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Will Kylo Ren Host Setup Wars Again? - AskMe #10

can you lick your elbow anybody can let their elbow once you know it's not really fair for me because my biceps are in the way what's up guys is that from Texas and it's that time of the month again actually shouldn't say that because I missed out on a few months but usually I do this every single month I reach out to Twitter and ask you guys to send me in your questions so without wasting any more time it's gonna answer some of these how did you pay for things before you started YouTube what was your job I should never really paid for an item or a product I went to Best Buy or Fry's I basically bought the item did a video on it and then returned it back so technically I never really paid for anything other than some restocking fees sometimes the struggle was real can we do a collaboration video together I'm always open to doing collabs with tech youtubers no matter their channel size because everyone starts somewhere you know back in the day when I went X versus only a few thousand subscribers it was really difficult growing and gaining new audiences in fact I even reached out to a few bigger tech youtubers to kind of collab with them and maybe gain new audiences and I was just rejected so I know that feeling that sucks and I basically vowed to never be like that so that is why I host set up or Z to Perdition I almost like keyboard collab videos and just collapsed aisle videos on my channel to try and introduce smaller and very talented tech youtubers but if you guys have any video idea you want me to participate for your channel be sure to hit me up on email I am always always down what's text source channel future plan so the future plan is hopefully hire some employees early 2017 that is when I can move out of the space get my house and also get an office space close to my house and really start cranking videos and take tech soars to the next level because right now I'm very limited and I can only do so much as one person so yeah that's the plan I'm gonna make it happen I'm excited why do you use Windows and not Mac Brad would you rather never have sex or never be able to touch or have technology phones PC parts etc that is a very evil question Katie I guess I'm gonna have to be best friends in my hand again do you think you will give a set up wars seal of approval to a Mac setup I say why the hell not if the setup was me I can care less if you're winning a laptop or a potato if it's a badass setup yes definitely we should have a video do you like making the most honestly I like making these types of videos where there's no script and I can just send from the camera and just say what's on my mind or answer questions and just talk to you guys who records and goes through submissions right now I do all the work I have my good buddy Kevin Lee Ozzy I'm sure you guys have heard me talk about him a few times he's in charge of downloading the submissions categorizing them and sending me the final bulk every single week because right now I can't handle hundreds of submissions each week that is just way too much and I cannot work on my video so big shout out to Kevin meows even helping me out on that what is your daily schedule what do you do throughout your day so I usually wake up around ten eleven sometimes 12 p.m. depending on how late I work the previous night and then I go to the bathroom take a poop brush my teeth I come and I sit on my desk check emails I usually takes about an hour go through my Twitter feed my Instagram feed and I watch my YouTube subscriptions i watch my youtube videos that I need to catch up on and then I go downstairs make myself breakfast and get to work what's the biggest mistake that you have ever done in a video all related to YouTube nothing really comes to my mind I usually catch these mistakes as I'm watching my video because every time I'm done rendering a video I would sit there and I would watch my own video very rarely some mistakes well I shouldn't say that but sometimes mistakes go through but nothing really major there was one time though that I leaked my phone number and there's one time I leaked my credit card number on one of the best tech deals and some person or multiple people found that number and they started buying kind of stuff Facebook and on Amazon I was like what really what do you do for living before doing YouTube video so before I started doing video YouTube videos I wrote that a bank first bank to be specific here in California I was a CSR aka a teller just basically handling cash for customers and stuff and I did that for about eight months but before then I was also a banker a teller I should say at Wells Fargo and also looked at Chase and just a bunch of I've been in banking for seven years and it was I hated banking can you be my daddy well depends is your mom Jessica Alba how do you turn out so many videos in a week is there a more efficient way to edit videos so I've developed a system where it makes it so easy for me to pump out videos where I can basically keep up with five to seven yeah five to seven videos a week and that's basically multitasking right now I'm sitting in front of a camera talking and I have scripts ready on my next projects already lined up on my iPad so when I'm done recording this video I'm gonna change my shirt and then start voicing over the next video so basically my philosophy is kill ten birds with one stone so yeah basically just mastering multitasking and also when it comes to editing I have a preset file for almost every type of my series that I'm doing for example that set up Wars or PC Wars everything is already laid out in my Sony Vegas Pro 13 program so basically all I have to do is plug in the photos plug in my new video and audio and I'm set to go for the most part the rest of the stuff is already edited ready to go so it only takes me like about an hour to edit each video can you do an extreme budget PC build the fine extreme budget because the cheapest one I've built on the channel that actually plays games is budget Ron that 350 dollar gaming PC and that kicks ass in GTA 5 over 30 fps and also a bunch of other games check that out I'll have it linked below would you never touch an iPhone again for $100,000 I take keep my freaking money right now is your girlfriend into tech actually Briana is not Tech and in fact she's not even tech savvy so I'm always the one to help her on her iPhone 6 and laptop issues and geez why PC builds become so popular for small channels what is the reason behind it it could be a few reasons one is maybe just tired of making whatever content that they're making - there's also inspiration they see other larger channels that are doing PC build a PC content and you see how well it's working for them and I guess they're trying to adapt that on their channel as well it's kind of the only two things I can really think of can you start blogging again please see well here's the thing my vlogs are currently on hold for several reasons one I currently don't have the time to vlog and - I have nothing interesting to vlog about if you guys want to see vlogging of me working all day then no that's not gonna happen that's boring and I usually vlog when there's something interesting going on if I'm going out of town but I know you guys are so many guys really like watching that so it's definitely not gone it's just currently shelved until I work on other tech projects to catch up I'm actually leaving for Taiwan at the end of May May 29th and I'll be taking my vlog camera and I'll be vlogging my experience for Computex so I'll get you a vlog or two there will be another setup Wars potato Edition with Kyle oh I don't know I don't know if Carla will ever return ever since he knocked me unconscious to another day but it seems like a lot of guys really enjoyed that episode episode 50 by the way of setup wars so maybe Deadpool will make an appearance can you recommend some good LED speakers for my setup I want some that look awesome and sound awesome oh the best LED speakers that I could think of currently are the bass pulse go groove speakers I'll drop a link to it down below I think they have some for red blue and green and they have some insane amount of bass sound clarity is amazing there I think affordable tooling there under 50 bucks but anyways I'll drop a link check it out how are you so cool Thank You Johnny so much that I am flattered my air conditioner helps a lot so that's it for the video thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed these SP videos make sure you leave a like to show your support and if you want to participate in my next ask me video make sure you follow me on Twitter because that is when I'll be reaching out and asking you guys to send me your questions sending me your questions send me your questions sending in your questions it's basically a thing guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next video
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