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iPad Mini with Retina Display - Unboxing/Overview!

hey guys Texas is back with a look at the new iPad Mini with Retina display this is what everyone has been waiting for a much smaller iPad with the same experience as the bigger ones now with a Retina display and the same specs as the ipad air they kept the old iPad Mini a sort of a budget iPad Mini at 299 as the newer ipad mini with retina display which were unboxing today is priced at 399 and like I said before you get the same specs as the ipad air for just a hundred dollars less we have the same a7 64-bit processor with the m7 motion coprocessor with the same display resolution 2048 x 1536 that gives a pixel density of 326 which is identical to the iphone but it is better than ipad air and that's because the ipad air had a much larger screen you get the same standard items from Apple so I won't go through them and I'll just skip straight to the close-ups and hands-on so the iPad Mini is point seventy three towns and it is slightly heavier than the first iPad Mini which was weighed at Point 68 pounds it also has a five megapixel rear camera and a new improved FaceTime camera which is at one point 2 megapixels with backlight lumination I also forgot to mention that you can pick one up in either white or Space Gray a notable change on the mini is the power adapter the original one came with the same type as the iphones which is a 5 watt power adapter and i've upgraded the new mini to 10 watts which increases the charging speeds apple claims that the new iPad Mini with Retina Display gets up to four times the CPU performance and up to eight times the graphics performance also 10 hours of battery life the new iPad Mini also uses mi mo technology which incorporates using two antennas instead of one delivering up to twice the Wi-Fi performance of its predecessor honestly the screen does look beautiful with grey colour reproduction and overall quality I do not see a single pixel on this thing and it's definitely improvement over last year's ipad mini display there is a lot of writing nowadays in the tablet industry and I seem to always come back to the apples tablets because of a few reasons the app marketplace is the complete opposite to iOS 7 on a tablet honestly I 07 is in my opinion an unproductive operating system as it looks like we stretched out ios7 from the phone nothing new has been added like multitasking functionality or even control center to improve the overall use of the tablet but when you get into apps that are optimized for the larger display things do change new columns appear and experience becomes several times better without developers utilizing the extra screen real estate this reason alone is enough for me to recommend this over an android competitor but that's it for the unboxing overview make sure you guys are subscribe for more awesome videos and giveaways this is the tech source and we'll see you next time you
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