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What's In The Box?! - Episode 2

what's up guys it's that from Texas and welcome to another what's in the box video I love doing these and if you guys enjoy watching and be sure to slap a like and I can continue the series so this time we actually have three boxes and you know it's really difficult because these are sitting in the corner for like weeks and even days and I can't touch them until I have at least three boxes to open up in front of you guys so without wasting any more time finally got my knife ready let's go ahead and open these up let's hold off the Asus box until the end because I have a feeling there's something really good in there and open up the EM ad Amazon Amazon box first oh yes cut away from me I've heard I've seen those comments you guys left me concerned about my safety I can say that so alright we we have a set of combs I forgot I already slasa we and we have one little box in here I think this is my adapter art oh I ordered a lot of stuff from Amazon usually from for the cool tech series but sometimes there are personal items oh yes this is the adapter for a universal adapter basically for traveling around it's got a European plugs UK and USA so this is pretty handy I'm gonna go to events and it comes with a little cool bag here so that's pretty sweet alright so let's open up the FedEx box and just remind you guys that don't know what's in these boxes even reading the sentence information is not helpful at all because it's a random name and some random warehouse so let me just figure out how to open this box they take this one pretty damn good Wow okay so seems to be an unmarked box a box within a box great Oh more MORE I did not expect to get this this soon guys ladies and gentlemen this is the new AMD our x 480 graphics card that doesn't even come in this retail box wow this is crazy that cannot wait ah great now I have more work to do check that out guys I'm gonna get some close-up shots and you guys can see the beauty honestly this is a very ugly looking card but I can't wait to see how it performs that's for sure looks can be deceiving they say all right so let's put this back in the bag turn it off inside and open up the Asus box already I am excited and happy so I wonder what Asus is sending me got the official issue sticker that's when you know naming business all right so first up is oh yeah they're sending me their Mouse that's right there ROG spatha or spatha how do we fit Mouse this is a wireless mouse it has all the bells and whistles and it's pretty pricey I think like 150 bucks hundred 60 bucks something like that but I have to do a review on this so I'm very excited this may this may even be my new Mouse I've been looking for a wireless mouse that's also black and went to the setup and last but not least oh yeah this thing the 10th anniversary this is the ROG rampage 5 edition 10 motherboard this is the mother of old motherboards it has a buttload of features I mean I can seriously talk for days but there will be a review on this of course in fact I might get started after I'm done with this video let me open the box actually show you guys inside who opens up really nice actually let me open that one more time in front of you guys that opens up really nicely that's pretty cool all this motherboard looks insane so good pretty freakin heavy - here it is ladies and gentlemen the 10th anniversary ROG rampage 5 cannot wait to put this in a build and do my video on it so as you guys can see I have lots of work to do so I will finish this video up and so yeah let me know what you guys think if you enjoyed it leave a like and as always I will see you guys in the next video
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