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What's In The Box?! - Episode 9

ladies and gentlemen welcome to another episode of what's the goddamn box let's not waste any more time and dive right and as you can see once again I am buried in boxes so let's start off with the left side so this one is from Grif looks like we got a t-shirt check this out very nice blue t-shirt from Griffin effect there is a letter Hey this shirt comes from my company Grif it features a microfiber cloth inside so you can comfortably clean your camel lens what I did not even see that oh ho that is awesome check that out guys this is convenience right here clean your camera lens smartphone or whatever without scratching a glass you can learn more at shop Grif comm keep doing what you are doing I guess this is my first official fan mail I guess I'll show you this guy's and I'll drop a link to the website down below if you guys want to check out t-shirts this is pretty awesome and I will be definitely wearing this in one of my videos so thank you Julian for sending that in that actually just reminded me I keep forgetting to talk about my peel box and I do have one open actually since like six months ago I'll drop my p.o box info down below in case you guys when I send me some mail if I do get any mail from you guys I'll be unboxing them in these videos what is I don't even know what the hell this is looks like Packaging envelope for some reason I don't even know why they sent this to me but I'll take it Thank You USPS all right moving on to the other envelope aha these are from the brand if you guys remember last episode they sent me the wrong skins well they went in to correct a bad mistake so thank you dear ands you guys are awesome gonna be featuring this in a very very special episode let's change things up a bit now gonna move on to the right side more stuff from USPS caution heavy thirty-five pounds and over well then I think this is gonna be a very boring episode apologies in advance alright give us some good stuff please new egg there we go now we're talking alright so we got a wireless void gaming headset from you egg I actually ordered this myself it's gonna be in a very special video coming up very soon I can't tell you what it is honestly I can't tell you what it is because it will ruin the surprise alright we got two small packages from the same place from mark toys this looks like a gaming mouse black and red gaming mouse don't know who sends that okay so on this one we have another gaming mouse looks like it's the same thing or maybe not and a gaming mouse this looks like a pretty sweet gaming mouse actually check that out alright it's going to finish off the left side from new egg once again oh you've got a motherboard I did not order this Oh looks like there's a note dear ad I sent this z170 FTW to you because I heard the one you got was defective and you couldn't send it back I hope you can use this one an upcoming build since you love the VGA parts so much thank you so much for that thank you so much for the amazing tech content that you upload consistently I literally come home from school every day excited to watch your videos keep Apple I'll keep up the amazing work and congrats on 800k all the best Manny what you seriously sent me a motherboard dude how they say first and foremost thank you so much for sending this and it's the thought that counts Manny but unfortunately I cannot accept this gift obviously you're going to school so I'm pretty sure you need the money so I'm going to send this back and hopefully you can use the money towards to your tuition or maybe buy books or maybe just go to the strip club or something but thank you so much for setting this in and this is for everyone else you guys please don't send me any PC parts I am drowning in PC parts but honestly this means a lot thank you so much for watching my videos I cannot accept this gift I'm gonna be sending this back to you but thank you so much Manny again this means a lot and yes I'm a huge fan of EVGA so you must be watching for a while Thank You Manny that's what I'm talking about this is the z170 and the gaming 5 motherboard this is actually the last piece I need for my mini ITX build coming in September so I was actually waiting for this bad boy for over a week now check this out a very tiny and cute yet powerful motherboard I cannot wait to test this baby out this is actually the first gigabyte motherboard I'm actually using and when my builds so I'm very excited for that thank you goodbye for sending this over to more boxes yes yes the audio technica ath m50x is wide edition and I'm pretty sure you guys are figured out at this point what those V brand skins were for so yeah again this is going into that special video I cannot tell you what it is but I promise you it's gonna be one of the best videos on the channel last but not least this is actually a very short episode so this looks like a laptop cooling stand looks like this is coming from all the same company that sent the mouse pads and the mouse so again not really sure why they sent this so I'm gonna have to dig through some emails and figure it out but yeah but yeah it's pretty much it for the video I hope you guys enjoyed it it was a very short one but nonetheless if you enjoy these videos as always make sure to leave a like so I can continue to do these maybe once a week or once every other week but any whose thank you again as always for watching you guys I love you and I will see you in the next video
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