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What's In The Box - Episode 18 (Part 2)

Wow this is an interesting looking box LG portable speaker art check out this packaging guy this is very nice LG is always impressing me with the packaging whoa this opens up nicely check this out magnetic flap guys wow there's a note in here and check this out guys the presentation is just insane be read good congratulations for reaching over 1 million subscribers this is a gift from us with our best wishes we hope that you enjoy music wearing art and discover yourself fit to the stylish music life LG portable speaker art series will lead you towards multifarious music world can't even say that word share your inspiration with people you will feel the joy of communicating with music and art have a wonderful experience LG speakers and sound system King so looks like these speakers are in collaboration with John one which i think is a famous street artist so these are definitely a lot different than usual boring bland speakers that you guys see everywhere so I'm actually very glad that LG has reached out and that's something different on their speakers if you guys have been looking around for some awesome Bluetooth speakers and maybe something to spice up your overall desk setup you should definitely check these out I'll drop a link to them down below maybe I'll do a video in it in the near future but let me know which of these speakers actually looks cool to you guys speaker number one two or three speaker number one and two actually have the art on the top which is pretty cool but the third speaker is actually in the front so that's pretty interesting alright moving on Oh ladies and gentlemen oh my god I don't have to say this but it's happening another ultimate build is on its way I'm not talking about the water cool this is something different this is 4ad summer build should I tell you maybe I'll tell you let me check the other parts maybe maybe I'll tell you in a bit so this year actually is a 6900 k-8 core processor for the x99 chipset I am very very excited I wonder if the other parts have arrived AHA so this is something I've ordered for myself those of you have been following me on social media or if you watched the lambo video the car doesn't have a dashcam so I kind of ordered one just to kind of protect my investment I looked around and I feature this and my I think Black Friday deals and this looked pretty cool and I picked it up on a discount so I may do a video on it I don't know we'll see but this thing looks pretty so yeah I might do a video on it I'm not really sure but this thing has really nice quality on if you guys can tell in the box but it's 1080p it's got night vision and I'm very psyched to hook this up on the hurricane so actually this is part of my perfect desk setup episode 3 it is a budget Edition so I've been looking around to find budget products to feature in this video it's going to be awesome but even sting rotates so that's pretty cool so you can put it like this or rotate it and put it like that's pretty sweet I'm not a fan of the color so I don't know I don't know if I'm gonna end up using this or not probably not there goes my dash cam mm this is a I want open this up but this is a very sick black and red mouse pad I'm sure you guys have probably figured out the theme it's gonna be a black and red theme for the budget set up so yeah very excited I think I was gonna like it it's a little different there's nothing high-end but it's something different I think you guys like it oh this is a care package from one plus I don't even know they were sending this to me looks like we got some ear buds I'm guessing this is the phone itself so this is their one plus three T definitely gonna be doing a video on this after I testify a month or so oh that's pretty cool looks like a carrying bag or something turning bag and a belt of some sort that's pretty cool thank you so much oneplus for sending this in I can't wait to test it out and do my video on it you got a package from Ankur Merry Christmas 2016 limited edition whoa this is pretty cool what's in here power your mobile life whoa this this looks nice it's like a little pouch oh ho that's awesome looks like it's a wall charger and a power bank and we got some cables micro USB and a lightning cable looks like this is the new version of the Power Core 10050 I'm still using an older version the thing is rock-solid I use it I take it with me everywhere I go and pretty much an IQ wall charger very nice thank you so much anchor merry Christmas to you guys as well if you're watching this is awesome nothing can include this in my new travel pack for sure it's here it's here it's here I said I was gonna order it and I did and I got here actually within two days so this is going to be in my water-cooled PC which is right there next to me very actually I'm swapping this with the ax 1200 I because the 1200 I just it's overkill I don't need that much juice so I'm gonna pop this baby in instead this is easily the longest episode I've ever done for what's in the box how many of you guys have fallen asleep already be honest let me know in the comment section woah I did order the other stuff but I did not order this actually if I did it was supposed to be a black and Wed headsets why is it black and blue ah I knew it it wasn't black and blue false advertising so this is gonna be the budget headset for perfect desk episode three actually not bad so these are the other pair of speakers I ordered because I wanted to test both of them and see which one sounded better and also look better you guys remember the other one I was twisting around that was the first speakers are ordered and these are the second ones they actually they look a lot more red and I think they look cooler I don't know what do you guys think with you guys well I have this on your desk or these speakers unfortunately I think those look cooler because it also has some black on there some black and lines I think this is a little too much red and they look flimsy honestly just by holding it something's loose in here anyways so I might go up with that one but again it's about the sound so I'm gonna test out the sound on these so guys that is it for the video as always if you love what's in a box episodes let's see if we can get this video to 20,000 likes that would be freakin amazing but basically I think are so much watching as always if you guys want to check out any of these products especially these speakers I'll have a link to them down below thank you again for a third time and I'll see you in the next video I want to cook this thing right now
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