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iPhone 6S is Waterproof?! - Water Test

what's up guys is that from tech stores and here's a quick waterproof test on the iPhone 6s it's officially not waterproof but I'm curious to see how long the iPhone lasts when fully submerged into water before dying off so without wasting any more time let's begin alright so at this point it's safe to say that if you accidentally end up dropping your iPhone 6s in the pool or water you have a good two minutes to get it out there's really no point in testing it out after that but I'll go ahead and leave it in there for a few more minutes and see what happens all right so Wow the iPhone 6s lasted a good five minutes underwater that's pretty crazy it even functions normally without any problems Keaton actually did a longer water test and it turned out the iPhone 6s plus that he was using lasted more than 30 minutes before he pulled it out of the water as well so yeah really interesting test if you guys enjoyed the video feel free to hit that like button and let me know what you guys think about the test in the comment section down below thanks as always for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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