benchmarking figure out what kind of specs are even in here I'm sure msi sent me something I haven't even checked the email but yeah let me know what you guys want to see here maybe I should do a comparison to the ps4 or Xbox one is that something you guys want to see with this if so let me know in the comment section alright guys it's time to get serious now I'm gonna be unboxing something that we've been all waiting for I've been waiting for I'm sure a lot of you guys have been asking for constantly every single day I see the comments I see the tweets I see the email so it is time it's time to take tech source to the next level and whatever's in that box is gonna make it happen yeah it's gonna be too heavy one sec a very special care package from mod my mods thank you guys so much for sending this and I'm honestly so psyched to do this I'm gonna stop talking let's just let's just dive in my not just broke familiar faces worn out places oh my god I thought I broke it literally bent the other way I don't even know how the hell I'm gonna get all this out of this box guys Jesus Lord there's there's so many things in here I'm gonna get this all out of the box guys and I'll repel be right back so yeah guys this is what was in the box and honestly huge thanks to mod my mods and alpha cool for sending these parts out I have everything here to do my first ever water cool build on tech stores it is going to be a black and yellow build because let's face it everyone's sick of black and red so yeah I mean I got reservoirs I got freaking radiators we got pipes pipes we got tubes coolant this is gonna be a very fun very interesting build but let me know guys if what you want to see on this done do you want to see about this leave a like if you want to see a time-lapse build of this water cooled PC or to leave a comment down below if you guys want me to do a vlog style video with these with this build so this will be my first one obviously so it's not going to be perfect it may not even look that cool but pun intended but I will do my best to make it look as sick as possible but anyways guys as you can see I have a lot of work to do so thank you so much for watching leave a like if you enjoy the video and as always I'll see you guys in the next video
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