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i5-7600K vs i7-7700K - Which Should You Buy?

for an exceptionally silent and functional PC build that acquires pure bass 680 X Tower as what you're looking for it's completely sound insulated with gambling materials in all the relevant places features a modular design with removable OD d and hard drive bays for various cooling solutions and it comes pre-installed with two pure wings two fans one of the things I love about this case is the cable management area there are plenty of pass throughs and grommets to help with cable management something I don't often see in most cases the pure bass 600 comes with a three year warranty and it's available in black and silver accents if you want to learn more check out the first link down below so entitles the seventh gen CPUs are finally here and I'm kind of late to the party and that's because I couldn't get my hands on them but Intel was kind enough to send me a few units a few weeks back so in this video we're going to be comparing the i-5 7600 K against the i7 at 7700 K on both stocks and overclocked frequencies also guys in a separate video on we comparing the G 4560 against the i3 7350 carry since both of them are dual-core processors but yeah with that said and done let's dive right into the video so before I even get into the benchmarks let's take a look at the new Z 270 platform and what it offers compared to the last generation is v 170 skylake platform for starters it provides an additional four PCI lanes which may not see much but it can definitely aid builders that want to use multiple m dot 2 slots since sometimes these are disabled depending on which PCIe slot you occupy on the motherboard the other difference is that the Z 270 boards will now support Intel's obtain technology the obtain drive that connects via PCI instead of theta will have improved file access times which means faster transfer speeds and boot up times so the second 600k will cost you $240 and it's an unlocked quad-core CPU with a base frequency of 3.8 gigahertz while the 7700 carry will cost you $250 this too is a quad-core CPU plus with a higher base clock coming in at 4.2 gigahertz the test fret i'm using features the new already 270 gaming 9 motherboard 16 gigs of ram from crucial an EVGA gtx 1084 the win to ensure that there is no tree few bottlenecking and finally the be quiet dark rock pro three and cooler I did manage to push both CPUs to 5 gigahertz even the 76 in Newark area with a core voltage of one point three eight and one point two seven five on the 7700 K on idle both processors are fairly cool hovering around 30 degrees Celsius even when overclocked however I did notice that the 77 GK got pretty hot while rendering it reached times of 73 degrees while the 7600 K stayed in the low-60s rendering out a 60 second 4k file in handbrake using the h.264 codec took about 2 minutes and 12 seconds on the 7600 K while it took a minute and 38 on the 7700 K which is about 25 percent faster however when overclocked the gap increases there's almost a 40 percent difference in render speeds render times on sony vegas however don't have a large gap compared to handbrake the same file took three minutes and 57 seconds only 7700 while it took 4 minutes and 35 on the 7600 that's only 14% difference in speed for stock and only 9 percent when overclocked so we can see that the gap gets smaller after we overclocked both CPUs obviously these numbers strongly depend on the length of the video being rendered as well as the editing software you are using the point of these benchmarks is to show you guys the difference and render times between these two CPUs now let's take a look at gaming benchmarks starting off we have GTA 5 and high settings there seems to be a 34 frame difference between the two on stock frequencies that's a 25% FPS increase if you go to 7700 K however if you take a look at the overclocked benchmarks we can see that the gap narrows down to only a 14% difference next up is Metro last light the 7600 K is showing a 9 SPS spike after overclocked while the 7700 carry only received a for FPS bump still there's around 20% difference in FPS between the two overclocked or not ashes of the singularity is the third game I tested as no surprise that the 7700 once again showing a noticeable lead in frame it's proving to be the obvious choice when it comes to the best performance but we're going to be taking a look at the performance per dollar at the end of this episode to see how bang we are actually getting out of these CPUs not a huge difference on hitman for the overclocked scores but once again a 10 FPS lead from the 7700 K on the stock frequency and finally we got to later however the benchmarks kind of made no sense to me it appears that the overclocked scores were lower than these stocks frequencies for some reasons but the game is GPU heavy which makes sense that the scores were very similar taking a look at the performance per dollar we can see that the 7600 K will give you the most bang for your buck points 42 frames per dollar while the 7700 K offers only point 34 and the same goes for the overclocked results as well the decision is very simple here if you want the most performance out of the two and you edit lots of videos then the 77 ZK is for you however if you're on a budget and you want the best bang for your buck CPU and gaming is what you use your PC for mainly and the 7600 K is the ideal choice especially if you overclock it but anyways I'll drop a link to both of the CPUs down below if you guys want to check them out a huge thanks to Intel for sending these in for review and if you guys want to see a build using one of these processors let me know by dropping a like on a video and let me know which processor I should use and build by leaving your comments down below thank you guys so much for watching I hope this video was helpful I'll see you in the next video
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