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Will Kylo Ren Host Again? | #AskEd 12

smash or pass I don't know my it's the eyebrows it's the eyebrows you know what that's easily fixable I can put like a sharpie marker on it so yeah smash definitely at the end of this video I want to be doing a giveaway on the Nintendo switch for three lucky subscribers so make sure you guys stick around for that what's your favorite video on the channel so far oh what a good question that is Ian or LAN I would say perfect desk setup episode two I took the longest to make by far my favorite and I would say the best video is buying a prebuilt gaming PC as your first gaming PC a good idea well it's not really a bad idea as long as you're not getting ripped off one of the few companies actually recommends to check out for pre-built pcs is iBUYPOWER because their parts are really close to what you're paying if you were to buy the parts yourself and build it but anyways I'll drop a link to them down below yeah how do you make a microphone pick up less sound from a mechanical keyboard I've learned this pretty cool trick actually a few months ago so you grab your microphone and an industrial paper towel is duty the blue ones and then you wrap it around like this of a microphone and you twist it just a little bit and you keep twisting it until it comes apart and then just start there's no there's no way what was the biggest mistake you made when you were building a PC the biggest one I've made a lot of mistakes but the biggest one would have to be I left a plastic sleeve on the CPU cooler and I basically put that on top of the CPU and I fried my CPU so that kind of sucked hello Wow what made you decide to take a leap of faith into the world of YouTube so that's it means you want I hated my job and I hated my job will you ever do a blue black PC build yes oh and actually we are currently in the process of making a black and white build what black and blue build with white accent that's coming up in March stick around can you tell Carl ran to do the next worst setup episode and I think it's kind of done with this whole setup for a thing but you guys can ask him yourself Kyle oh you want another episode man go how about this guys if this video hits fifty thousand likes then he will appear for setup wars episode 100 potato ization of course it's actually pretty cool best pick-up line are you sitting on that f5 key because you asked this refreshing you still use Internet Explorer you still use Internet Explorer you must like it nice and slow girl you must be using that new AMD Shiv because I got something rising down below how much do you earn from YouTube so I'll actually never been asked this question so I never really showed how much I earn so I'm going to show you guys actually real quick as I got nothing to hide apparently it's not against YouTube's Terms and Conditions I'll show you guys on my app will click on my YouTube app you know I am all videos here is my dashboard I mean what are earning this is how much I earn of the past 28 days favorite PC bills besides Electra box and big red I'm gonna have to say the obvious one Gala Dex the green and white bill I did check it out link below how's the house coming along and what do you plan on adding to it custom parking homes either and pool house is coming along I think they extended it one more day which is annoying the Atome instead of April I think it's going to be done in June which may may comes after April I can't do months anymore so hopefully I can move in either May or in June custom things no custom parking I have my two two-car garage anyways home theater it's not that fitting unfortunately and no I have a space for a pool but this is my first home purchase hopefully my dream house will have these things but we'll see when that happens what's your favorite drink my favorite drink is pomegranate juice I drink I make sure to drink at least a cup a day especially in the morning tunes that wake up other than that I drink water I don't really drink in soda or anything else unless I'm going out they don't have like alcohols but that's like once a month or something what does you have a great time for set up Wars at the moment so the current wait time I believe is four to five months I'm not sure here's the list of all of submissions currently pending I get around 50 submissions a week so yeah it's a long wait now I hope you guys are patient what are your tips for success as a small youtuber click page tricks on the thumbnails I'm just kidding I I don't know it really really comes down to type of content the consistency and just finding that niche in an oversaturated platform you call YouTube I see a lot of people copying others I even got some ideas from other youtubers but as long as I'm okay with taking ideas or inspiration whatever you want to call it as long as you add your own twist to it and you make it better that's cool that's cool with me yeah my tips I mean just find a niche I think it really comes down to the person making the videos the content they produce and just a consistency that's all it really takes to be successful on YouTube that's just my two cents instead upward is going to continue after episode 100 the only time setup ORS will stop is if I exit this world why is my friends setup so let's take a look why don't you tell your friend to think of a girl burger boards if you think that phones will have desktop grade specs I honestly don't see why not it may take another hundred two hundred maybe a thousand years but it's definitely going to happen eventually I mean we can fit desktop freaking GPUs and thin as laptops now so obviously went out who is your celebrity crush shailene woodley is probably my number one I don't know what it is about her he just gets me so hot when are we going to go eat the sushi again to Armando how about when you finally get your alright then come talk to me so guys the winners of the perfect desk setup episode three are listed right here on the screen and check them out you have received an email so make sure you follow up looking at your shipping address and you can send the product over to you and also for the Nintendo switch giveaway here are the requirements to enter all you guys have to do is make sure to add the Nintendo switch to your wish list within the app nice and the link is down below to that I'm sure a lot of years already have it and are using it so yeah three winners will win and the winners will be announced within the app as well about a week later so make sure you guys have push notifications enabled everybody doesn't think I so much for watching I hope you guys enjoy the video and I will see you in the next one
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