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iPad Air Unboxing/Overview + Giveaway!

how's it going everyone texts back here with another unboxing and overview this time we are looking at Apple's newest iPad the iPad air you can choose from two different colors either space grey or silver starting at 499 for the base 16 gigabyte model which connects via Wi-Fi only and you also have the option to add data plan as well and that base model starts at 629 you also have the choice of selecting up to 128 gigabytes of space if you are a really heavy user we will be giving away this iPad to one lucky subscriber so make sure you guys stay till the end of the video to find out how to enter so the ipad air weighs only one pound and its twenty eight percent lighter and twenty percent thinner than the ipad 2 measuring at just 7.5 millimeters apple also stated that they reduce the overall volume by twenty-four percent and you can really tell just by holding it we obviously want with a Space Gray 16 gigabyte model with no data plan I'm not really a fan of silver when it comes to devices I always choose black just because I think it looks a lot better than most colors but of course everyone has their own taste the ipad air also has a stunning 9.7 inch Retina display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 and you can really see how crisp of pictures are even though they kept the same screen size the difference is huge in the box you will find the usual accessories that Apple products always come with like the warranty information USB and the wall chargers but enough about that let's get a closer look at the ipad air besides the stunning display the ipad air also has twice the power with their new a7 and m7 chips just like the iphone 5s does making ipad air up to two times faster than the previous generation in both cpu and graphics performance without sacrificing battery life in fact the ipad air gets up to 10 hours of battery life they also operated a front-facing camera the ipad air now has a 1 point 2 megapixel front-facing camera with 720p HD video for facetime compared to the previous vga quality the same goes for that back camera they upgraded to the new isight camera which gives you 5 megapixels and photos and 1080p and HD video recording with three times be zoom on the top of the ipad air you will find your headphone jack dual microphones and your power button the dual mics improve audio and suppress background noise for pretty much anything from video recording facetime calls and even when using Siri overall I like the iPad air it's definitely a huge change from the iPad to the display is simply stunning with a huge screen along with Apple's newest chips and weighing only one pound makes this iPad definitely worth up waiting for me with you guys think about the new iPad air would you be excited if you got this for Christmas let me know in the comments down below so this wraps up the unboxing and overview thank you for watching if you guys want to enter to win the ipad air all you have to do is subscribe leave a comment like the video and share this video on your facebook page the winner will be announced on november 30th on my facebook page the link is in the description below good luck everyone this is the text source and we'll see you next time you
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