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What's On My Samsung Galaxy S7

what's up guys it's Jack from tech source and the galaxy s7 is finally here but before I give you guys my review of the phone I have to use it for a full month but in the meantime these are the apps that I have on my galaxy s7 so a lot of you guys know that I hate TouchWiz with a passion it's my least favorite Android skin so immediately I installed the Android 6.0 theme from the theme store I mean TouchWiz is still present but at least this gives you more of a stock Android look with the icon pack the wallpaper and even some tweaks to the actual UI appearance another modification I did was install this widget called dashclock that really blends nicely with the overall theme you get your clock date weather and notifications in a single glance which you can access by simply tapping on it you can also customize the appearance to your own liking and display the notifications you want to see even if they are from another app it doesn't have to be a stock app just like last year's model the s7 is a huge fingerprint magnet and it's extremely slippery to combat this I picked up some awesome skins from D brand that I'll jump links below if anyone is interested in checking some out for themselves so onto the apps the first step I use is go keyboard which lets me ditch the ugly stock keyboard and go with the much cooler one I constantly change my keyboards every week when I get bored of them but what I'm actually using now is this black and white theme which isn't super flashy or anything I just think it looks pretty cool and blends in well with the phone they do have a bunch of other keyboard so there's definitely something in here that will please everyone this next type is something I recently installed and have been using it every night so check this out guys studies show that the ultraviolet and blue light can damage our eyes specifically the cornea monitors and especially smartphones have blue light and not only can they damage your eyes but it makes it harder to go to sleep after looking at your phone or tablet that's where this app becomes so useful basically it filters the flux of blue light emitted by your phone or tablet and protect your eyes with a soft and pleasant red filter it's also proven to help you go to sleep much faster but there's a ton of information on this and I'll drop a link to the article below if you guys want to read more on how blue light damages your eyes gee tasks is something I use often as well since I don't like the stock calendar app on the s7 in my opinion there's too much cluster with this app I can easily view all of my tasks or reminders on the same page and creating a new one just takes seconds and finally the game I'm super addicted to is supercells newest game clash royale where you basically send units to destroy the opponent's towers you build your deck of cards from defeating opponents and opening chests and you summon them using elixir to the battlefield each tower you destroy gets you one crown and the feeling the King's tower automatically wins you the game I was so addicted that I actually bought $300 worth of gems and then I lost it all because the game decided it would be a great idea to log into an account to save my progress well it turns out a completely restored everything and I lost all of the gems I bought customer service as always wasn't helpful and it felt like talking to a robot you know it's times like these I wish I can talk to someone directly and get the situation resolved right then and there sending emails and messages always takes forever and it's extremely frustrating but you know what there are services out there like that that can provide direct customer service and one of them is called Citrix concierge as a developer you can implement concierge into your app directly connect with your users they have features like Live Chat screen sharing and they can even draw on the screen to help you with whatever it is you need I honestly wish that all apps had this feature so if you're an app developer out there I strongly recommend you check this out and maybe even implement this feature into the app that you're designing I know that your users and customers will thank you but I'll go to drop a link down below if anyone's interested in signing up for free I think they do have a free trial so let's give it a shot but I will do it for the video thank you guys so much for watching as always if you enjoyed it make sure to leave a like and I'll see you the next one
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