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iMac 27" (2013) Newest Model Haswell Processors Unboxing/Overview!

what's going on you guys text horsey bringing you a special unboxing of the latest iMac released by Apple just a few days ago the new models come sporting Intel's newest processors speedy a wireless internet capabilities and improved graphical performance so this model that we are currently in box C goes for $19.99 and it comes with the following specs it has a 27 inch LED backlit display rocking on a resolution of 2560 by 1440 it runs on a three point four gigahertz quad-core Intel i5 processor it also has eight gigs of RAM one terabyte hard drive space and this baby even has an nvidia geforce gtx 775 m graphics card with two gigabytes of memory they also have built-in stereo speakers dual mics and a headphone port and as i mentioned before these models are now capable of connecting to 802 point eleven AC compatible routers which means a much higher cap for download speeds already in up with his specs portion let's move on to the unboxing so here you have it the newest timac Willy's from a Paul one of the things I love about the iMac unlike the PC it has everything on display on the top of the screen you have your 720p HD front-facing camera along with your ambient light sensors on the back side you will find all your necessary ports on the same side now I know it may seem pretty inconvenient putting all these in the back especially the USB ports but after using the Mac for some time I'm sure you can get used to it first off you have your headphone jack Dan USD card slot for USB 3.0 2 Thunderbolt ports and you Ethernet port if you choose to connect your cable on the opposite side you will find a power button and in between all these is where you plug in your power cord I also love how they created a hole on the stand making it super easy to connect it's small things like this that make a huge difference the iMac also has a tapered edge measuring at five millimeter at its thinnest point giving you the look and feel of a very thin surface also on the back of the iMac is where the two microphones are located the first one is located on top of the Apple logo and that's used for noise cancellation where the mic that's on top of the displays the actual microphone used for input overall this seems like a really solid desktop I love the specs on it and the 27-inch screen is ridiculous especially with that monster resolution you can fit a lot of stuff into that one screen making multitasking very easy the video card is also a huge plus and if you are like be in edit videos and you can definitely benefit from that I have always been a PC guy and I never paid much attention to Apple products besides their iPhones but after playing around with this I can see why IMX are really popular the price may be really high but I assure you that you are getting what you pay for so what have a person are you guys PC iMac or both let me know in the comment section down below I believe there are huge benefits from both sides that will do it for the unboxing and overview the new iMac desktop you want to thank you guys for watching the video make sure to like this video and subscribe for more awesome stuff to come this is the tech source and we'll see you guys next time
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