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What's In The Box - Episode 21

oh god it's real so bad what's up guys it's a some sex stories and welcome to another episode of what knife is in the box seriously it's getting out of control I pretty sure isn't even nice in this episode so with that said let's just dive right into it and it's open up this yellow box first because it is taped up so much and I think it's coming from China I swear that this first product is a knife already then who on earth is sending packages like this honestly oh my god that was a nightmare alright so we got three boxes from cut and there is an emblem of knives on there okay let's just open it check it out all right so this is actually pretty interesting looks like the knives come in a little case I'll get this I'm digging this looks really cool instead of a regular boring box these guys have cuts are sending knives that are packaged nicely looks like they all come packaged in gamma boxes that looks pretty cool they're actually very lightly just nothing in here am I getting pranked oh that that's what I call presentation this is how you sent a knife whoa I know you guys grilled me on the last knives and boxing's because I don't know what the hell I was talking about but this is a butterfly knife okay I'm check out the graphic work on that ladies and gentlemen this looks sick I'm not gonna lie that's two more boxes over here looks like they're both butterfly knives as well this one's a black and green and we have another black and red check this one out looks like the same pretty much the same design actually and this one's black and green okay guys these are really awesome looking knives but you know what these aren't actual knives it doesn't look like these are just replicas maybe just for aesthetic reasons maybe if you want to prop on your desk or something like that these are purely for looks they are not for cutting things or stabbing people unfortunately so but you guys want to check these guys out I'll drop the link down below and also if you guys want to check out the gamma boxes once again link is down below thank you guys so much as cuts for setting these in definitely enjoying these oh so you got more fan metal onto the left side over here check these out so I'm going to try and zoom duties as fast as possible seriously got a pack of plastic knives and there is no note well whoever sent it to me I will gladly use them in my next picnic this one I can already tell it's a knife despite the shape of this I mean whoa what the heck is did a black and red wall what kind of nice to do this thing looks sick guys I think I found my new knife this is legit and it's sharp and it's intact forest you guys make so many knives alright see if you can stop one of my eyes down these days whatever some is to me thank you so much I'll finish up the unboxing with this knife actually look at out I got show up that thing is whoa I almost cut the product I did cut it oh it's a legit Armenian flag that is my home country that is awesome thank you so much oh no way see this gift right here has meaning thank you so much for sending the same like that orange blue and red that is the armenia armenian flags obviously is an armenian viewers so if you're watching offered a shot Matt see I don't know what I'm gonna hang this but probably hanging somewhere in my room should what I call them this one is a different packaging looks like it's a heat nothing knife Dionysius short wow this is a good looking Mike I mean there's really not much to the design but nice and heavy Smith and Wesson that's we know it's quality when it's um Smith & Wesson thank you so much ever said that to me there was no note you guys really gotta leave notes like an at least thank you in person or thank you in front of the camera my name is Joshua Eddington I'm 20 years old college student working on my degree in graphic design you have been a huge inspiration to me since I started watching a channel last fall 2015 I normally only do portraits of those closest to me but since you inspire me so much to do my own YouTube channel someday I decided to award your passion and hard work with my own did you draw a picture of me I don't wish for anything in return I just wanted you to enjoy this gift and think of all of your viewers and their dreams and how much you inspire them to chase them god bless Josh do Josh thank you so much I'm honestly means a lot I'm so excited what oh my god what this is what I call Talent I'm freaking blushing this ridiculous dude this is Emily I just cursed this is amazing dude wow that is a really close-up shot of me damn Daniel I'm like oh my god that is unreal Josh this is honest that thing's the best gift I've ever gotten dude this is freaking amazing and you do this whoa this is I'm still like I'm in shock dude I'm in shock this is amazing Wow Wow thank you thank you so much that's what could make my day a legit thing my day the hell is this a special message combined within carried by the winds and the tides find peace and serenity inside yeah this is legit a message in a bottle what should I even read a message in there what kind of trolling is this justice Retd why not you received a dirty hot fart you receive a dirty hot fart message in a bottle you smelled it but who built it our cheeks are sealed it seriously smells like horse like it smells like horse I don't know how you guys managed to do that in a bottle without actual horse but you did it oh god it's real slow bug thank you thank you so much yeah hey then you're fine not really quietly I'm moving on to the next package hopefully a smell goes away by time done sweetie skittles I got more candy I freaking love skills what is this PNY software installation my name is Ellen Mauro I've been watching videos for a while now you would have personally inspired me to build my very first gaming PC to thank you for this I wanted to send you graphics manual for my PC you shouldn't have this was only thing I wasn't using that would fit in the envelope and some real candy after you got trolled with a bag of dicks yes thank you very much I I ate the bag by the way thank you Issa and honestly the flick was the picture of his setup as well so I'll show this and there's a link to some YouTube video if you guys want to check that out as well I am a huge fan of skittles thank you so much for sending this in honestly that smell wasn't as bad as the coyote pissed I got last time not even kidding there is nothing that compares to that this one looks like a power bank a Titan power bank looks like it's got a built-in router and it's a power bank that is pretty awesome I'm not sure why it was sent to me or who sent this to me but it looks like I'll have to check out some emails and maybe do a video on it Oh oh yes the new signage n processors are here so I'll be doing a video on all three of them he's seventy five hundred and seventy six hundred and seventy seven hundred K I'll be doing a comparison video so expect that within a few weeks so very excited Thank You Intel for sending these in I know I'm late but better late than never what I'm first what the heck is this there's no notes but I guess it looks like some sort of a holder for something I'm not entirely sure what it is if you guys have an idea of what on earth this is let me know in the comment section because four more boxes to go guys I am zooming do this we've got liquid ass farts prank and there's a little note hey ed here's some liquid asked to make sure nobody tries to steal your packages or ever try to steal your car just one spray is enough if you want to know how the smells spray once for optimal results and keep off the great work you think I'm going to spray this right now I definitely want to smell it it smells like though Oh god this is this is whole this is way worse than the freaking coyote you and I'm definitely gonna hold on to this one thank you thank you for that that was bad okay cut that definitely tops off the worst of worst smelling gift ever that's number one for sure we have a gift head I thought you will need some forks to use with all your beautiful knives I hope you like them greetings from Belgium Matthew what kind of forks are we talking about he's a legit fork thank you for the forks I will gladly eat my steak with them what an interesting episode another unboxing knife what a surprise it's just a new model whoa from the rainbow one that looks pretty cool once again from task force I sweated like a monopoly thank you whoever it was that sent me that knife I didn't see any notes in there and the last box of the video are a pair of earphones they're called the B eSports three looks like I'll be doing a video with the in my cool tech February I believe so yeah so yeah that was an interesting episode if you guys enjoy these episodes make sure to leave a like to show your support again you guys can check out all these products especially the customized these are really cool so I guess they're really good for kids and we can't really cut yourself with them I'll drop a link to them down below along with everything you've seen in the video thank you so much for watching I'll see you in the next video
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