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What's In The Box - Episode 23

how long has it been since I've done one of these videos how many sleepless nights have you guys been through wishing wanting another episode of what's in the box how many nights have you cried yourself to sleep begging for me to upload one of these videos I do want to apologize it's been a while but alas I am back as you can see we have a few packages waiting for me yeah this will probably be my last episode in this apartment because I will be moving in a few weeks so without wasting any more time ladies and gentlemen welcome to another episode of what's in the box and this is a special one because we're going to be unboxing using this we're going to go a little overboard this time I hope I didn't break anything oh yeah guys that's always we're going to start off with some fan mail and I'm going to move on to the other packages again I'm not going to be reading the letters on camera because it will take forever so I'm going to skim through them as fast as possible so it's going to start right now from Ramon this is the first letter this is a bit overkill for letters but why not hey I love your videos i watch them every day you're currently saving money for your next PC bilbrey mom thank you so much for sending this in I'm sorry it took you took me three months to respond to this letter but thank you so much for watching oh this is why I use a regular letter opener to open up envelopes I am bleeding out great getting blood all over these letters I apologize Ryan Kent I got your letter thank you buddy for sending this thing you know what this is so much easier warning contains material for Edgar's eyes only got a little apple sticker on here I wonder what you wrote looks like he sent a part list and he wants me to look over them I got your letter Bret partying from Ontario Ontario thank you for sending this then I'll check it out hey deep ears he wants me to sign the box and send it back to them so I will sign this and send it back thank you at ten years old Nicholas I got your letter as well thank you again for saying the same thank you for encouraging my brother to build a gaming desktop you are very welcome Hagen been from Belgium Brooks Bowers Karen Littlefield and finally brown there is no first name I got all your letters thank you guys so much discerning miss and I cannot wait to read them off the camera but with that said let's move on to the actual packages this one is from there's no name on here okay new tech source greetings from nums team we are thrilled to introduce nums an ultra same device that transforms laptop trackpads that's interesting let's check this out wonder what this is it's a clear pad with numbers on here this is interesting oh so basically you add this little thing on the trackpad and you download the application and it converts your trackpad into a numpad with numbers that's pretty interesting I was pretty cool because when I check this out I think it's on Kickstarter I'll draw a link to it below thank you for sending this in Brandon Cooper actually developed his first game and he sent it to me in this USB Drive I might check it out he's 13 years old so it should be interesting to see what you can come up with at such a young age so I'm going to check out the game and I'll send to you by feedback we got some interesting fruity cases for the iPhone 7s iPhones that I've bless I don't even know Oh from Betsy oh I don't know you see this name but whoever sent this to me thank you but these are not for me unfortunately this is a gift from doesn't say we got another case this is a carbon fiber case from patuxai they say Chuck I think it's a pretty straightforward polycarbonate carbon fiber look style feel whatever you want to call it case from PETA cough I don't already said for the iPhone 7 plus thank you for sending this in I don't know what to do with it to be honest I have a pretty pretty awesome case myself but anyways thank you so much for sending sense this is actually something I ordered from eBay it is coolant so I can flush out Elektra box because I have a buyer one of my subscribers reached out and you want he wants to purchase Elektra box so I'm going to do a fresh coolant flush on the system and then sell it to them for an extremely good price you're watching this you got a good deal man I'm excited for you to get it another package with cases wow there's a lot of Keys companies are sending me then what on earth is this whoa I don't know what is in here but the packaging looks cool so this thing is essentially a charger and also a memory device so you can transfer files to it kind of like a storage device and it's kind of an old in one thing and then you put your iPhone on top of here and then you would connect it using the cable behind this is actually pretty interesting I'll have to take a look at it more in depth later on but yeah I'll double you guys wanna check it out it's called the hello Z smart core it's battery plus memory plus LED light plus wireless charging all in one device that's that's pretty cool what is it smartphone accessories more smartphone test 2pz all a bunch of cases here why now let's just open one up this is pretty basic stuff it's clear silicone case is what I get a bunch of these guys thank you so ever it is a sentence to me but I don't oh oh black and red wait a minute this changes things I thought there were old clear cases hold up let's check this out pretty basic case it's got soft TPU material inside for a shock absorption and of course you got your hard polycarbonate material with a kickstand I believe in the back from elixir check them out if you guys are interested I'll double link below we got a package from Mophie I wonder what they sent me let's open this up check it out ooh packaging is very nice this says lift up slide it over and then slide it open oh we got more cases for actually boxes of cases let's check this out we got the charge force case and power station mini for the Galaxy s8 I don't have a Galaxy s8 and we've got the charge pores and stuff for the Galaxy s8 plus I don't have an SI plus as well but Thank You mokey for being considered let's just open it up check your system check inside it is a wireless charger so you basically put your phone in here put it on top it's magnetic - that's pretty cool snaps in place but you know what guys I don't have an S bait or an SI plus