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What's In The Box - Episode 18 (Part 1)

guys what the hell is going on look at these packages three weeks I don't visit my peel box and this happens no but seriously thank you guys so much for setting these packages and it's one of the reasons why I do these episodes it's gonna be a long episode so make sure you have you a cup of tea if it's nighttime or I don't have your cereal a cup of coffee if it's morning cuz it's gonna be a long episode also guys I think this will be the last episode I'm gonna be opening up letters because look at this there's a lot of letters and a lot of you guys always skip the beginning and only care about me reading letters so I think I'm just gonna read these off for the camera and only open up the packages so that's okay with you guys let me know in the comments section otherwise otherwise these are gonna be like 30 minutes long if I read every single letter so I hope you guys are cool with that I'm just gonna open yourself real quick just to make sure there's nothing in here and then we can move on to the packages this one's from Brandon and he basically quoted what I said in last episode send me even a penny and I will send it back challenge accepted so he sent me a penny I'm keeping this penny this is CPU did I get another dead PC part dear textures thank you for inspiring me to learn about computers I'm taking a computer class at middle school I'll have already made a model of a portable gaming console that's really cool I figure I love your channel so much I watch it every day I even turned on video notifications that's what I'm talking about thumbs up if you enable video notifications but yeah I'm not really sure what's up with the CPU I'm guessing it's probably dead if so yeah thank you so much drew for sending this n you walk so this one is from Jack Snyder and he took a picture of his setup which by the way this is a setup you guys can check it out let me know what you think down below and he wants me to sign it and send it back so which I will definitely do Thank You zachsmith Jack Snyder it sounds like Zack Snyder the famous director thank you so much for sending this in alright onto the actual packages that's open this one up okay Brad potato parcel calm is this legit a potato do not eat this potato potato parcel is not liable for any illness if the potato is eaten I appreciate the warning what might if my face is on the potato I think every time I do one is episodes it just gets stranger and stranger but I think this so far tops it off like it my face on a potato and there's a message hey I see you got my potato my name is aaaa gaming is from United Arab Emirates and good luck with the potato my only question is what kind of business does people actually do this like there's a business where you can literally write your message on a potato and send it to someone I don't want to live in this world anymore it's just sexy faces huh are these finger puppets or something okay scratch what I said about the potato this this officially tops it off I what what was it is to me thank you I have no idea what I'm gonna do this like week in six of these in here maybe I'll start my own puppet channel should I continue should right there continue this is a piece of wood GTX FTW GT X 1080 I don't I don't know what this is hope I should be the letter that's probably good idea hi my name is Sean and I'm 13 years old your videos are awesome I sent you a scissor holder that I made in Woodworks class PS I'm from Island GTX for the win just test it out see if it actually works well did you look at that that actually works oh well thank you shot so much this is honestly nobody's ever made something like this for me so this will be the first thank you so much I'm gonna I want to keep this somewhere shaky piss on my desk what is this there's an S logo on here let's check this out Oh wireless earbuds this is pretty sweet check this out it's got a charger it's got additional ear tips whoever sent these wireless earbuds you walk through thank you so much I hope they weren't expensive if you guys said anything more than 20 dollars I am sending it back it's pretty comfortable actually these are called smart tell me wireless headsets so it's technically earbuds and also guys anything I mentioned in this video if it's a tech product I'm gonna link down below because everybody's always asking me what I get this knife from or where I get this from so I'm just gonna leave everything I unboxed down below if it's a tech product what is it with this same face like is this Oh ed congratulations 1 million subscribers in school we are always talking about your videos because the lessons are just boring as f we're also recently started a YouTube channel we hope you enjoy your t-shirt and awesome mousepad oh that was you guys and that makes more sense now thank you so much for sending that in we've also sent you two poster of a smiling Asian boy those of you as well greetings from Germany his son and Jonas he you guys are hilarious there are Twitter profiles link down below if you guys can see it speaking of posters I got three more so Chewbacca wearing sunglasses and looks like he's in Hawaii or something see at least this isn't that random compared to a smiling Asian boy whoa what is this is that baby Goku that looks sick is that like water water paint or something there's no actual note in here so whoever sent this to me you are seriously freaking awesome unless you can buy these pre-made or something but if you paint if you painted this yourself that's freaking awesome dude that is some serious talent let's say you got some cat paintings as well but I can't get over this one this one's very sick what kind of English one it's gonna put it there just for now Oh looks like more paintings this one is of a very very adorable kitten but this one has a note dear text source after almost three years of following your channel it's time to give you a present I really like the content and you said you like cats so here they are in case you don't like them there's our Goku on the way give them a nice place so that was you okay greetings a fan from 40,000 subscribers Ruben Kemp dude you are MVP seriously thank you so much this is really cute I think brands are gonna really like this one but the Goku goddamn I love this one I love it so guys it seems to be a very long episode if it's over 10 minutes long I might split it into two episodes so yeah you
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