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Xperia Z2 vs Galaxy S5 - Speed Test

what is up you guys is that from Texas and I'm back again with another speed test this time we are comparing the Xperia z2 and the galaxy s5 we will be opening up numerous apps at the same time and keeping a tally of which phone completes the task faster and at the end there will be a total score we already ran the benchmarks against these phones in our previous video so if you guys missed that make sure to check that out so let's begin with the boot test so I can close the speed test although the Galaxy s5 has better specs on paper and even higher scores on benchmarks it lost the speed test when faced against Xperia z2 that just tells you that specs aren't everything it's all about app optimization and the z2 has proven to be the faster phone what phones would you like us to do speed tests on next let me know in the comment section down below this is Ed from tech source and I will see you next time
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