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What's In The Box?! - Episode 4

what's up guys it's that from Texas and welcome back to another what's in the Fox episode this time we have five boxes and one bag so let's not waste any more time and dig right in I'm going to start off with the bag actually get this out of the way uh-huh so this is my textures t-shirt gray down is a freaking dense hello darkness my old friend so this is my Texas t-shirt that arrived finally these are one of my many designs that I have and I think this is a perfect time to plug in my t-shirts t-shirt t-shirt store if you guys want to pick up a few designs I have a bunch of designs check the link down below I don't know let's move on this one is from Newegg I didn't order anything oh I lied so I guess I ordered a 60 70 case sometime last week uh what took them so long to send this in I'm doing a build for my cousin Bob and this is going in his PC looks like they sent over it you sure there's something - oh what the hell is this well I really crammed this in that little container look it is it's a lame-ass Intel shirt they level up all right moving on to D aces we have another package from Asus ladies and gentlemen the last package I got from them was awesome so I wonder what's in this one hmm that's what I'm talking about boom this is the upside out bail ladies and gentlemen the asus rog Strix gaming 1080 I am so damn excited to test this baby out when I put this inside and maybe y'all unbox it for you guys actually why not very nice packaging don't expect anything less from our would you would you look at that that is pretty badass now this does have all G B lighting near the top and bottom so it will light up and check take a look at the back plate this looks pretty sick so satisfying very very nice I'm not sure if this lights up looks like it does but I'm very stoked in checking this out I'll be benchmarking this entire week and I'll bring you guys a review sometime next week next up is a package from China I don't know what the hell this is description says toy so prepare all you'd have $30 you can tell which package is from Shenzhen with the nasty and ugly yellow color tape these are always so difficult to open I swear hell I don't even oh Jesus Christ I remember what this is this is a little embarrassing actually holy Sh that is a very very nice poster I love the little diagram of the positions what is going on right now okay so I probably to explain some things there's a company that reached out to me a few weeks ago I think over a month now and they said if I wanted to review their toy and as a joke I replied yes I will because I plan on making a top five WTF tech video and this was going to be in it I add this whole thing plan there's gonna be a very funny video but mistakes were made okay yeah this is this this isn't appropriate I can't believe they actually send this to me oh my god alright so moving on to the fourth box oh there we go so these are actually earbuds from ghost tech that I need to do a video on so I'm pretty excited not sure why you sent me two but I'll take it so it's kind of built in mic an inline remote control dedicated MFI music buttons and a bunch of other cool features so yeah definitely will check this out later video maybe in two to three weeks can't promise anything of course fine ladies gentle ladies and gentlemen let us ladies and gentlemen finally to the last box this is a pretty short episode actually oh yes yes this one's by side up ladies and gentlemen the gigabyte geforce gtx 1070 very stoked to do a video on this as well lots of GPUs in this episode this is the g1 gaming supposedly these overclock higher than the founded Edition so I will check that out this is enormous check that out guys fun fact actually I've never done a video on any of the gigabytes graphics cards so this would be the first on tech source so I am stoked anyways I think they'll pretty much do it for this video thank you guys so much for watching obviously I have lots of work to do I have lots of testing so I will see you guys in the next video
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