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What's In The Box - Episode 22

ladies and gentlemen welcome back to my what's in the box episode I know I know it's been a while it's been months since actually I don't even know if I've done a video this year to be honest but I've been busy I apologize I'm not gonna waste any time let's dive right into it but first I want to open up this very special package that came up a few weeks ago I did a live in boxing of it on my Twitter or periscope whatever you want to call it but I wanted to do this on my video on tech stores so I can come back and watch it whenever I can because it's currently delete on periscope after a while but without further ado ladies and gentlemen I got this big package from YouTube I'm pretty sure you guys don't know what it is I'm just going to open it up I'm going to show you guys because I'm so excited I couldn't sleep when I got it even some tears came down my eye I get very emotional sometimes here is a letter that I'm sure you've seen a thousand billion times I'm not going to go over it you guys have no idea you might have work that went into this channel to achieve this and I'm just so excited I'm so grateful I'm so happy this is my 1 million subscriber plaque as you can see congratulations for surpassing 1 million subscribers so yeah I'm sure you have seen this on Instagram too and Twitter if you follow me there but finally got it finally got the plaque I've been waiting so long to get this I have had so many dreams about it fantasies event and it's finally here in front of me it's surreal it's freaking amazing thank you guys so much seriously without you this is not even possible I just be talking to a camera and nobody's watching so you guys made as possible thank you this is a good example guys that hard work and dedication you can achieve anything you want you can make your dreams a reality start putting the work I worked so hard as past year all 2016 I busted my ass and I finally did it it has a big million I think November October last year and I finally got something to prove anyways I'm done with this thank you so much against Ashley I'm kissing the plaque but in reality I'm kissing you guys that this represents you so unless you're a girl that's kind of weird but now it's not weird if you're a guy anyways just let's just move on someone open this one up quick first because it came in February which is like two months ago around Valentine's Day so Wes if you're watching this I am so sorry I'm sorry for delaying it for this long but let's see what you guys sent me I mean obviously there's a case in here but I feel like there's something else in there something extra let's take that a pack of NZXT custom-made mmm Wow there's legit and then the XD logo on there that's pretty cool I think that's it oh there's a message let's let's happy Valentine's Day and the XP yes you know I don't give it up that easy you got to wind them die me before you get behind me all right so we got some fan mail actually it's open up that before we move on to the other big boxes again I'm sorry if you guys send me fan mail months ago it's just been sitting in the storage room and I'm just getting into it all right speaking of candy you got some whoppers original malted milk balls this was sent to me by Syd say thank you so much I love your face he's 14 years old from New York City I also sounds like a cliche but you have any huge sources inspiration for the past year you inspired me to build my first gaming PC and abandon the console do not abandon the console the council is still awesome I still have my ps4 I don't know why people always splitting between consoles and PC why can't you have though but seriously said thank you so much for these candies I'm actually what might now all right we got some more letters I will read these later guys I'm not going to be much on camera because that will take forever whoa firstly I would say that I'm Germany some English is probably not the best you English is perfect here your child is the best so I made this gift which I sent with this letter if you want to see something in German viewers you can say hello dude slams hello Duke hello Dukes lon hello Germany that's what I'm trying to say from Paul Thank You Paul so much look what he made me this is freaking awesome it's a Texas logo from thank you so much for this polish is awesome actually I think this is a coaster I'm going to put this on my desk actually and replace my Game of Thrones one you didn't leave the link to your channel so I can't even advertise it even if I wanted to you but if you're watching this which I'm sure you are thank you so much we have more candy guys Haribo gold bears there was nothing else in the letter I don't know who sent this to me but actually Sharon Tatro Thank You Sharon for sending us and I love gummy bears so somebody sent me a pretty cool drawing says team a Dharma's guys can't even see that I'll leave it over here I don't know if you will read this letter or not because you have a million fans I always read my letters I am sixth grader who was in love with your videos because of you I feel smart when saying anything about computers keep up the amazing vids can you give me an autograph at the bottom and send it back to my address it's on the back of the envelope from a van a van I thank you so much for those kind words you are also man good luck in school I'll sign this and I'll send it back to you thank you whoo moving along this is only the beginning Lisa Lisa sent me something Lisa I think I know who that is what on earth is just a slop slingshot flying monkey oh the monkey oh the thing scratches the hand stretch this is cool let's slingshot the crap out of this you are flies this is this is created this is pretty interesting uh Who am I gonna slingshot a monkey to this is crazy is it does what it's supposed to thank you Lisa for sending us in I'm not sure what that means this is only the beginning am I going to get more slingshot stop animals if so send them my way we got a package from t RN the labs with that and what is this whoa this seems like a tiny little drone with a little display on that whoa that is we can dope of course you don't send the batteries like a little drone you can control with a remote I'm assuming there is no batteries in there so I cannot activate it unfortunately but thank you t RN D Labs for setting this end you know what's interesting guys I haven't even received one knife yet in this video it's the music it's very amazing as I say that this will probably the nice watch nope no knife at all instead I got a microphone new tech source we saw YouTube channel reviewing other products and we would like you to review our company's products that we send in this package which is the a k7z in a k35 I don't know about time to review this but I will showcase the camera I will showcase some mic I'll see guys look like the standard be any other microphones reply on Amazon around 20 30 bucks so nothing really new I don't know this one comes in an actual mount or boom arm that's pretty cool most of the microphones actually don't include this so that's pretty cool see you got a shock mount we got a windscreen you got an XLR - 3.5 millimeter that is s clamp for the boom arm of course a microphone itself oh and a pop filter I almost forgot about that by the way if you guys want to win any of the products mentioned in this video let me know in the comment section down below I would also leave a like I will be giving away a stuff I box in these videos except expensive things like this laptop for example from iBUYPOWER but everything else I mentioned earlier even the case the NZXT case will be giving away so let me know what you want to win in the comments section all right we got an Asus laptop from iBUYPOWER I think this one has the GTX 1050 TI but let's check it out turns in a neat little cloth bag this looks very similar to the A to Z 750 to drive it one that is a very nice color scheme orange and black I'm opening up the one way doesn't open up with one hand why why beautiful I would prefer black and red but this still looks pretty dope so I think this thing has let's check out the specs on air 17.3 inch 1080p display we got one terabyte hard drive space 8 gigs of ram doesn't say the graphics card but I'm pretty sure it's the gtx 750ti and it's got a 7700 HQ kb lake processor so this thing is a beast can't wait to do a video on here and this is more of the lower end laptops guys because it does have a gtx 10/15 so I'm assuming it's around $1,000 or less than $1000 so yeah very excited and I think that's pretty much it for the video like I said if you guys want to win any of the things featured in this video except this laptop of course let me know by dropping a like and let me know the comments section below what do you want to win thank you so much watching if you enjoy the series nod your head and I will see you in the next video peace
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