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Xbox 360 E 250GB (2013) Unbox/Overview + Giveaway!

what's up guys Texas back here with another giveaway today we are doing the Xbox 360 from Microsoft so let's get started so this is the new 360 model just released by Microsoft this is the 250 gig shown here and it starts around three hundred dollars whereas the four gigabyte model starts at two hundred dollars so it's about a hundred dollars cheaper for those of you that I want to start up with something smaller so let's continue with unboxing and take a look inside the only major difference between this and the older model is the design they kept the same software and controller of course just want one a new cleaner look so the first thing I pull out is the power supply and I don't own an Xbox so I was shocked to see how big this was compared to the ps3 next up is the composite AV cable but this is unnecessary because everyone uses an HDMI cable for better quality here we have a power cable which connects to the power supply and in return power as your Xbox 360 and all 360 versions company headset like the original model it's lightweight its compact but I'm sure a lot of people use other headsets for better sound quality and it's always nice to have a spare so this looks like the controller it's the same model nothing new here I honestly don't like the Xbox controller for one main reason it needs batteries which is really inconvenient I mean why couldn't they just stick with charging it at least they were kind enough to include two double-a batteries to get it started all right on to the main event here is the 360 itself so they changed a few things on this newer model for one they made it look a lot similar to the Xbox one which is going to be released later this year they exchanged the power cord from two prongs to one making it much easier to connect they removed one USB port from the back and added one small button in the front to connect new controllers with with that being said let's take a look at the backside of the 360 II you have all your necessary ports you're like HDMI to connect 10 USB ports and it's all easily accessible so as I mentioned before the software and hardware are the same it's even slightly smaller than the last generation Xbox 360 slim with no major changes in the price being three hundred dollars honestly I want to consider it being a smart investment to buy one especially since the Xbox one is right down the road so that concludes the unboxing thank you guys for watching we are going to give this away to one lucky subscriber to enter all you have to do is subscribe like comment on the video and comment on our Facebook post about this giveaway the link to our Facebook post is listed in the description below and I will announce the winner on our Facebook once this video reaches 1500 likes this is the text source and I'll see you guys next time you
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