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Wii Mini Gaming Console - Unboxing and Overview!

what is going on you guys we are back with another unboxing and overview video this time we're gonna look at Nintendo's mini version of their Wii console this is the Wii mini it comes in an Mario Kart game and it's priced at only $99 making this a perfect gift for Christmas with all the new next-gen consoles being released this year in a tunnel that I wanted to be left out thus to loosing a more affordable we system Nintendo consoles aren't for the average hardcore gamer I mean we all know that it's mostly targeted for the younger age group and it offers a completely different style of gaming more on the casual side so if you purchase a Wii mini you do get a game which is pretty cool it does come with only one controller though so you might want to pick up an extra one if you aren't alone you also get a bunch of booklets including warranty instead of God which I won't bore you guys to death with moving down further is the huge fabric and back here is the censor bar which is used to detect the motion from the controllers and here is the console itself if you can't already tell it seems like they went with a very simple design it actually reminds me a lot about the older 8-bit Nintendo H consoles kind of like the Super Nintendo this year is the AV cable unfortunately it doesn't support HDMI this is a Wii Remote Plus they didn't include two batteries along with it and last but not least this is the second part of the controller called the nunchuck which is an optional controller with a joystick let's take a closer look at both controller starting with the Remote Plus it does come already wrapped in one of their jackets it's the same controller as the Wii nothing has really changed on it you have the gamepad on there with the trigger underneath the controller the home buttons on top there along with the volume buttons which controls the speaker in the middle of the controller down here is the slot where you would connect the optional nunchuck for games that do support it although it's not required to use the nunchuck for games using it simply amplifies the gaming experience make it a much easier to play because of the joysticks games like fps and Mario World would be a pain to play with just directional pad not only is the price of the console affordable the games are - they have a huge library of games at most average around $30 whereas the new titles go for 50 I really like how simple design is you have a reset button on the left and an open button on the right I prefer to style write it in a disc slot like the Xbox sighs and the ps4 simply because you don't have to power on the console if you just want to remove the disk if you look at the back side you have your power in sensor bar AV out and USB ports the USB port is used for external devices like the rock band guitar microphones and can even be used to charge your cell phones and media players because of the price it does have a lot of downsides it does not support HDMI there is no online gaming and it can't play GameCube games over although I think but the price is definitely a great gift to someone who is in a hardcore gamer I would most likely give this to someone that's on their 18 just because of the simplicity otherwise I would go with a real console but I wraps up the unboxing and overview of the Wii mini I want to thank you guys for watching the video I also want to know what you guys think about the console so feel free to leave any comments down below and as always this is the tech source and we'll see you next time you
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