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What's In The Box - Episode 41

tech source productions back again with another lame rap so chuck it welcome to another episode of this crap it's a show where we open stop now with the rap CPUs GPUs maybe even PETA spills it gets pretty random but anything to pay the bills you gotta chill hit that like I'm not a shell just doing your bike this rap is so crazy that it doesn't even line mister laner trying to buy more time you gotta make that accent so I can buy another house now let me end this bad rap with a random mouse a huge thanks to roll the warships for sponsoring today's video world of warships is a free-to-play online strategy game that's now available on PC and Mac you can command a massive naval fleet featuring some of history's most iconic war vessels and compete online against other players as you play the game you can unlock new ships and dominate the oceans with 30 million players worldwide the game has beautiful graphics and weather effects make each battle unique and change the tactics of the battle there are over 200 ships available to play across seven different nations my personal favorite is the USS langley aircraft carrier which lets you launch fighter planes in the sky to quickly take down enemy ships the game is really addictive and it's free to play but if you guys download the game using my link below and use the code on the screen you will get 1 million credits a USS langley aircraft carrier and 3 days of premium time with other extras what's happening guys welcome back to another episode of what's in the box I got to give a huge thanks to everybody who smacked the crap out of like button on the last video guys again we hit over 10,000 likes I love you faces but anyways what that said let's dive right in and unbox some stuff shall we we actually have a crap ton of boxes for this episode so the first tiny box is coming from Amazon you guys don't know how it is start from the small work our way up to the top so let's check this out starting off things fairly simple we have a set of four 120 millimeter fans from Roseville this is going in a budget bill they highly anticipated $500 budget piece you guys are gonna see actually the rest of the parts in this video so it's kind of it's gonna ruin the surprise but whatever this is the best deal you can buy right now on Amazon 15 dollars for a set of four 120-millimeter fans which is gonna help with air flow and just overall lower de temps in your PC well worth the investment it's not RGB but it gets the job done for only $15 and say this next box is my favorite box and it's from insource mod so yes I already know what that means these are the custom cables for big red the rebuild of big red oh I always want the best of the best in my own system so that is why I ordered cables from and sourced mods here we go guys here we open it up for you guys first actually that was a bad idea beautifully white and red sleeve cables we even got the the white connector with the white cable combs on here it's gonna look so damn sexy once the build is complete oh I cannot wait huge shadow if I'm in source mods for setting is over you are the MVP I cannot wait to put these and then you build also yes guys my voice does sound different I am actually currently sick I do have a cold so that is why I sound like a dying hippo so I apologize if I am destroying your ears oh whoa it's this okay I remember now I should got a really good deal on these two for gear bite sticks at 26 66 megahertz for 50 bucks it's gonna fit perfectly within the budget and we also got a cloud stinger headset it's actually open this up real quick this is one of the best budget headphones you can currently buy around the $50 price tag so I can't really tell you what this is for you guys are gonna have to wait I don't want to ruin this price but it is gonna be really awesome video alright next up we've got this box coming from tool tul and no idea what that is ah wow this is a this is a super tiny GPU box I've never seen a graphics card get shipped into such a small box like this so this is the rx 570 from a power color to red dragon not a bad GPU at all it's gonna kick ass in 1080p and I think that actually having a sale on this GPU currently so it's a lot less on Amazon on you a guy'll job believe if you guys wanna check it out or pick one up for yourself but yeah guys definitely have notifications enabled if you want to see how this GPU performs in the budget go it's open this white one over here this actually has no name or anything on here actually I lie this is from b1 tech I took up the packaging slip so these are all for the black and green razor themed PC which I'm also gonna be building a setup for so you got some black and lime green cable extensions we got some black and UV green razer logo fan grills and are you guys ready for this oh so it's a black GPU backplate but it's RGB so the logo over here is actually gonna light up green it's gonna look sick in the build and I actually requested a few other things as well we got our GB SSD covers and an RGB GPU sag bracket this is also gonna line up in green it's gonna be epic I gotta stop using that word I'm sorry guys that's like the only word in my dictionary right now so my apologies yeah not gonna plant really bad actually oh we have a lot of goodies okay so first up we've got some speakers from Logitech Z to hundreds these two of these there's no way I bought two of these hold up I did buy two of these ah we got a looks calm soft RGB mouse pad and we also got that buy two of these again so this is the yaki RGB keyboard again all this is going in a special video I can't really tell you guys much but so I did a roundup video on the best gaming mice on their twenty dollars in this mouse was actually one of the best ones in that video if you guys missed it I'll drop a link below but for $20 this is a solid or GB gaming mouse I guess I can show you guys the case I mean Milo's get out of the box but this is the super popular cooler master master box Q 300l a really beautiful micro ATX form factor with an acrylic side panel and it comes pre-installed with a single 120 millimeter fan I really good-looking case for only $40 it's gonna be perfect for the budget bill we actually have three more boxes to go actually oh we got some GPUs boys and a cooler we got the courser H 150 I Pro three 16-millimeter AI oh and we got some GPUs the powder color red devil or x5 80 and new oh this is the new Radeon seven whoa I got open this one up let's see yeah I've actually never got a sample unit so huge thanks to power color for setting this end inside an Amazon box I was okay now that I think about it I've never really done a high end all AMD build so definitely gonna find good use for the Radeon seven once I'm done with my other water cooling products of course but yeah very excited about this thank you so much powder color for sending this over this is awesome for those of you that don't know the Radeon seventh game performance is between an RT X 2080 and an RT X 27 eight one of the biggest issues right now is the pricing this actually has almost the same price as an RT X 2080 they both go for around $700 sometimes even 750 but the Arctic's 2080 has better performance than this so what they really need to do is lower the price of the Radeon 7 so that's slightly more than the RT x 2070 but a lot less than the 2080 so Razer actually sent this over yesterday and I unboxed it already but they sent over some extra gear remember I was telling you guys in the last episode we got the eraser naari wireless gaming headset and the new Razer huntsmen Elite gaming keyboard I am actually be doing a giveaway on these three we had the extra Mama League Gaming Mouse another Gilad that's extended RGB mousepad and of course the black but I will eat mechanical keyboard that I unboxed in the last episode these three items are gonna be in a giveaway for the black and green gaming that's coming up I think in a few weeks so if you guys want to participate make sure to watch that video as far as the rest of this gear it's gonna be going in the epic black and green themed gaming setup that I teased about in the last episode but yeah I'm gonna keep these sealed as of now so many awesome projects coming up guys I cannot wait okay well at least we have this massive box from Amazon okay this is technically the last piece of the budget build eh 3 10m from gigabyte and we also have a budget 24 inch curved 1080p gaming monitor from sceptre Skepta or sceptre I don't know how you say this 144 Hertz 3 millisecond response time and if we sink and it's a v8 panel for only $180 this is one of the best gaming monitors you can buy currently for that price tag and I know I promised you guys the best gaming monitors but 144 Hertz on there $20.00 coming soon but I had to postpone that for late March but I am planning on making that video guys so yeah stick around and that is it for this unboxing episode I hope you guys enjoyed it as always leaving a like let me know to continue doing these on the channel and as always leave a dislike if you guys didn't enjoy it I love your faces makes you subscribe for some epic content coming very soon I will see you in the next one bye
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