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What's In The Box?! - Episode 3

what's up guys it's ad from Texas and as you can see we are one step ahead what's up guys is that from Texas and as you can see we have a new type of setup you guys can actually see more of what's on the desk and that is thanks to the new or I should say my wide-angle lens that I'm using for these episodes so hope you guys like that also we have a buttload of boxes I got a lot of stuff over the weekend so I'm very excited to open these up and let's go ahead and start let's go to start off with the smallest packaging and then we will work our way up to the biggest boxes I don't even need my knife for this actually I also a lot of guys have been asking me to display my peel box in case you guys want to send some mail so I've actually had one for a while and my peel box will be some around the screen and linked below if you guys want to send me some mail and this is just a charger nothing fancy here some of the stuff is actually things I order from Amazon so I lose track of so yeah it's not really not really interesting stuff I said this next one is from g2a obviously but I don't know what's inside they told me they're gonna be sending me a little care package so I'm excited to check these out get right into this huh I'll taste it fat oh oh it's a black box looks like a shoebox all of that g2a and gold let's put this aside and open this up you guys would be the first to check this out yes let's do that again one more time okay so it looks like we have a box of goodies is what that is is what this is so this is a rubber ball that says g2a on there we have a keychain of some sort I don't know the exact name of this that you wrap it around your neck I don't let's call the necklace I feel like there's a better word for that we have a swag looking hat that says G to a of course this looks like it's worn a pretty cool G to a pen I think it's safe to assume everything is branded G to a this looks like a t-shirt oh it's kind of like a like a workout shirt the sweet smell of cheap CD keys and we have oh what is this dear text source we have sent you this box in gratitude for a long and successful partnership g2a really appreciates all the effort and energy spent on entertaining the gamers audience so nice you guys to care about your $10 oh that's it and last but not least we have a mug cuz God knows I needed more months once again g2a on the mug with some other stuff on there battery light bulb and yeah it's pretty much it thank you guys so much out there for sending these and I'm definitely gonna use that gift card and maybe the shirt moving on to the next package is a UPS flat package letter envelope and this is rap sticks from crucial these are ddr4 I think 16 gigs no he's actually eight gigs two sticks of four so yeah he's gonna look really nice and a black and white build so thank you crucial for sending these and moving on to this next package I don't know what this is what kind of box is this alright whoa check that out at this is an EVGA high-bandwidth bridge for the new grabs cards the GTX Simon 1080 so this is for a two-way SLI configuration this is pretty wide check this out guys got a stealthy metallic look going on over here very nice and I think this logo lights up over here but we will check that out later let's open up the BH photo box ah-ha-ha-ha ladies and gentlemen we have another GTX 1080 alright moving on to the next box this is from Newegg and oh this this is a gtx 960 ms i actually ordered this for the second batch market and compare it against the RX for 80 but it didn't come in time so i will have to return it I'm sorry new Matt you guys are slow three more boxes you guys uh let's open up this one I like the wrapping on this one what is this I order a ps4 I did not order a ps4 what is this and it's brand new to check this out check this looks like regular ps4 accessories regular oh now I remember this is my custom painted PlayStation 4 check that out guys that is a text source logo right there on the controller glossy back glossy black finish on the back and a glossy white on top this looks amazing copy of black ops 3 and the PlayStation 4 itself this looks bad ass check this out guys a black and white custom paint job from color where by the way user they're the company who did this and I'll drop a link down below if you guys want to check them out they do phenomenal work they've actually painted my iPad air 2 in the past so yeah this is actually going to be part of a project I can't tell you what just yet cuz I don't want to ruin the surprise but you will see this in a video for sure very very sweet Thank You Colin ware for sending this out you guys are amazing alright two more boxes this one is from Amazon nothing really fancy or anything this is just a power strip I ordered and a black and green mousepad so yeah and finally the biggest box of them all very excited see what's in this one Oh this is the soundbar from a real play or ideal play Oh ideal play such a tit but yeah anyways I think that will do it for this video we got a ps4 custom painted this side here a power strip green mouse pad and some stuff from g2a so yeah it's basically it then you guys so much for watching as always if you enjoy these types of videos if you enjoy my new series make sure to leave a like and I will see you in the next video peace
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