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What's In The Box - Episode 38

what's happening guys I'm tech source welcome back to the final episode of what's in the box it's not really the final episode but this is actually the last episode we're gonna be shooting here on the first floor of the office we're actually gonna begin shooting most of our videos downstairs in the garage starting tomorrow we have a new a/c system down there so it's not gonna get hot and we also have new carpets so it's gonna be comfortable shooting videos and the space is just a lot bigger than it is up here so we have a lot more room whether it's PC builds or new desk set up so just unboxing videos like these we now have the extra space for it but anyways I'm done rambling let's unbox it if you guys want to find the best deals on tech make sure to check out deal source tech we have a team of ambassadors constantly searching the internet and uploading the best deals multiple times a day across the US UK Canada and even Germany anything from PC parts to TVs even Windows CD Keys you will find them all on deal source tech check out the link below if you're interested all right that's not small box also if you guys have noticed are the wall color is different we no longer have that nasty blue green pink color like you would see in kindergarten classrooms and it was honestly getting annoying Oh some nice stuff - I hear so I went and we painted the office this grey color which honestly looks really nice especially if you have colors bouncing off of it so yeah definitely shouldn't have gone with those nasty colors from the beginning but you gotta learn the hard way sometimes it looks like a mess I sent over a care package this is actually some pretty neat stuff in here let's see you got their famous dragon mascots it's kind of rubbery I don't know what this is for exactly I guess it's a prop oh it's a flash drive oh it's pretty sweet how many gigs is this 16 gigs really 60 gigs all right I'll take it that's sweet what else we got here I'm not a dragon mascot but this one looks like it's for your key so has a keychain on here a nice comfy neck pillow for travel I can happily use this okay another stop to Dragon which I'm guessing can sit on my setup you got a hat and oh what's this whoa this is actually really comfortable looks like they sent over a jacket check this out guys this is actually a really comfortable jacket and it fits perfectly so winter is coming so I'm gonna be usually wearing this a lot of my videos thank you Emma sighs so much for sending these I was actually two more things they sent me what is this looks like some sort of a carrying case for for what though maybe for this oh it's a mug for coffee or drinks or whatever this is sweet and I'm guessing this is the carrying case for this if I'm not mistaken it's a tight fit and honestly I will feel really stupid if this is not for the mug but yeah this is awesome I'm actually use most of these thank you so much I'm aside for setting this in the eyes are the best moving on to the next package alright this is the next biggest box let's check this out okay so this is from PNY technology let's see what they sent me we have a very tiny box inside this massive box alright oh yeah we have a GPU what kind of GPU is this from P and whites icon this is already open I'm gonna use GPU let's see what you got here Oh xlr8 which I'm guessing it's accelerate that's how you say it it's a geforce RTX 2080 ti overclocked edition wow this thing is a beast so they sent over a GPU for me to test out expect the video on this bad boy but also expect an awesome build featuring this bad boy because I think they're sending over a second one for an SLI build and you guys already know the builds on text source a spicy next up is this from FedEx I'm so excited this finally came in I placed the order on BH photo I think a week ago so I'm actually making a vr gaming room inside my helm and I'll be making a video on it of course but I'm basically turning my gym room into a vr gaming room and this and that's where this bad boy comes in this is the HTC vive pro this is obviously going to be the main centerpiece of the entire project I'm very excited to set this thing up I've been watching actually reviews of this and it's not really a big upgrade coming from the original HTC vive I think this is like $1,200 which is a complete waste of money coming from the original vive based on the reviews but I picked it up because the reason actually I just I don't know why I picked it up because I just like having the latest in technology regardless of how much of an upgrade it really is I think one of the main things that really attracted me to this let me actually get out of the box yes so there are two reasons why I made the jump the first reason is the headset itself you get higher resolution for the actual goggles better sounding speakers and most importantly now there's only one cable needing to be plugged in to the control panel or whatever this piece is and overall I think personally the headset just feels a lot lighter than the previous headset so those are the main reasons I'm always about comfort and the highest quality out there so that is why I decided to make the jump to the HTC vive pro so I'm excited to put this to the test and begin the VR and gaming make sure you guys are subscribed for that because it's gonna be an awesome series I think all right looks like we have a laptop so this is the omen by HP oh I was not expecting this let's check it out let's open this thing up packaging is actually really nice oh wow this is actually really heavy why is this so heavy