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Xbox One Launch Day Unboxing/Overview + Giveaway!

this video was made possible by Squarespace the one tool needed to create your own professional website or online portfolio for a free trial and 10% off your first purchase use the offer code text or 11 through the link below what's up guys Tech source is here with the new Xbox one from Microsoft this bad boy goes for $4.99 if you pre-ordered yours you get a launch edition which comes in a black box along with an achievement and a day one marking on the controller otherwise you get a green box like the one you see here we actually ended up picking up five of these and we will be giving away one to a lucky subscriber so make sure to stick around to find out how to enter when I first picked up the box it was noticeably heavier than the ps4 I mean I knew it came with the Kinect but that does not weigh much by itself the Xbox one is much bigger than the ps4 thus weighing a lot more so inside the box you will find the headset on top along with the manual and warranty paperwork as well as the necessary cables you got the power cable the power brick one controller that comes with two batteries which they are rechargeable finally and an HDMI cable with the Kinect sensor before the change you needed to have the Kinect in order to play with the Xbox one but after Microsoft embarrassed themselves at e3 they changed a lot of things around and made it no longer mandatory to keep the Kinect on in order to play so let's take a close look at the controller Microsoft said that they spent a hundred million dollars on a development of the new Xbox one controller and they came up with something that looks very similar to that of the 360 I mean they could have given me that money now would have made the same thing I mean it does have improved buttons of course the gamepad is more clicky and analog feel more smooth giving a precise feeling so it was an overall upgrade for sure the vibrating motors also have been improved providing better feedback during games and a battery box has been integrated into the controller's frame and does not stick out like the previous model moving on to the headset I can say that it is much better than the ps4 is it's not an earpiece and it fits comfortably on your head the controllers are located on the bottom near the Kinect there and here you can control the volume and mute yourself if you choose making it really convenient for you this part also connects to the controller and powers the device but honestly a majority of the gamers especially me use their own headsets like turtlebeach or trying to play instead of using a stock headset this is the Kinect sensor and it basically tracks the users movements and it can do some cool stuff like using your hands to resize windows or even recognizing your face and login into that user you can also say things like ok Xbox and it will listen for commands like launching a game powering on and stuff like that if you are too lazy to use the controller the design of the Xbox one is not that bad as some people say I mean it obviously doesn't compare to the ps4 but it could use something to spice it up instead of looking like a cable box or DVR on the back of the Xbox one you will find most of the ports starting with the power followed by the HDMI out and in two USBs the Kinect jack a digital audio out and lastly the Ethernet port we also included a button for Wii syncing your controllers which is located on the left side next to the optical drive as well as an extra USB slot on the left side of the Xbox one if you are looking at it directly after an embarrassing event at e3 Microsoft's seem to have recovered but the console or has not ended yet until we see the results of the units sold overall I do like the Xbox one I think the software is great and much more advanced than the ps4 but when it comes down to console and control design I'm leaning towards the ps4 however I will always choose PC over any console but I would like to know what systems you guys prefer and why so please feel free to share your ideas down below so that wraps up the unboxing and overview of the new Xbox one as I mentioned before this is a giveaway and if you want to be entered all you have to do subscribe comment on the video and like the video as well to be qualified however if you want a guaranteed spot for the final 10 check out my facebook post on our page the link is in the description below and the winner will be announced on December 8 once again we would like to thank Squarespace for making this possible Squarespace is easy to use and it comes with a variety of pre-made templates that you can choose from and you can customize the look of any of them to your liking Squarespace really does care about their designs of their templates and the way that they play a role in your experience the support team is also always ready to help 24/7 via chat and superfast email responses the prices are also very low compared to other competitors and when you throw in the extra 10% discount that 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