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You NEED this for your Car - CarLock - Real-Time Car Tracker and Alert System

what's up guys in semtex Taurus and as you can tell by the location we're doing something a little different today this is the car lock an expensive real time car tracker and alert system so to install the car lock all you have to do is plug it in a diagnostic port of your car now typically on most vehicles it's located right underneath the steering wheel and that's about it now we can actually launch the app and go from there in the smartphone app available both on Android and iOS we get access to all the features so in the dashboard section we have our driving score which lets us know if we have bad driving habits that could be harming our vehicles and also wasting gas as well things like harsh cornering rapid acceleration and harsh braking lower our scores and having a platform to not only see this information but also see when and where it happened can make all of us better drivers what's also cool is that all the events are stored in the log which is organized chronologically so there's a SIM card in there that makes all of this work however there is a subscription plan I believe it's around 113 dollars for a yearly subscription or you guys can do $10 a month so to put the costs into perspective get this to get your car lojacked with the same security and tracking that the car lock already provides you you need to fork over a thousand dollars and even then you won't get all the functionality this tiny little device provides all right now let's test out the app and see if it actually works so as you guys can see we're in the hurricane we got the app running and we're going to see if there's any lag while it's tracking real time and to see if it does send us any notifications if the car is moving and also if the device is actually removed from the car all right so I've been driving around for a few minutes now and I can definitely see that it is updating real-time now sometimes it will take around five to maybe 1520 seconds for it to updates but it is updating as fast as possible as you can see the car just jumped a few feet forward so I'll definitely say this is reliable it's not going to lock the car and cni commit it is and how fast they're going to send a notification to us once the car starts moving so when it's a lock option as you can see the car is now armed I'm going to turn it on so I don't know how long that was but I just got that verification that the engine was started so this isn't even the notification that the car is making that was notification that the car was moving here's another pretty cool feature about this app you can set a specific speed limit and at our car passes that limit you'll get a notification and that is that notification so who's the car lock for well it's basically for anyone who wants to protect their long-term investment it's definitely an affordable way of keeping an eye on your car and knowing its exact location whenever you want so that about wraps it up I hope you guys enjoyed this type of video if you did make sure to leave a like and if you didn't you guys can just like as well I'll jump link down below to the car life if you want to check it out thank you so much for watching I'll see you in the next one
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