despite the size this thing is heavy you guys I'm not even kidding opens up with one hand really nice oh that is actually a really good-looking laptop let's boot this thing up and take a look at some specs first thing I noticed is how thin the bezels are on this side here it does have a little bit of a chin down here and you do have the front-facing camera up here but overall I think the bezels are really nice and thin brushed aluminum surface down here underneath the keyboard and looks like everything else is plastic plastic top here does have a brushed aluminum look but it is still plastic and also has the carbon fiber look here with the black and red aesthetic personally guys I'm not a fan of the gamer black and red look on laptops I much prefer a cleaner minimalistic design like the eraser laptops but this is actually not a bad-looking laptop Oh looks like it's gonna argue I'm Cortana and I'm here to help sign in here okay so here are the specs on this bad boy we got the eighth generation I 78758 processor it's at 2.2 gigahertz we have an SSD at 128 gigs of space with a one terabyte hard drive we got 16 gigs of DDR 4 RAM a 15.6 inch full HD IPS display at 60 Hertz and finally an NVIDIA GTX 1060 so with these specs you can expect a game comfortably over 60 fps across most triple-a titles but you guys can expect me full review on this bad boy in the coming weeks so very excited to put this to the test and I still still curious why it's just so heavy it's crazy alright moving on to the next box alright we got two more to go guys this box has nothing on here no label or branding we have a FedEx box in here okay there's there's nothing in there okay ah we actually have some more omen gear okay starting with the omen mousepad at 200 I think this is an extended mousepad let me open this up actually no it's not extended mouse pad but it is an extra-large fabric mouse pad next up we got the omen reactor this is looks like a wired mouse let's pop this open whoa look at the design on this thing it's a very tiny Mouse and guys I think this is something I've never seen before this cable is braided in metal or aluminum or steel or something it's not it's not fabric yes you're that I don't know what type of metal that is but this is the first time I'm seeing this on a mouse mouse itself is very compact very light I'm guessing this is perfect for fast paced games whether it's FPS or even MOBA RPG is really easy to lift and move around interesting this is a very comfortable Mouse but I'm gonna be doing a video on this and the headset along with the laptop as well in one video so I'm not gonna spend more time with it to give you guys my honest feedback so this is the omen mine frame it's an advanced gaming headset why is it advanced I wonder I gotta say the packaging on the omen products is very nice it's interesting that this cable isn't steel braided like the mouse but I'm okay with that so what's so advanced about this headset I wonder it's got a built-in microphone which you can bend okay it does have the mesh type ear cups which personally I'm not a fan of I like the leather style ear cups but let's put these on they're fairly comfortable the design is definitely premium it's got aluminum band and it feels very sturdy I'll give them that but what is so special about these so I guess it has surround sound and RGB lighting across the frame over here if they do RGB lighting on a headsets so The Omen mind frame features frost cap the world's first active ear cup cooling technology interesting using a thermoelectric device inside each ear cup frost cap cool the speaker grill plate and transfers heat away from the ears allowing you to stay comfortable during long gaming sessions and concentrate on the wind that's interesting and I think that's the first I've ever heard of such technology inside their cups but obviously I'll be testing that out and see if it's a gimmick or not it sounds interesting but we'll see if it actually even works all right guys last but not least we have this box which was sent by FedEx there's nothing else on here let's see what it is what is this looks like some sort of a VR headset from Lenovo and an eye rage camera interesting let's open this up and see what this is oh so this is a standalone VR headset with world sent so I'm guessing is one of those headsets with built-in applications and I think these are targeted mostly for kids out there it's not only for adults yeah these are the ear cups it looks like ear cups charging cables all that jazz in here what does this is open this up real quick so I guess you can capture videos and photos with this and you're supposed to get the app the VR 180 app by Google to capture 180-degree VR photos and videos with this thing it sounds pretty cool but I'll to do some more digging and see if this is something interesting enough to make a video on I don't think this is something you guys would be interested in because I'm it's mostly targeted for the younger audience but yeah let me know let me know if you guys are interested in something like this I might do a review but currently I'm not planning on a review on it so yeah guys that pretty much does it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed it everything I unboxed will be links down below in case you guys when I check it out thanks again for watching if you guys enjoyed the unboxing videos make sure to slap that like button if you guys didn't enjoy this video please leave a dislike button and give me your constructive criticism in the comments below I love your faces as always and I will see you in the next video
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