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i7-6950X Performance + Benchmarks

what's up guys aside from Texas and I finally got my hands on Intel's newest and most powerful desktop CPU the i7 69 50 x10 core processor this thing is not cheap retailing for around 1,700 bucks it will seriously dent your wallet so I ran some benchmarks on it and for comparison reasons I ran the same batch marks on the 59 30k using the same test bed which has an Asus x99 gigabytes of RAM from g.skill and EVGA gtx 1080 founders edition and a dark rock pro 3 CPU cooler unfortunately I didn't have a 59 60 X on hand to use for the comparison so I will be using an overclocked 59 30 K instead I managed to get it to 4.6 at one point 3 9 volts but it was hitting temps of 94 degrees Celsius on full load which is dangerously hot so I bumped it back down to 4.5 at 1.3 volts the 69 50 X on the other hand was tested on stock frequency and 4.2 gigahertz so Before we jump into the benchmarks let's take a quick look at these specs so the 69 50 X is a 10 Core 20 thread processor with a base clock of 3.0 running with a TDP of 140 watts as do the rest of the new lineup of Intel's Broadwell ECP use you also get a massive 25 megabyte catch and 40 lanes of PCI 3.0 from the 68 50k and above whereas you only get 20 lanes on a 6800 K for temps the 69 50 X stayed fairly cool during idle at 32 degrees Celsius and still managed to stay cool even when overclocked compared to the 59 30k which hovered around 44 degrees and finally during full load both of the overclocked CPUs got to 78 degrees whereas the stock 69 50 X stuck to the low 60s so overall the 69 50 X runs at much lower temps the first benchmark test I ran was Cinebench r15 and we can see that there was almost a 25 percent boost between the stock and overclocked 69 50 X comparing it to the 59 30k there was a 40% increase in CPU score and only a 5 percent increase for fps moving the geek bench we can see a 15% boost and multi-threaded performance between stock and overclocked 69 50 sex and a 35% increase from the 59 30 K but when we look at single core performance the 59 30 K outshines V 69 50 X as expected since it does have a higher clock per core now let's take a look at some rendering tests so first up we have Sony Vegas Pro 13 which is an editing software that I use to edit my own videos and for the test I actually rendered out a 60 second raw 4k file that I shot using my gh4 for short renders there was only a marginal difference between the stock 69 50 X and the overclocked however it was twice as fast compared to the 59 30 K exporting the video in a minute and 26 seconds versus almost three minutes then I used a more CPU intensive program called blender which is very similar to AutoCAD 3ds and Maya that's used for 3d modeling rendering a simple frame of the animation took 17 minutes and 55 seconds on the stock 69 50 X and 25 minutes on the 59 30 K you can definitely see that CPUs with better multi-core performance tend to do better similar results were found on the second templates that I rendered with the overclocked 69 50x finishing up in just over 7 minutes compared to almost 11 from the 59 30 K and finally let's take a look at some benchmarks from GTA 5 which is a CPU intensive game we can clearly see that there was only a 5 percent performance increase from the 59 30 K and the overclocked 69 50 X in 1080p and the difference becomes miniscule as we bump up the resolution so in conclusion should you buy the CPU for gaming the answer is no even in CPU intensive games you're only getting a 5% increase in fps and that's if you're playing in 1080p high resolutions will get you nothing more however if you're swimming in a lot of money and also do a lot of 3d modeling and editing then I would say why not but to the average enthusiast and gamer the CPU just isn't worth it I mean after all the CPU wasn't created for gamers but more for on the productivity side that's basically for the video I hope you guys enjoyed it or if this was helpful make sure to leave a like to show your support and I'll see you guys in the next video
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