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What's In The Box - Episode 19

what's up guys it's a from tech source and welcome to another episode of what's in the box now I've been reading your comments and I know you guys want longer videos I have no idea why but if longer videos are your thing then holy moley you're in the right place because look at how many boxes we have this time around but you guys know the drill I'm gonna go over some letters we'll quick open up some fan mail and then get to the juicy stuff later on so yeah let's just this just start we've got more PC parts already starting right and get some this ones from Luke and Jackson he's basically saying that they love my work PS don't crash the Lambo as always guys I'm not gonna be reading the letters on camera I'm only gonna open up the ones that have some things in it so I can show it but if you guys have any questions or even parts list like this one for example you guys want me to check out I will do so off the camera and then email you if there's a contact on here what you sent me ten bucks I'm not sure what currency this is but why would you send me money guys please don't send me any money I'm gonna have to email this email I'm gonna have to send this back to you this guy's quite the character retool thank you so much for sending I don't know why you would send me money or candy and looks like some sort of I mean no idea what this is but there was a return address so I can't even send this back to you so I thought guys please appreciate the gesture but I can't even use this year so don't send me any money guys actually my kind of show any more money on the camera that way you guys will stop setting it but seriously I appreciate the gesture thank you so much for sending it in so buddy legit sent me some seeds oh these are grape seeds apparently thank you for sending me grape seeds this is this is interesting out of a garden so I can't really plant them but maybe when I moved my new house I can plant these thank you so much for sending me see oh my god you thought the RAM sticks were insane take a look at this looks like a piece of motherboard this dude stepping it up you guys need to stop saying those RAM sticks you guys think it's not sending motherboards and Tom strikes again thank you so much for sending me another PC part alright time for the parcels let's do this Swedish air I legit just got a package of Swedish air exclusively manufactured by vegetation this 99.9% fat and sugar free Swedish puffs of super air presumably breathe breathitt breathe it by both local and international superstars on Swedish soil I am scared opening this up what oh there's poison what if someone trying to poison me I'm gonna give this to my brother first and have him sniff it and if he's okay I'm gonna sniff it after I guess I kind of figured out what you're trying to do I don't think this tops the last potato parcel I got this is still weird but nothing nothing so far tops the potato parcel I got on last episode oh this is a smart wallet looks like a carbon card clip let me check this out actually it looks pretty sick that looks very nice looks like there's some suede inside thank you so much forever sentence to me this looks really nice I might even use it candy I got candy for the first time well no technically someone else sent me candy but I can't believe it I thought somebody actually cared enough to send me candy around me are familiar faces worn out places calories nothing mmm-hmm those are delicious by the way thank you so much whoa I got a neat little care package from Emerson knives incorporated the number one hard used knives in the world the arrived from Texas we notice that our son had taken interest in your videos and they inspired him to build his own PC he use your videos to help him find the right track in building his own computer that is really awesome looks like the company sends me a knife emerson knives incorporated by the way check them out guys i'll leave a link down below I'm curious to see what knife this is I get so excited when I see knives now mm nice and heavy this is pretty badass Wow and it's sharp this is such a badass knife thank you so much Ernest Emerson for sending these and oh looks like they sent some t-shirts as well thank you so much again Ernest for sending these knives and shirts in this is honestly an awesome gift and good luck to your son's YouTube channel if you guys want to show his son some love you just start a YouTube channel I'll leave a link to it down below again thank you so much we're still opening up fan mail guys I think we only have like two or three packages from companies so yeah hang in there Oh another gift wrap I love these gifts hey ed since you don't do collabs or tech youtubers on their 5k subs this is a closest I will get to it enjoy using this gift for fan mail or autographs but careful no ink in the Lambo I make tech videos to check them out slash comm PTV le check them out guys let's see what he sent me no ink I don't know what that is did a pen maybe oh look at the packaging on this Wow Wow oh that is a very nice-looking pen doesn't even work oh the equal is on the bottom of the box thank you so much for this honestly check your channel up guys maybe you can get into 5,000 subscribers and you can collab with tech source thank you so much again what was your name I love a gift oh I got I feel like it's my birthday or Christmas actually christmas is coming up actually pretty pretty soon hi Edgar here is another unboxing knife so now you have to make a new series I hope you enjoy from Stephen Canada from Canada thank you so much Stephen wow this is two knives and one episode it's freaking crazy let's check it out another knife attack force attack force is making some pretty good money on these knives apparently Oh oh-ho look at that fire fighter I think this is the new fire fighter series oh my god very good-looking knife actually dude this is awesome thank you so much seriously let's see a guys ah so I've been teasing about this for a long time if we remember a few episodes ago my second tighten axis here it's brand new - so gorgeous so freakin gorgeous reunited at last this is going in my personal build along with the other Titan ex that came a few weeks ago so I cannot wait to do this build if everything goes to plan it will be up January beginning of January so leave a like if you guys are excited to see what I'm gonna do with these bad boys more gifts are you serious you guys are straight you guys are seriously amazing whoa this is a big one hi Edgar I know I know another knife this one will be for your bigger boxes from Steven also from Canada again dude this is like your second gift thank you so much you guys need to seriously stop spoiling me like this is this is too much look at the size of this thing what kind of a knife did you send me Jesus am I gonna butcher pigs ah what this is straight-up like combat knives now what in the actual survival pro series god damn dude let's just say if any bear tries to do anything to me or my family that's what's gonna happen I told you was a long episode you guys wanted longer episodes ah ha so this is the Star Wars drone that I'm going to be doing a quick Instagram video on I don't think it's gonna be on tech source or maybe y'all put it on tech service I don't know but this thing looks pretty cool so here's the controller Wow looks like they went all out on this is still playing so I guess this is the drone and here is the remote oh I got to put it together now because it looks like there's a bunch of pieces also there's some pieces in here but yeah guys you can't wait to bring you guys a quick Instagram video on this possibly a video on tech stores if you guys are interested I don't know last but not least we have a package from UM Beijing Seoul says DHL let's check it out got some broken styrofoam the hell is in here there's only two boxes in here see what this is hmm I think I know what these are oh my god they're here already they are here guys these are RAM sticks from a fixer 32 gigs of the green plasma and the one the only Asus Rampage 5 Edition 10 motherboard the mother of all motherboards actually did a review on this and this is going in my personal build actually wood of doing a christmas-themed PC in January which I know it's going to be late but afterwards I'm going to convert this and the to title next isn't to my own personal build very very excited thank you so much deep cool for sending these parts and this bill is going to be epic as always guys that is it for this video thank you so much for watching and if you enjoy the series make sure to leave a like if you can get this video to 20,000 likes that would be awesome you guys Rock and I will see you in the next video
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