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What's In The Box?! - Episode 6

what's up guys inside from Texas and welcome to a special episode of what's in the box as you can see there's only one box on the table a massive box I should say on the table from ibuypower now unless they started recently making toasters or ovens I'm pretty sure there's a PC inside here now I don't know what PC they're sending me and I don't know the specs so without wasting any more time I'm very excited let's go ahead and tear this bad boy open I just realized this upside down lots of foam in this box oh my god oh my god no way no am I gonna get this out of here are you guys ready to see this so it looks like they sent me their element guys oh my god this is basically a modded s340 case and with a black and red theme so I'm so freakin excited to see what kind of parts are in here I held my life go alright so we got a bag from EVGA a packet of accessories manuals and some cables I swear this is like Christmas morning to me tempered glass side panel guys this is very very impressive it's actually way better looking case than the actual last 340 oh it's even got glass in the front holy crap moment of truth let's check out the part inside all holy grab is that a super clock guy so this is the EVGA GTX 1080 super clock card holy crap I'm so relieved that it's not the founders edition because the green text on the logo definitely would not go with this build and I'm so frickin ecstatic that they went with a black and red build looks like they know me very well I wonder if I can see the specs somewhere oh I get a 950 pro SSD holy crap I didn't notice that well I can't find the specs but I'll do some digging around and I will list the specs down below in case you guys are interested but from what I can see it looks like I have an MSI motherboard an EVGA GTX 1080 super clock graphics card and I'm dots to samsung 950 SSD some Ripjaws Ram I think it's 16 gigs and for the motherboard we have an msi x99s li+ so a very good-looking black and red build so yeah I'm very excited to test this baby out there will be a video on this in a few weeks so make sure you guys stick around for that huge things to iBUYPOWER for setting these out as well as EVGA for sending out the GTX 1080 as well as their power supply you guys Rock um I think that's pretty much it let me know what you get actually you know what let me boot this thing up for you guys oh they're custom LEDs in the bottom I did not even notice that that is sick well there you have it guys let me put the glass side panel back on well there you have it guys the iBUYPOWER element pc very very excited honestly this looks way better than big red as it is but let me know if you guys think about the video let me know what you guys want to see me deal with the PC and as always you guys want to check out ibuypower I'll drop the link to the website down below that's basically the thing guys so much for watching as always and I'll see you in the next video
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