so if you guys on one of those phones and want one of these devices I'll send you the case or I should say the juice pack and I'll send you the charge force as well but please let me know only if you have an essay for an essay plus don't enter the giveaway just because you want something but let me know the comment section if you guys want to win one of these and let me know which version you want yes 840 s h plus by the way Thank You mo fee for attending this enter yeah these are more Seagate drives that Seagate sent to me for doing that video with the Wolverine desk set up so thank you guys for the extra hookup I've given away actually four or five of them already so yeah I don't know why they send the extra ones but I'll take it thank you I am not using a big knife next time that's this looks like a keyboard from who LK optics which I've never heard of you guys before I don't want to make a mess but it sounds like these are mechanical switches got a full 10 key number pad maybe I'll do a video on it on let me let me know what you guys wanted the video maybe I'll do a video on it let me know in the comment section you guys wanna see something like that alright we got a box from then curved vent vent it comes on here you know that's why it's called what's in a box right stop barking whoa we got a bunch of stuff in here oh my god hooked up whatever this is that sent this to me Wow Edie wanted to introduce you to Venters let me know if you have any questions on the gear KC and hash tag team Venters thank you guys so much a team vented for Cindy's end holy crap there's so many things you I'm legit excited so this looks like a power bank with a built-in micro USB cable and a lightning cable ten thousand plus we have our very nice this one's a mini power banks I think this is 3000 milliamp hour also comes with a built-in lightning cable I love these power banks because they come with the cable already so enough to bring my extra cable with me all the time plus it's small enough so this is definitely one in my bag thank you guys so much we got a wall charger with a few USB ports in there also a Type C so this is a tangle free lightning cable which is made out of brushed aluminum alloy cable then I felt like uses something different because this is actually pretty long - and you see how long it really is so she said actually I'll probably say how long it is on this oh four feet okay few other tangle free lightning and microwave be cables we got here a very long six-foot lightning cable actually this is pretty cool and then of course you got a car charger very nice thank you guys so much inventor for sending this in I am legit gonna be using most of these thank you of course you guys want to check them out I'll drop a link to the websites below one final box to go until we get to the big stuff and as always guys the big boxes are usually the best and I always hold off the best till the end fan mail as well was this hole hole hole holy hookup Batman we got a bunch of stuff in here what I don't know what's in here and check it out oh these are basically remotes for your fire stick I just read this thing so you can have a full kind of keyboard type remote or you can have an actual remote Oh in the back it has a keyboard that's pretty cool I do not I did not see this so you got a basic remote in the front and then in the back you flip it and it's a keyboard that is pretty cool it also says it's compatible with PC Android smart TV and of course Xbox one so I have no idea why they send me a bunch of them if you guys want one of these let me know in the comment section thank you so much subset Core for settings in now that it's time for a DS finale let's go ahead and open up at the Box on my right yes ladies and gentlemen that this is exactly what you thought it is it is a gaming laptop of course but it is no ordinary gaming laptop this I can get it out of the box are you guys ready for this oh my god this is heavier than I thought actually this here is you a sous Zeb I think as I said gaming laptop with the max-q technology basically there's a full-size GE X 1080 Pascal card in here and look up in Sam laptop is open it is ridiculous that you can set a 1080 in here look how thin this thing is guys I'm so excited to do a video on this huge thanks to Nvidia presenting this and I am very excited so it's probably going to be my main gaming laptop if I ever game on a laptop but very very stoked this thing looks badass it's all black got that spell flak look here with the brushed aluminum look on the top very nice and down here we just got some accessories oh they even come with a twist pad look at this wrist rest because we can see there's a screwdriver I'm guessing to access the back if you want to upgrade them colonel very thoughtful of ACS to include that at the power brake and just physics company I'm not going to bore you guys with fun yeah if you guys are excited to check this out let me know I job in your life and maybe I was gonna say maybe I'll do a giveaway but I don't know we'll see the video gets 50,000 likes I will you know what yeah at this video gets 50,000 likes I'll do a giveaway on this bad boy because I'm personally not a gaming laptop person so I'm not gonna use it anyways so I'll be pretty cool anyways moving on to the last and final box oh yeah here she is this one I'm actually the most excited about and I'll show you guys why in a bit this here is the most expensive case that I know of personally that I've purchased and this is going to be my I want to say my main PC but definitely one of my main PC you guys will never guess what case this is never you know why because it's not even available in the US that's why okay yeah this is not happening you know what I can't even show you this case because it's literally taken apart every single side panel I have to install myself so I can't even show you I'm going to show you a picture of it something else the best way so this is the hex here are 40 it's going to be the old white one I don't know why this is black and white here's a picture of it somewhere on the screen you guys can see what it actually looks like this is a micro I might be some micro ATX form Baxter cakes but anyways that is up of the video hope you guys enjoy it if you want to check out any of these products I'll have a link below all of your faces I will see you in the next one
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