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Worst Day Ever Part 1 - VLOG #1

welcome to the very first vlog of tech source I hope it doesn't fail miserably Alexa turn on living room lights okay all right so it's Monday around six o'clock I would say and as you can see IKEA went ahead and deliver the rest of my furniture and the living room is just a complete mess so I just finished editing the raise ox ultimate gaming PC video so I know I'm just going to spend the rest of tonight and assemble furniture it's gonna be a great night finally got the stuff in our bedroom this is basically the dresser that's supposed to go right over there so hopefully I can assemble this within an hour all right so after about four hours of treacherous work finally managed to finish up the dresser but one bad news as you can see one of the drawers missing I don't even know what happened but basically one of these were missing from the package either IKEA screwed me or I managed to lose it somehow so I'm gonna have to hold on to this until tomorrow and hopefully you'll be finished by then all right so it's now Tuesday morning um having some breakfast real quick and then I'm going to be finishing the script for the Ray Sox benchmark video and I'm going to film the Rays off benchmark video and then hopefully assemble some furniture later at night because honestly I just don't want to think about IKEA furniture right now a few things came in yesterday actually I'm sure you'll quick I got this drawer from Amazon this is going to go against this wall next to the alternate station basically we're going to put like the printer on top of it and then a bunch of other miscellaneous items I think I'll really clean up this whole room and then I'm gonna be working on these two shelves for the storage room this is gonna be an absolute nightmare I'm just I just want to get the thing over with though now an update with this basically so yeah as I said before this piece is missing this ink and focus this little wooden piece is missing one supposed to go in here and I can finish up the last drawer but everything else is pretty much set really awesome drawer from Ikea this is a mama ma LM drawer by the way a dresser I should say form IKEA really sweet it was actually really easy to assemble so what I like about this setup is that it's really easy to swap tripods just basically snap to camera out slap it in the other because it's using the same exact fluid head from Manfrotto it works easily now it's time to get some sexy b-roll shots all this time and if we gotta put the sli bridge on bail this is one of my favorite shots so I just finished filming the b-roll now it's time for the benchmark portion of the video I got the 4k monitor that I received from LG and actually no I'm s job sent this to me so I can use for my videos huge thanks to Matt strap for what give me up and yeah for ultimate gaming pcs I'm gonna actually do four key benchmarks from now on instead of 1080p and then for budget gaming pcs I'll do 1080p benchmarks I think I just makes so much more sense so bad news I looked everywhere and I can't find the cable the power cable for the 4k monitor from LG so fortunately I'm gonna have to use the 1080p monitor from Asus and do 1080p benchmarks I probably misplaced to join the move I looked for for 30 minutes so I'm sorry guys I'm with you to 1080p benchmarks hopefully my next Altima gaming PC I would have the cable to do it so the bad news continues I swear I can never catch a break so I turn the PC on and one of the GPU logos doesn't light up the one on top it's supposed to be as bright as the one on the pot on the bottom so yeah I took it apart it turns out it's a hardware issue because everything is plugged in the GPU itself also still works and functions but the life isn't light up and I just can't have that so I ordered a metal one from Amazon it'll be here tomorrow and I can finish up the b-roll because that just doesn't look nice at all but yeah everything else is running normally we got that stock 4.0 gigahertz which I'll be overclocking the temps are nice and cool for now the PC does recognize yeah there you go to Ty Nexus 16 gigabytes of RAM Microsoft Windows 10 so yeah everything is good drivers are up to date I'm gonna be overclocking the CPU and then I can start doing the benchmarks but look how sick the wallpaper is one of my good friends philip sent this to me he custom-made it because the one i'm using is the red version oh by the way uh i mounted a poster next to my setup instead of the old hat station a lot of you guys wanted it there and i kind of agree what you said it looks it kind of looks good there so yeah put it there we are custom made this one into a green version for my upcoming race ox build and I just really matches the entire theme so Thank You Philip Whitman for sending this to your freaking awesome Oh rap or 0.6 let's see if in you all the way up to 5.0 that would be ridiculous four point six let's get four point seven nice let's saving it all the way up to five point oh that would be crazy by the way I'm using the AI suite to do the overclocking normally I would overclock manually using the BIOS but I'm kind of limited on time so I'm gonna rely on the AI suite to do the overclocking for me oh my god about the four point eight okay I don't know I don't wanna jinx it but I think we're gonna get the least five at least five it's compression OH four point nine and there it is whatever I'm happy with that alright so it turns out it wasn't even four point eight we got four point seven if this focuses gigahertz so yeah I mean it's not bad but it's not great either so another slightly bad news I can't run the final track benchmark on the PC because 3dmark does not have a Windows 10 version of fire strikes so unfortunately the only other two benchmarks I could run is Geekbench and set up a new r15 along with the rendering test but yeah basically those and then the game benchmarks is all I can do for this PC build so yeah let's start Oh
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