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iPhone 6S Realistic Scratch Test

so the new iPhones are here when I decided to test out their durability by conducting a scratch test let's be real no one is purposely going to grab a knife and scratch their phones unless they have major issues so in this video I'm going to be doing real-life tests things that the average human do to their phones that I'm actually going to see how easily the iPhone 6s gets scratched first test will be me putting the phone in my pocket along with my keys and I'll be walking around doing errands for about 30 minutes test 2 will be me laying the phone on hard surfaces like my desk and moving them around a bit and lastly I will take a knife to it and see how much damage I can do to the iPhone 6s so without wasting any more time let's begin alright to start things off I'm gonna put the keys in my pocket and then slide in my phone I actually had some errands to run that day anyway so I kept my phone in my pocket for at least 30 minutes surprisingly there were no scratches there were however some minor scuffs here and there but I managed to wipe them off with a microfiber cloth the next test I did was laying the phone flat down on my desk and moving it around a bit I also turned it over and I did the same for the other side I laid the phone down smoothly and sometimes roughly to change things up a bit once again the iPhone success remains scratch proof the front glass is spotless without any damages or scuffs and the same goes for the back even the protruding camera didn't get scratches I'm honestly impressed at how indestructible the iPhone success is lastly just to have fun let's see how badly the iPhone 6s can get damaged when you actually are trying to scratch it on purpose so as you can see already the back is getting scratched pretty easily as I run my knife along the back that again this was expected now let's try the front so the glass in the front is practically immune to scratches as you can see I'm running the knife through it as well as applying pressure and even stabbed it a few times and nothing is happening the glass on the iPhone 6s does not get scratched easily and probably can't ever get scratched honestly though if you guys want to protect your phone from damages or scratches without covering the awesome design with bulky cases then the obvious choice is to put on a skin but not just any skin I'm rocking some debrand skins on my iPhones now they have a bunch of different types as well for any smartphones out there but I'm gonna drop a link down below so you guys can check them out for yourself anyways desert for the video enjoyed it feel free to hit that like button and let me know what you guys want to see on the iPhone 6s next by dropping a comment down below and I'll go to and add that to my list thanks again for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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