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i7-6950X | EVGA GTX 1080 - Test Bench Build

what's up guys it's ID from Texas and I've officially built my very own test bench it's rockin the new Intel i7 69 50 x10 Core processor which I will be overclocking to its maximum potential I also have 16 gigabytes of ddr4 ram from g.skill a 512 gigabyte SSD from transcend and the new asus strix x99 gaming motherboard with RGB LED accents I did pick up an EVGA GTX 1080 founders Edition as a reference to all my benchmarking tests and powering this entire set up is the courser ax 1500 I power supply with red sleeving to complement the black and red theme and finally the test bed itself which is quite simply the coolest test bed I've ever seen so this is the wet bench from primo chill that features an all aluminum build with acrylic coloured accents and it does come in two main colors either black and white with a variety of accent colors to match your theme so the wet bench supports motherboards from an ITX form factor all the way to an e ATX with one twenty two three sixty millimeter radiator support internally and up to 420 millimeter support outside the bracket unfortunately it won't work with a i/o cooler so you have to either have a custom loop for the CPU or go with an air cooler like I have it also supports power supplies in any size and a combination of up to four SSDs and hard drives it does come with plenty of PCI brackets to support four-way SLI but the coolest feature this entire bench is the fact that it's modular you can remove the motherboard tray and the radiator bracket very easily there are basically four screws in each corner that allow me to hook the tray to and then I can also carry it around easily since both sides have cutouts that contours my fingers a well-thought-out and badass looking test bench that gets the job done but I'll doubling down below if you guys want to check it out for yourselves the other main piece of this build is the motherboard picking out a solid high-end motherboard is extremely important if you're going to be pushing the system to the extreme which is why I went with the Asus Strix x99 gaming board there are plenty of attractive features that I will go over any more in-depth look at this motherboard in the near future but instead I'm going to be going over several of my favorites first up let's take a look at specs so for ram it supports up to eight dims for a total of 128 gigabyte of stock 21 33 megahertz and up to 33 33 if overclock of course you get all the bells and whistles as well m dot 2 u dot 2 and 8 SATA 6 gigabytes per second ports and 1 SATA Express in terms of i/o you get 4 USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports and 2 USB 3.1 type-a which is in red and a type C right below that you also get the Wi-Fi go module and 5 audio jacks as well the first main feature is the RGB lighting the orange Strix and ROG logos are replaceable with three other colors that are provided with each Trix x99 if neither color tickles your fancy you can peel it off to showcase the standard black logo which blends in with the motherboard additionally the board comes with RGB lighting which is controlled with the RO software not only can you change the colors to anything your heart desires but you have the option to add an effect as well the spots that light up are the i/o armor ROG text and the PCIe latches speaking of PCIe the Strix x99 features three PCI 3.0 slots that supports up to 3-way SLI or crossfire depending on how many lanes you get with the CPU you either get a 516 configuration for a two-way SLI or an 816 eight config for three-way with GPUs increasing in size and weight over the past few years the PCI slots tend to weaken and break off due to the stress that's applied to them one thing I really like that Asus did was strengthen the top PCIe slot they're calling it a safe slot which is essentially redesigned and reinforced to improve resilience over all three axes furthermore all of the PCI slots have been anchored to the motherboard more effectively by a new hook design which is capable of withstanding more force than conventional designs the Strix x99 is also armed with supreme FX audio which features japan made audiophile grade capacitors that provides a warm natural and immersive sound with exceptional clarity overall this is one kick-ass motherboard that any enthusiast would enjoy but be sure to be on the lookout for a more detailed video in the future now even though the bench can support up to four drives I only have a single 512 gigabyte SSD from transcend that holds all of my games and programs which is plenty for me starting up window loading games and programs fast as essential for benchmarking it's the most tedious task I have to do for the channel and having a blazing fast SSD from chanson helps shorten the overall time and finally the software that I'm going to use to monitor all of this as the NZXT cam which is a free all-in-one program that allows you to monitor your PC from anywhere as well as overclock your GPU so on the main page you get access to a bunch of information from your temps to storage space and it will even show a list of programs that currently are running in the background also hitting the maximize button will expand the software showing a lot more information the build tab shows your system specs the game tab shows the most recent games that you've played along with some useful information like duration played and average FPS which I think is very helpful when benchmarking games and finally the tuning tab which is my personal favorite over here you guys can overclock your GPU you get access to the voltage core clock and memory clock all on one screen another awesome feature is the overlay option which displays certain info while you are in game so let's say you want to know how many FPS you are getting and what your GPU temps are while playing a game or running a benchmark well you get the option to enable any of the following info which I find very useful you can also position the overlay in any corner you like while setting up a toggle key to enable and disable it whenever you want since you can monitor your PC in real time from practically anywhere by using the app you can also set up notifications to alert you if your PC exceeds a certain limit that you have set in the settings also you can view the current FPS of the game in real time on the app which i think is a pretty cool feature overall this is an awesome software for PC enthusiasts or for anyone that wants to get to know their system a little bit more and also venture into GPU overclocking if you guys are interested in checking this out for yourself I'll drop a link to it down below along with all the parts used for my test bench but that basically wraps up this video let me know what you guys think about my test bench by leaving your comments down below and also leave your like if you guys enjoy the video thank you guys so much for watching as always and I will see you next time you
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