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What's In The Box - Episode 39

what's happening guys semtex noise welcome back to another episode of what's in the box it has been ages I don't even know how long it's been since I've done one of these videos and Lobby hasn't been requesting it so if this does well I will revive the series and will continue to do this on the channel but you guys know the drill I'm gonna box stuff starting from the smallest box and move our way up to I took a lot of energy I'm still out of shape okay alright what that said yeah let's uh let's start off with the small boxes and then move our way up to the large boxes alright let's do this first box is coming from looks like Taipei alright let's check this box out I'm normally not this out of shape guys I apologize I don't know why that took so much energy for me where do we get today we have an empty box ladies and gentlemen this is the first okay oh so we got two things in this box open this up real quick I'm guessing this was used as padding now that makes sense alright so inside here we have looks like a thread Ripper processor so this is the thread Ripper 1950 x16 core 32 thread CPU which is gonna be going in a very special water-cooled build put this aside and we've got some RAM 32 gigs at 2400 mega Hertz this is from jail these are Gayle or jail I don't know how you say that these are GB RAM sticks compatible with the Asus are a sting let's pop this open take a closer look Isis oh this is open also okay not bad looking RAM sticks I gotta say I'm glad that they stuck with the neutral black color scheme so there's actually a cool little setup I can just throw in RAM sticks in here and kind of get a preview of what it would look like in a build but these are some pretty sweet RGB RAM sticks and I love how the color is evenly distributed from one side to the other I don't even see any hot spots so yeah very excited to put this in a build coming up soon guys next up let's open up these envelopes actually let's start easiest so what are this from new egg this is a tea forest Vulcan 16 gigs at 3000 megahertz and this is going to the highly anticipated $1,000 PC which I'm actually gonna be shooting tomorrow it's gonna have a build guide and it's gonna be featuring its r5 2600 with the r-tx 2070 fool build guide overclocking tutorial for the CPU and GPU installing windows drivers and all that so you guys don't want to miss out it's gonna be a beast build I was actually shopping on Amazon and I came across these I was looking for white SATA cables because this is going in the new big red I'm rebuilding my PC back at home I'm gonna give it the r-tx treatment it's gonna be water-cooled it's gonna be epic and I was looking for some way to see the cables to go with it so I picked up to form Amazon hair clipper blade oil yeah this was a personal purchase but yeah we might open packages that I ordered for myself I do my best to try and separate that from actual like tech but sometimes it gets too okay this right here ladies and gentleman is very hard to find this is the hyper 212 black edition it's pretty much sold out everywhere this is going in the $1,000 PC build guide which is happening tomorrow yeah in case you guys haven't noticed the theme of the build is gonna be mostly black and this is gonna do a good job cooling the r5 2600 because we're gonna be overclocking it I'm not even looking at where these boxes are coming from I'm just gonna open it up was there like a dying vulture sign what the hell was that all right so this is from Nvidia oh my god ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to the second RTX 28 ET i with the envy link obviously we're gonna be doing an SLI build for big red you guys know how it is I don't need an extra 20 ATI for the bill but I'm doing it because I gotta stick with the theme I gotta stick with the overkill theme here's the other twenty atti that was sent to me by Nvidia IP guys notice that the color of the box is different I don't know why the packaging is different but let's open it up shall we actually no I don't open it up I'm gonna open it up in the time-lapse video I think that will be even more epic this GPU has been sitting in the back shelf since it launched I'm sure you guys have seen it and like all my videos I've had a chance to play with it or kiss it or use it in a build but those the time guys know is the time finally I get to use these beauties in the new big red build big red version 3 I think that's what it is but anyways coming up very soon guys it's gonna be an epic water-cooled build you definitely don't want to miss out alright next up is from DHL it's got an interesting rectangular shape my guess would have to be a keyboard but I don't remember ordering a keyboard or getting a keyboard for review so let's check it out nonetheless anyway how are you guys doing I haven't asked you how your day is going my my apologies let me know how your day is going if it's a weekend how's your weekend going how's school how's your day what are you eating are you drinking tea right now what are you doing let me know oh it is a keyboard it's from kietryn key Tron ok interesting packaging whoa look how thin this keyboard is what is this oh whoa this actually looks pretty damn cool are those blue switches guys I think this is a mechanical keyboard look how sleek this is look how thin this is Wow so this is a mechanical keyboard with RGB lighting and it's wireless so this keyboard supposed to last you anywhere from 8 to 40 hours with RGB lighting and it varies based on the brightness and use case that's a big gap 8 to 40 hours ok not a bad-looking keyboard guys I don't know if you would be interested in a review of something like this let me know in the comments section I've been doing a lot of keyboard reviews recently in case you guys haven't noticed but this is this has piqued my interest if enough of you want a review on this in the comment section I will do a review on this but this looks pretty interesting I feel like this would fit perfectly in a minimalistic setup but yeah let me know guys let me know in the comment section moving on ok so this is the motherboard that's going in the thousand dollar PC build guide that I'm working on tomorrow this is the MSI B 450 tomahawk I've used this motherboard so many times in previous builds and I keep coming back to it because of the price the reliability and the features it's got four dimm slots RGB lighting and I just love the support for overclocking oh I already know what this one is just because of how heavy it is so this is the Corsair 8 X 1600 I the beefiest power supply and I'm sure you guys already know where this is going it's gonna be going in big red version 3 because not only gonna be overclocking the 79 80 XD which is a 16 core processor but going to be overclocking both r-tx GPUs we're gonna be pushing the system to its limits and it's gonna need all the juice it can possibly get so yeah can't wait alright guys we've got three more boxes to go let me know if you guys aren't enjoying the show by just dropping a like and if you're bored out of your mind you know what to do leave your dislike and your constructive criticism in the comment section as always oh speaking of r-tx we've got another one I would he mention this before this is the RT X 2070 that's going in the thousand dollar PC build guide that I'm working on tomorrow it's from EVGA this is the XC ultra and believe it or not this is actually half the cost of the entire build the build is $1,000 this GPU is 500 well yeah the plan of the build is bang for your buck to give you the best performance possible by spending only $1,000 and this right here is the MVP all right we got one from Amazon see what we got oh okay again we got the rest of the parts for the build guide for tomorrow this is the rise in 520 600 like I said and we even picked up some fans from Roseville guys these are probably the best value right now online for fans I forgot the price one second for fans but you get four 120-millimeter fans for $14 that is a steal and these offer great airflow and they're really quiet one of the highest-rated on Amazon check it out if you guys want I'll drop a link below but I know they're kidding though right they literally just give me four screws they only gave me four screws for four fans why do they expect me to use one screw on each fan like what yeah me you Amazon all right I'm gonna have to contact the support all right guys last but not least alright this one I already know what it is because it's the only piece that's missing what is something something went wrong oh my god I don't okay I don't know what happened here exactly but there's another r-tx 2070 sent from EVGA this is the Black Edition I think actually this is the one that's supposed to be going for five hundred dollars I don't know what this one is that is weird okay anyways and yeah this is the power supply that is going in the build six hundred watt bronze certified power supply from EVGA and that wraps up this unboxing episode if you guys enjoyed it and want me to continue doing these on the channel let me know by dropping a like and if you guys didn't enjoy it feel free to dislike as well I'll drop a link to everything unboxed in this video down below and make sure you guys are subscribed because I have some epic builds coming up that you don't want to miss out especially with these two beauties right over here ah anyways thanks guys again so much for watching as always I will see you in the next one
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