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Will you quit Youtube? - Ask Me #4

what three tech items would you choose to have on a deserted island if Wi-Fi food water and a house are on the island well obviously my phone my PC and a charger for my phone that's I guess what I'll go with toughest or hardest problems you went through during YouTube career I guess the main thing is finding the motivation to continue it's very difficult to start up I was looking into other things as well I even started like an animation channel but doing a tech channel it's really difficult to start off with and to maintain motivation and dedication is probably one of the hardest things I would say doing YouTube 24 inch or 27-inch monitors this one's simple if you're doing a triple monitor setup 24 inches is the way to go if you're doing a dual monitor setup I think 27 inches is this sweet spot and you're going with a single monitor setup 34 inch ultra wide how are you liking the new Sony camera and why did you upgrade actually I'm still using the gh4 I'm actually using right now to film this video with the Sigma lens I'm still waiting for Armando to give me his later at the end of this month so you guys will definitely tell the difference in quality once I do use it dream car that's an easy one bugatti veyron a Lamborghini Aventador or even a audio r8 those are my top three dream cars what are your best tips for someone starting out youtube but actually mentioned this in my last ask me video but basically consistency content and quality stick to those three rules and that is basically the best advice I can give you what is your dream computer I'm actually going to build my dream computer early next year it's gonna be a custom water-cooled build either thinking about going with a triple SLI PI in X's or maybe a dual Tye Nexus but it's not only gonna be water-cooled and it's gonna be something you guys have never seen before and it's gonna be super super quiet it's gonna happen make sure you guys stick around where are you from my last name is actually a big giveaway it ends in why am and every time last name ends in either ia n or yn that means the person is Armenian but I was actually born in Moscow Russia so I'm kind of Russian Armenian have you thought about a gaming channel I did I tried it in the early years of YouTube I failed miserably never again what is your opinion on AMD's new 300 series they have really solid GPUs but I'm personally a die-hard Nvidia fan all the way so any PC I build if it's gonna be for me it's definitely gonna be an Intel CPU with a GeForce graphics card what would your last meal be if you could choose you'll you got any last requests Oh actually yeah I do thank you so much for the offer I'm like a chicken pasta very light marinara sauce I don't want it to overpower the taste maybe with some garlic burn on the side and a glass of wine would be phenomenal thank you so much if you win the lottery what would you do would you quit YouTube as lame and as corny as it sounds I won't quit YouTube this is a passion of mine and I do this because I really enjoy doing it money will have no influence on me making YouTube videos what is the worst piece of tech you have ever bought that's an easy question the HTC One a9 gahafer childhood game and/or console even till today when my most favorite consoles of all time has to be eaten at end of 64 and I used to play Super Smash Bros on there every single day definitely one of my favorites so that's it for all the questions thank you guys for submitting them on Twitter I'm gonna be doing this actually once a month now so if you guys have any more additional questions you guys can follow me on Twitter and make sure you guys look out for the hashtag ask Edgar anyways thank you so much for watching this is that from tech source I will see you guys in the next video yo you got any last requests
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