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What's In The Box?! - Episode 7

what about what's up guys is that from Texas and welcome to another episode of what's in the box now the reason why I'm wearing this hat is because my hair was a mess and I can't fix it so I apologize if you're cringing but I assure you that you'll be cringing even more if you were to see my hair thank you train all right now the train is gone as you can see we have a buttload of boxes and we have a massive one right here in front of me now normally I would start from the small boxes and move our way up to the big boxes but I need to get this out of the desk because it's pretty much covering the entire surface area so ladies and gentlepeople let's get this going now the cops the struggles real oh yeah we have to stand up for this one there was literally a small box inside a huge one there was a lot of padding though yes baby that's what I'm talking about guys we got the what is this even not a name the unique typhoon H which is the other high-end drone I'm going to be comparing against the DJI phantom4 like I mentioned last week I don't even want to get this out of the box so apparently this one comes in a Styrofoam type briefcase as well just like the DJI phantom4 so let's check this out we had a nice stealthy looking black journal honestly this looks a lot better or a lot cooler than the e GI phantom 4 Wow carbon fiber legs guys check that out that is pretty sick so rest of the stuff in here are basically dischargers and the blades and remote holy crap just the remote Jesus Christ this thing is massive whoa oh I know why it's massive because I guess this comes there comes with its own screen whereas the Phantom 4 we actually need to put in your own tablet or smartphone so that's pretty cool definitely excited to give this thing a go and see how well it compares to the Phantom 4 video coming up in a few weeks alright so moving on to the next biggest box we're going backwards today I also want to address a concern that you guys had in the past few episodes so a lot of guys are upset that I'm getting these products for free that is not the case okay I'm getting these products in exchange for my service so ya guys are sent as review purposes I Spencer well this is actually the exception this is an actual gift Oh have you got a basket of some goodies wow they're not anymore this smells like sugar this is very awesome you got a flock of cheese we got some uh raspberry honey mustard pretzel dip and some crackers this is awesome thank you to whoever sent this to me why isn't there a note AHA here it is hey Edgar it's our first birthday and we're super excited he's thanking you for being an important part of our journey thank you for all the love and support and we're surely looking forward to celebrating many more birthdays with techies like you Cheers the dot tech squad you guys are awesome thank you so much for setting this and say that guys back to the original topic these are not being sent as gifts they're being sent in exchange for a video and change for review or unboxing so yeah am I getting any of this for free so hopefully that makes some of you feel a little better oh this is just a little of something I ordered from Amazon to strip off paint cuz I kind of left some paint on the floor in front of my house and yeah the owner is not happy with that so I'm gonna have to use this remove some of that paint off already moving on to these next ups package who is calling me right now this is why I put your phone on silent before you begin recording hahahahaha these are C brand skins why are they in white yeah the brand I ordered different colors I didn't order white only some buddies were supposed to be in green and some of these are supposed to be in red but all I got were white carbon fiber and mat headphone skins this was disappointing alright moving on to the next package we have a USB charging cable oh it's so this is a lightning cable that also converts and - wait what the hell am I saying oh so this is a magnetic charging cable that has a microUSB tip and a lightning tip which is pretty sweet so basically what you do is so you connect one of the tips to your smartphone depending on if it's an Apple phone or an Android and then you would just bring in the other tip and it would connect magically well not magically but magnetically I should say so yes I think this is the point of this is to make connection a lot easier and this is actually gonna be featured in my cool tech alright so you got two more boxes to open up this is oh this is my fat hub that I ordered for my rx 480 build but came a little too late but it's fine because I'm gonna use this for my next PC build in case I need it last but not least this is very dirty Jesus where the hell did they toss this feel like this is upside down Oh help knows not oh yes haha yes my very first gaming laptop guys this is the HP omen gaming laptop I'm so excited to do a video on this because I haven't reviewed the gaming laptop in freaking ages so very very stoked let's go and open this up for you guys what else very nice definitely love the black and red theme that's going on right here holy shrooms this looks amazing and it's pretty heavy Wow I'm too sure about that logo in the front though kind of like a flower but this this I like carbon fiber surface looks very very sick oh very very nice so we still got some more carbon fiber over here actually it's not even carbon fiber material it just has that look on there but yeah this looks pretty sick I can't wait to boot it up play some games on here actually let me see if I can check out the specs for you guys actually you know what it's probably my email give me one sec guys oh you want I got a silver chest on Mach 1 second I'm going to hogrider goddamn hi guys so this is the 17.3 inch 1080p that has an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 5 m graphics card one terabyte of hybrid hard drive space and we also have an i7 6700 HQ processor very very impressive but guys that will do for this video as always thank you so much for watching and if you enjoy these series make sure to leave a like and I will see you in the next video I wasn't kidding
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