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Worlds Fastest Portable Charger - LithiumCard Pro

what's up guys is that from tech source and in this video I'm going to do a quick review of the new lithium card pro hyper charger now this isn't your typical portable charger this is in fact the hyper charger which means that it charges your device at least twice the speed of a traditional wall outlet and I will be testing that at the end of this video so the lithium card comes in this pretty simple packaging that also includes a nano stick which allows you to stick the charger on to your device or just keep it near you so you don't end up losing it you can stick it on your PC for easy access or even hide it under your desk when it gets dirty you just have to wash it with warm water and it's practically new again never losing its stickiness the lithium car pro is linear fluxes second lithium card and this is essentially the original one but on steroids it has three times the capacity and power and only double the size of the original lithium card Pro has a 3000 milliamp battery capable of fully charging your iPhone 6 and more one of the things that I love about this charger is the fact that it comes equipped with the cables that you need you have your lightning cable on one side to charge your Apple devices and then you have your USB cable to charge the lithium card via your PC USB wall outlet or through other means using a USB port now you can also pick up a lithium card Pro that has a micro USB cable instead of a lightning cable for you Android users out there so taking a look at the charger you can see some new additions from their previous model on the right side there is a USB out which gives you the option to hook up any USB cable so that you can charger other devices that work wire a micro USB such as wireless speakers tablets or even Android smartphones over here I'm using the USB to micro USB cable to charge my amp our Bluetooth speaker and you can even charge another USB device while charging your phone at the same time thanks to its hyper port feature on the opposite side you will find the power button and when pressed will activate the card and start charging whatever it is that you connect it to the light will also indicate how much juice is left over on the charger if it's white that means it's over 90% charged if it's blue it's over 10% charged and finally if it's blinking red it has less then 10% charge left right below the power button is the microUSB slot which is kind of a backup feature so that you can charge the lithium card itself what's awesome about the lithium car pro is that it features simultaneous charging so you can charge your phone while charging a lithium part at the same time instead of having to wait for the car to juice up and then charging your phone which saves you a lot of time another awesome feature is that you can access your iPhone from your PC using a charger you don't need any extra cables just hook up the USB part to your PC or laptop and the Lightning connector part to your phone and you have access to your files the same goes for the Android version of the lithium card pro okay so what's this hyper charging thing and can really charge your devices at double the speeds compared to wall outlets well I was curious enough to conduct a test and find out as you can see here my iPhone 6 plus is completely dead and the hyper charger is fully charged I will now run a timer and see how much percent the lithium card can charge from iphone 6 plus before it dies and then I will pause the clock and repeat the same test by plugging it in the wall instead so skipping to the end it looks like I got a solid 71 percent charge in 1 hour and 13 minutes of time before the charger dying now let's do the same exact test but this time plugging the iPhone in the wall as you can see the iPhone 6 plus is completely dead once again it's kind of hard to see but if you look carefully you can see the battery logo alright so skipping to the end it looks like it took about an hour and 52 minutes to charge the iPhone 6 plus to 73 percent so slightly more than before but it took an extra 40 minutes to do so compared to 1 hour and 13 minutes from the charger so in conclusion the charging speeds will vary depending on the device and the power source but you can definitely be sure that it will charge your phone a lot faster than connecting it to the wall overall this is an amazing portable charger not only is this the only hyper charger in the world that boosts charging speeds of your devices but it also comes with a lot of awesome features all packed in a convenient compact size with that being said this is definitely going to be my main daily charger anyways that's it for the video I will leave links below on where you can find the lithium car pro if you're interested if you enjoyed this video please hit that like button as it does help me out a lot and let me know what you guys think about the charger bye bring your comments down below anyways thanks again for watching this is Ed from Texas I will catch you guys in the next video
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