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Whats in my Bag - CES 2015

what is up guys bar back here with tech source and in this video we are going to be taking a look at what we come to CES 2015 let's start with this backpack from tilting now what's so cool about this is that it comes with a ten thousand four hundred milli amp four hour battery that has its own designated area and places for cables to run to all the compartments you also have plenty of padded areas where you can store stuff like phones and laptops without worrying about any damage up next we got this Belkin power strip that has eight outlets but what's really cool about this power strip is that you can pivot the outlets so that you can fit in different power breaks rather than interfering with each other also from Belkin we have this three outlet mini travel charger with dual USB s now what's so cool about this is that it also pivots allowing you to position it in any way you like the added us pieces of bonus as well at the top here we have two pairs of a th and 50 X's one in black and one in white when you buy a pair you actually get this cool carrying case which is convenient when you're traveling and these are probably the best pair of headphones you can get for this price point here is the Panasonic lens we used to film that couples with our Panasonic gh4 we loved this camera and its ability to shoot in 4k makes it that much better I will definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a camera that can shoot in 4k right below that we have the moto 360 which has most of you knows in Android wear Smart Watch from Motorola and it's probably one of the best Android wear smartwatches out right now hello we have the phones that we are going to be taking the CES here is the iPhone 6 plus which is a great phone for many reasons but the main reason it is in my bag is because of its battery life next to that is Edgar's daily driver that Xperia z3 which is his preferred Android headset at the moment next to that we have the iPhone 6 it doesn't have any juice in there right now but this will be a backup just in case one of our phones dies during the event under all the phones as a razor mouse pad which we are going to be using with these Mouse's which are both from Razer as well to keep all our stuff charged we are taking this vivid night power bank that has 13,000 milliamps and is one of our favorite power banks we also have something smaller than lithium power card which easily fits in a wallet and can offer a quick charge here we have our business cards removed they're nice and thick and definitely separate themselves from the other business cards out there which is why we decide to go with their luck series over here we have the h4n which is an awesome mobile reporter which should offer some decent audio when we're away from our main rig at our office and what's going to be pumping out all of our videos are these two laptops both from Asus and both very powerful with core i7 processors and dedicated graphics cards editing should be a breeze for these laptops I will include links down below the specifications of each laptop if you're interested as well as links to everything else in this video if you wanted to get more details on the products this is Bob from Texas and I'll see you next time
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