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Worlds Strongest Charging Cable?!

how strong can a cable charging be well apparently strong enough to tow a freaking car so this is anchors new lineup of charging cables called the power line plus it's available for both Lightning and microUSB versions with four different colors to choose from it also comes with a premium pouch so that they can be easily stored and carried which means no tangles the cables are made out of Kevlar fiber and double braided nylon for that extra strength and because of the power lines laser welded connectors anchor claims that these cables will last ten times longer than regular cables with at least 10,000 plus then the lifespan all of that on top of their awesome 18-month warranty at this point it doesn't make sense not to make the switch to these cables but you know what it's really easy to claim all of these ridiculous numbers let's go ahead and see how strong these cables really are alright so we are here to test out and see if anchors new power line plus micro USB cable is strong enough to tow a 1.5 ton 2007 Hyundai Accent so here it is this is the cable we're gonna be using as you can tell it's brand new it is 10 feet so hopefully long enough to construct this test go to tie this thing up three and if you're watching this video I'm sorry I promise I won't crash your car in anger we believe high so I'm gonna basically do a little loop here make sure it's nice and snug double knot it good to go yeah all right so the real question is does it still charge so I got here an anchor power bank and my galaxy s7 we're going to check it out and see if it still charges so let's do this oh my god it is live the lights are lighting up and we see a battery icon or charging icon on the phone well you saw it here folks Anker makes the strongest charging cable in the world yes I did say that in the video I actually did test the microUSB cable but the lightning cable is just as strong and I'll drop links below if you guys want to check them out Ankur was also kind enough to give out twenty five hundred of the original powerline lightning cables starting April second for only a penny so if you guys need a lightning cable and only have one sent in your pocket make sure to check the links below I want to give you two things to anchor for making this video possible and as always I'll see you guys in the next video
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