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Wireless RGB Mechanical Keyboard!

what's up guys obsession sex toys and welcome to another keyboard review video you guys seem to really enjoy the first one so that's really good I'll continue to do these on the channel at least once every two weeks maybe once a month if I have time but with that said you guys will be checking out the drebbel caliber mechanical Bluetooth keyboard so let's start off with the hardware it's built solid with very little flex to the body its foot spin is actually small compared to something like my cursor keyboard one thing I don't like about it already is that it doesn't have a wrist rest so I was forced to pick one up you guys probably already know this but I do like keyboards that come with a detachable wrist rest but I will leave a link in the description section to the wrist rest I'm using if you want to check it out the keys have a soft rubber coating on them which feels really nice I definitely prefer this to the generic plastic feel that you find on most keyboards at this price range on the bottom we have six anti-slip rubber strips now they are rubberized so it suffice to say that you won't be pushing this thing around while using it the keys themselves are labeled as brown switches and they're great they're definitely less tactile than Sherry's variant of the brown switch but not by that much they're not annoyingly loud so these were great in environments where there are other people like in a small office or even streaming since the mic won't pick up much noise however they do offer red blue and even black switch versions as well the keyboard is full RGB and since there isn't a desktop application all the effects are controlled through the function key which is a bit annoying there are seven modes you can cycle through as well as being able to control the speed of the effects I found that the lighting is pretty dim especially when using it in well-lit rooms however in low-light scenarios it's actually fine the lights will automatically turn off after thirty seconds of an activity to conserve battery or you can turn them off completely yourself on a full charge the keyboard lasted me around 28 hours with the RGB effects on I wish it lasted a bit longer but seeing as I can connect it to my PC and use it while charging at the same time makes it bearable and of course being micro USB you can even use a battery pack to keep it charged up sadly there's no way to check the remaining battery percentage on the keyboard which is definitely something to keep in mind let's switch gears and talk about what stands out about this mechanical keyboard it's Bluetooth capability if you're going for a clean aesthetic looks than a wireless solution is really the best route especially if you don't want to drill any holes in your desk for the cable management pairing the keyboard was straightforward just hold the function plus Q W or a keys to store into one of the three profiles the caliber also supports multiple devices like Android iOS and even Linux so having three profiles is really convenient I did have concerns about Lane T being a wireless gaming keyboard it would be kind of useless if there was any input lag from the PC fortunately I didn't detect any lag throughout my week of using the caliber so I do recommend this for gaming as well for fifty seven dollars you get a pretty solid compact full RGB Bluetooth mechanical keyboard its battery life isn't going to get you a week of long use but it's easy to recharge with its micro USB port and it works directly plugged into your PC as well you get no ten key a wrist rest nor do you have the ability to program the RGB lights easily via software so if you're someone with very little patience then this keyboard definitely isn't for you also this keyboard doesn't have any dedicated media control so that can be a deal-breaker for some as well there is one way around this however and that's by downloading a software that lets you remap some keys for shortcuts but that's just more work if you ask me the brown switches feel great and I've enjoyed my time gaming on this keyboard without experiencing any lag or stutter however I do wish they would have made a full-size model with a number pad since that is a deal-breaker for me but other people don't seem to mind so with all that said I will give this keyboard a solid 7 out of 10 if you guys are interested in checking it out I'll drop a link to it down below then guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next one
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