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Win an LG 27" 144HZ 1MS IPS Gaming Monitor!

what's happening guys it's MTAC source and i'm making this quick video to go over the winners from the msi gaming monitor tester program don't be upset if you didn't win because there's another opportunity for you guys to win an awesome gaming monitor I hope you guys heard the news but LG just announced the world's first nano IPS one millisecond response time gaming monitors on 144 Hertz refresh rate four of the 27 inch models will be given out to four winners and 50 runner-up contestants will receive a $25 online game gift card make sure to stick around to the end of the video for more info on that so the first winner of the msi tester program was nigel gary he made it very detailed and boxing video going over the contents of the box as well as installation of the monitor he also does a pretty good job talking about the specs and doing a quick walkthrough of the monitor pretty straightforward video I really like your setup to you by the way your anathan Revis was the second winner and you also did an unboxing video going over all the components with the addition of some background music the biggest advice I can give you for all future videos is picking up a tripod that way you have steady footage because unboxing something and filming it with one hand never is a good idea they're just too much shaking the video that's what I'm trying to say here he then goes on talking about how the curve is subtle and not that noticeable coming from his previous flat monitor Alex Savage did an unboxing video with his son with no voice over just some chill background music and they set it up and enjoyed some good old tech source content it's always weird seeing myself in other people's videos one thing I would have loved to see here is maybe some gaming on the monitor instead of just watching content but other than that I think your son did a really good job putting together this video especially if this was his first video great job this next video from Barrett Grayson starts off with a little skit of him playing rocket League on a flat monitor and then shortly after he gets a delivery of the MSI monitor he then proceeds to unbox it while going over specs and finally wrapping up the video talking about his experience gaming on the monitor at his last video from Darian is the weirdest out of the five but it's also my favorite because it's so unique and kind of Quincy at the same time I'm not gonna lie maybe laughs pretty hard watching it but I want one if you guys are Japanese videos below if you guys want to check them out the congratulations again to all the contestants who won like I said earlier don't be upset if you didn't win because there's not a chance for you guys to win another badass gaming monitor LG announced two monitors with a 1 millisecond response time IPS panel we had a 38 inch ultra ride with a resolution of 3840 by 1600 which can be overclocked to 175 Hertz and we also got a 27-inch 1440p model with 844 fresh-made also with the 1 millisecond IPS panel to enter is very simple all you guys have to do is make a meme related to the 1 millisecond response time on the IPS panel and post it on your social media account with the following hashtags the contest ends July 31st with the winners announced on August 9th more information will be linked down below good luck - ever enters those whiners are actually pretty sick I do want to grab one as soon as possible and review it on the channel so make sure you guys stick around for that thanks again so much for watching this quick video I love you faces I will see you guys in the next video
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