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What's In The Box?! - Episode 5

the s340 case by NZXT offers a compact form factor with tons of space inside to build your dream PC there's also tons of cable management areas making the wiring job super easy so if you guys are in the market for a durable and sexy compact case - be sure to check out the NZXT s340 by clicking on the link below was it our way in the same shirt last episode what's up guys is Ed from tech stores and welcome back to another episode of what's in the box I love doing these and I hope you guys enjoy watching them so I just came back from my trip to Iceland I was there for four nights because LG flew us over to cover an event and it was such an amazing time but if you guys watch my vlog then yea you guys know what I did there so before we get into the unboxing guys I'm gonna show you a few things that LG gave me back in Iceland that I brought over to the US if you guys already watch my vlogs then you already know what is these boxes but for the rest of you you're not gonna believe what is in here check this out guys this first one is an action figure yep this is pretty much me in my chair with my tech stories hoodie and you got my dxracer chair in the back I mean the attention to detail is phenomenal on this and honestly I was so shocked when I saw this at the hotel in Iceland everything is so freakin accurate the chair my hoodie the logo on the hoodie my pants and I don't even know how they got my shoes right this is seriously so dope alright and this next one is pretty much a portrait of me with the northern lights or the Aurora actually in the background and as you can see kind of transitions into my face and I just thought this looks pretty damn cool they also gave me this pretty cool stand and it's kind of a replica of their their new LG g6 TVs so if I put this on the stand pretty much looks like they're super thin TV that's kind of what they were going for with this and whoa and yeah I just thought it looks really cool and I can't wait to find a place for this and my action figures somewhere in my setup or maybe somewhere in the studio but anyway just want to show you guys that and now we can continue on with the unboxing so yeah again huge thanks to LG can't thank you guys enough honestly it was truly an amazing surprise alright let's get into the good stuff it's just a freaking this is a Pokemon hat this lipstick something actual where I did not remember ordering this alright so moving on to the other packages this is what is this James donkey I have no idea what this is natural-born player okay don't tell me this is another sex toy because if so I did not order this oh thank God it's just a gaming mouse that's supposed to do a video on so yeah aha so yeah pretty much I ordered a ring video doorbell for myself because recently I had an incident where a few my packages got stolen while I was over at Iceland UPS came over and dropped the packages off at my door which she wasn't supposed to they were supposed to be a signature guaranteed or signature confirmation so I was supposed to sign for the packages so hopefully with this video doorbell I can now record and see who comes at my door stop and steals things so I'm gonna go install this today all right so this is the new nvidia sli bridge that I ordered for gala Bex because well you guys saw the video then you probably know why I ordered one basically the top/bottom GPU is too close to the bottom and yes as these are pretty much restricting air flow so with this I'm able to move the GPU up one slot and provide better air flow and lower temps plus I think it looks cooler than the EVGA sli bridge I wish it had some more green on there because I don't think this really goes well with my white and black theme so I may have to do some painting on this this is another 6700 K processor and a Maximus asus motherboard i am not sure who sent this to me because i did not order this from amazon i don't know where these came from but i'll have to think through my emails and see maybe there's a company that wants to do a build because I honestly don't know what he can came from I like 3ds now I'm guessing this is gonna be a mini ITX build but again I have no idea who sent this so I'll have to dig through my emails and find out all right we got one from DHL so I can't wait to check it out alright sweet so looks like we got a gaming headset and a gaming mouse so this is a Lenovo Y gaming optical mouse and this one is called healing over Y gaming stereo headset I'm gonna be featuring both of these and a gaming gear bundle type of video so that should be coming up in a few weeks so yeah pretty excited so this one's from China not only sure it's look at the trash can of some sort what the hell is this this isn't it's literally a trash can I called it so send this to me um there was no note in the package so if you sent this to me as spam ill thank you so much I really appreciate it I'm actually I was in a market for a trash can believe it or not because my tiny macbook style trashcan wasn't big enough so this is gonna be awesome thank you so much for sending this in I just wish you left a note maybe your name I can thank you and keep in front of the camera but this is pretty sweet thank you so much all right this next one is from ex aviation maybe I'm getting some airplane parts to build an airplane I'm going to share why is this sent from ex aviation that makes no sense so this is the MSI gaming X GT x 1080 finally some black and red action oh yeah check this out this looks pretty sweet honestly all I need is one more GTX 1080 and I can make a top 5 GT X 1080 comparison video either I get one from gigabyte or ZOTAC and I should be good to go so you guys understand checking that video out let me know by dropping a like but I will be working on this video sometime next week and yes and expect the review maybe in two to three weeks because by now pretty packed with other projects alright so it's one of the biggest box I have so we have a box inside this box oh this is the DJI phantom4 holy crap this is pretty cool comes in a little briefcase that is a thing of beauty I've never received that drone before so this is definitely gonna be an interesting experience I think this is one of the best Jones currently out there and VG I sent this to me out DJI said this to me so I can do a comparison with the other high-end drill and I think it's the URI or something like that and actually sending that over as well actually that's the vestige own that was stolen from me from Monday so I know they're gonna do maybe send another one in or file an investigation so yeah enemy time I'm gonna be messing around with this one hopefully I don't crash it and then you guys can expect the comparison video sometime and made August I'm honestly so stoked to give this a shot hopefully I don't crash shit I've seen some pretty horrifying things on YouTube people passionate Joan so hopefully that doesn't happen with this especially since how expensive this is but that's pretty much it for the video as always if you guys enjoy your series make sure to leave a huge thumbs up pictures you guys watching thank you so much and I will see you in the next video
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