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What's In The Box?! - Episode 8

so guys unfortunately I have some bad news this will be the final episode of what's in the box and the main reason is because I am stressed out and I cannot do this anymore there's just way too many boxes to open up and they're just keep on piling on every single week so I'm gonna have to move on so I am so sorry I'm just with you guys obviously I'm not gonna stop doing this what's up guys so welcome to another episode of what's in the box let's not waste any more time and big right and as you can see we got quite a few boxes in this the Train again I swear to God alright so it's going to start off with the smallest box and then we can move our way up to the biggest which i think is the Asus box and you guys know Asus never disappoints it always sends me some really nice stuff so I'm very excited to open that up and that will be the last one oh okay so we got some goodies from Ankur it looks like I have a 4 port USB hub some cables USB cables USB c2 3.0 cables thank you guys over there for setting this and I'm actually going to be using this one for perfect desk setup episode DOS all right so this next box well this is actually the next biggest one or widest one I should say this one is already open looks like a keyboard of some sort yup it's mechanical I'm actually gonna be featuring this and a roundup of gaming gear coming up very soon and I know I keep saying very soon and that can be like weeks but it's coming just just be way too sweet for it alright the next box is from new egg apparently what another one of course one I got one of these a few weeks ago why is it sent from ex aviation that makes no sense so this is the MSI gaming X GT x 1080 oh well I'll add it to my collection eyes next one is from DHL yellow tape guys you know what that means it's from China yep it's from the Chaoyang District you guys know what happened the last yellow box I opened up so yeah I'm kind of scared now these are always so difficult to open all right so we have a captain 120 X CPU cooler and ladies and gentlemen The Fixer Raiden I think I saw you say it Raiden series these are officially the coolest RAM sticks I've ever seen very stock has actually build happening with these inside the deep cool tesseract case so it's going to be a very interesting build huge shout out to deep cool for sponsoring that video oh man I'm so excited for these ramp sticks so we have a total of 32 gigs ddr4 26 66 megahertz and actually the top portion over here lights up and red this is gonna be very sick I'm sure you guys have guessed at this point it's gonna be a black and red build a very sick black and red build all right so let's just go and finish off this side actually open this one up mmm pink foam this usually means that our PC parts honor it ha ha I was right the msi x99s l i+ motherboard you guys probably know what this is for but I'm not gonna say anything this is gonna be a replacement for something I already own because it's kind of some issues going on right now yeah let's open up whoa there's RAM sticks in here looks like we got four g.skill ripjaws five twenty thirty two hundred megahertz RAM sticks in here and the motherboard which actually comes with a processor on there already look at that pre-installed it's a sixty eight hundred K alright guys two more boxes and we are done with this episode well this one's pretty heavy seriously check this one out we have an extreme 1200 400 watts what extreme gaming power supply from gigabyte holy moly holy moly we're not done yet don't tell me is upside down uh two gigabyte GTX 1060 g1 gaming guys this is actually going in a build for early early September it's a budget build I think you guys are gonna be very happy and excited for that one because I'm very excited and now the box that I have been waiting for and I'm sure you guys have been waiting for the Asus god I love packages from Asus I just puts a big smile on my face I just can't wipe that off I just can't kuan deep breath let's do this oh here's one here's two and here's three looks like it's gonna be another very busy week so actually these two are going to be in a comparison video and then this one is gonna have a review video by itself so yeah lots of GPUs actually lots of actually I think oh I have a PC parts this episode could be wrong all right guys that will do it for this episode as always if you enjoy watching these what's in the box episodes be sure to leave a like just so I know you guys enjoy watching them and as always thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next video this episode is sponsored by tanked they are a mobile phone service that is helping people save a lot of money on their monthly cell phone bills they actually recently dropped their rates on data across the board and to celebrate they are giving away an iPhone 6 and $50 teen credit to one lucky subscriber to enter just simply visit tech stores ENCOM or click on the link below the giveaway does end on the 22nd of august and allows 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