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What's In The Box - Episode 20

hiya nice videos here is some coyote urine to help you mark your territory good luck Luciano what's up guys it's that from Texas and welcome to another episode of blood in the box now I know it's been a while since I've done one of these and I apologize I've been in Vegas the past week for CES 2017 so I've been really busy with that stuff I do want to give you some updates on the PC bills that I've planned I do have a PC plan for January actually I'm working on it right now and the water-cooled build Electrolux is still in progress the reason why it's taking so long to get that done is because I'm waiting for some parts to arrive the company who made the cables sending the wrong cable so long story short I'm waiting for some parts so it's gonna be another week before you guys expect a part five I believe but with all that said and done guys let's not waste any more time and dive right in I receive a few holiday packages from Christmas that I haven't opened yet most of these are fan mail as well so let's go and dive right in actually I haven't opened up this one first this was a big red box from Elemental knives as you can see here I could only guess what's inside seriously let's just do it all so I hope you guys had an awesome Christmas if you celebrate and a fantastic new year lots of popcorn as always looks like there's a box in here ooh several boxes actually three boxes of knives wait four boxes of knives what five what is this five boxes of knives like I said earlier guys I got this during Christmas time so I haven't had a chance to open these up so this looks like a pretty cool sign I had actually put this on now all right feeling a bit festive even though it's a bit late but hey so Elemental knives hooked me up I've never even heard of this brand but apparently they sent me five boxes and these are pretty big let's start off with the small ones actually there's a private community indentation looks like microfiber and whoa black and gold knife this looks pretty sick how do you open this thing whoo very nice also I've added a second camera you guys can see it but I'm going to be swapping to my other camera for a different angle most likely a close-up shot of the product so if you guys like that you guys like that extra camera let me know by leaving a like and I'll make sure to keep that for all of these videos in the future so that's one let's open up the other oh this one is black and blue looks like it's the same design actually just a different color and a different artwork on there so it is - I'm guessing this is the same design as well oh whoa I was wrong this is I don't even know what this is what is this so this opens up pretty interestingly so you pop this open like that oh wow that is sweet and I guess you can close it by yep closer - no like that and you have yourself a weird shaped knife I don't even know what you call this a knife I'm sure there's a specific name for it but these are really sick I have to put up the big ones I'm really curious about the what's sides-- oh my god I knew it freaking combat knives Jesus Christ I'm legit i legit have a collection out this is official I officially I officially have a collection this is sick and the last one well this one's a straight-up Army knife military knife that is sick I love the little artwork on here that's pretty awesome you have sick looking knives thank you so much ek for sending this in it I'll drop a link to the website if you guys want to check them out they're some pretty sweet selection of knives all right so now that I got that out of the way let's continue on actually let's finish off this side and I will move our way on to the right this one is from unlimited knives oh so this one's an old gold actually looks like a tack forest version but it's from mtech ballistic interesting it's very familiar to the one I was using before but it's all in gold hello love your channel and content I would really appreciate a shout out to to ninja tech reviews a Gary a I look forward to doing a collab bye 5k subs hope you enjoyed a knife and keep it up thank you so much Gary for sending this in you are awesome this is definitely a nice-looking night I'll drop a annotation here to his channel check them out show him some love thank you so much for sending it in whoa world's cleanest toothbrush system this is pretty interesting I don't know who sent this out to me tail clean I guess that's the name of the brand thank you so much for sending this in I was actually shopping around for a new toothbrush so I'm gonna give this one a shot let's open this up actually whoa if Apple made a toothbrush this is what it would look like this looks very sleek well this definitely looks awesome I'm guessing once you're done using it you just put it in like this and it cleans itself this is freaking awesome dude thank you so much tail clean I'm definitely gonna use this tonight believe it or not this looks pretty sick I wish it was in white though but I'll take it thank you so much all right the final box on the left side this one's from gigabyte so let's see what this anyway oh-ho-ho-ho so this is gigabytes new lineup of z2 70 chipset I guess this is the aurora gaming 9 motherboard for the cabbie like processor so I'm still waiting for processor from Intel that I can bring you guys some cavi like videos hopefully a build using this motherboard very soon on the channel so thank you so much gigabyte for sending this n-well this motherboard looks awesome looks like you can even water cool the heat spreaders over here that is freaking sweet let me know what you guys want to see with this motherboard I'm thinking about comparing it to the 6700 K processor or if you want I can just do a build with using this motherboard but whatever it is let me know in the comment section because I'm still deciding this one is from a CI Asus computer Oh ace you sent me a little Christmas package I wonder what's in here woah what on earth this is candy we hope you enjoyed this incredible marshmallows hand-picked from the top asus moments of 2016 mmm crime and see which one i should pick mmm this guy looks tasty 6 out of 10 not bad we've got some more fan mail I wonder what it might be how many of you think it's another knife let me know in the comment section down below seriously you know what guys I'm just going to rename the series what knife is in the box is now the official name of the series another one of the fire fire I live did have two V's already hi I'd love your work keep it up bro I also have a tech movie channel if you would like to check it out it's called Jesse thank you so much Jesse for sending in another knife I guess it's good to have spares but thank you so much alright looks like we got some more food in here whining country gift basket some kind see what's in here whoa check that out that is a lot of sweets definitely love the presentation whoever did this thank you so much let's see yeah there's a note in here this gift of wine country's finest assortment has been sent to you with best wishes from someone who knows how much you will appreciate it I'm stoked let's check this out thank you so much where ever it was there is no name on here all right so the top layer is got some chocolate I guess ooh - second one oh my god that is amazing that's a nine out of ten I was absolutely the chocolate tier - we got some more chocolate things two or three some pretzels or we got some chocolate-covered raisins I'm guessing and the last box we have some chocolate cookies oh my god these are amazing wine country gift baskets check them out they make some amazing chocolate look what else can I say by the way none of this is sponsored guys I just keep getting free snacks and stuff like that so I'm not getting paid to promote these brands I'm just sending stuff in so if it's answered there'll be a sponsored message down below you got another package from cat I'm not sure what they sent me another microphone this is the 2600 USB condenser microphone this is a nice color Oh black kinda has a stealthy design definitely will go with any setup but I don't know if I'll do a video on it maybe if I do another top 5 microphone video possibly thank you regardless presenting it in people packages guys stick around I'm sorry for dragging this video on then again you guys like longer videos we got more fan mail this is Pete Pete Rickards coyote urine hiya nice videos here with some coyote urine to help you mark your territory good luck Luciano I'm just kidding I'm just kidding I love getting packages like this oh thank you so much for sending us and I wonder if it's actually coyote you're right you know what guys I love theirs if this video gets 30,000 likes I will drink 1/4 of this 50,000 likes actually ah oh my gosh I the JIT almost vomited oh I didn't wash my hands my god I've never smelled piss that vile before oh my god you not hit that like button I I swear who makes these products like who makes these products and ships then like I don't understand we got a package from ZOTAC ooh this looks pretty cool what's in here I won there I haven't even worked with ZOTAC before so I'm curious actually sent me some stuff Oh looks like a little notebook ten year anniversary for ZOTAC Oh looks like it's just a little Journal thing here that's very nice oh look it's even got my name on there embedded or engraved whatever you want to call that's so nice thank you guys so much at ZOTAC for setting this and I will definitely use it even though it's not black and red thank you so much few more packages guys I'm zooming through this as fast as I can give a box inside of a box oh this is from Kingston hey I saw your post of your view saw your post of your new sony a6300 shirt and thought you could use some extra cards oh that is awesome 64 gigs another 64 gigs 64 gigs why does a lot of 64 gig cards here we also got a g4 USB 3 card reader and also a media reader was actually in the market for one so thank you guys so much at Kingston for sending this in you are O'Shea Lee and Shailene thank you so much this is awesome you guys at Kingston Rock Wow I'm nothing to be using these thank you so much I can still smell it I can still smell a coyote here what have you done we're out you dorm whoa what is this thank you so much for being part of the kit community we love all the kids you've made thus far and look forward to continue working together in 2017 wishing you all the best for New Year's happy holidays team kit than you guys so much what on earth did she sent me this is a mouse it's a car mouse that's that's pretty cool this is a her again oh my god this is my car only it's in red this is freaking awesome dude guys thank you so much this is this is amazing I wonder how responsive is I want to check it out it's a legit lime Rickey hurrican it's in red with silver rims that is sick and it's in red I think I know why you sent me a red one because my color scheme is black and red so actually makes sense now that is freaking awesome thank you so much a kit for setting this and I'd really appreciate it the last box of the evening or this evening over here wishing you happy holidays and an awesome 2017 from the NZXT team you guys at NZXT are always spoiling me thank you so much for this these are cable management pucks how does this work exactly I guess you wrap your cables around here and it keeps everything nice and tidy and you do come apart I guess that's really cool thank you guys so much for setting this out also if you're watching wisely I wish you guys a successful 2017 thank you as always that is it for this video thanks guys so much for watching and if you enjoyed my what's in a box videos make sure to leave a like as it does show your support and also everything I mentioned in this video will be linked down below thank you so much for watching I cannot stand this smell any longer I'll see you guys in next video yeah
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